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This Month in Music

courtesy of Justice

Here’s our ultimate live music guide for March. Tune in each month to get the scoop of the Hot List’s picks of the hottest tickets in town.

A Fine Frenzy at Café Du Nord on Tuesday March 4

The Raveonettes at the Independent  on Wednesday, March 5

BOGDO: One Cool Mo-Fo at the Castro

Greetings and salutations* film nerds …

Recovering from a gonzo week in the land director/tyrant Eric Von Stroheim bitterly dubbed Holly-Veeeird: Hell On Dearth, Poppa H has been recharging his spiritual engine at an undisclosed Marin County health spa/ashram, getting my oil changed, so to speak, to rid myself of any lingering Oscar Stink. 

Socks and Sex

So it’s the men in socks killing our sex drive!

A new British survey in the Sun revealed that “one in five couples never have sex” and “more than 44 percent of men keep their socks on while they make love.”

It seems as though the Brits could use some sort of sex challenge as well. 

Blue Bottle Buzz

So I finally made it over to the Blue Bottle Cafe. It's a strangely exhilarating experience, as the old-fashioned burnished hominess of the coffeehouse has been turned into a post-modern coffee laboratory. With all the beakers, tubes and flashing lights, the cafe is just a few caged rats short of being a place I could imagine producing prescription mood drugs.

But coffee is a bit of a mood drug itself, and the steaming cups I had were as delicious as the Japanese siphon system (the first in the US) was perplexing. The coffee is indeed good, but the show is even better.

The Eat + Drink List: This week’s top 7

1. Honk if you love cheeses

Top 7 A+E Picks

Junior Boys
courtesy of Junior Boys

Here’s 7 not-to-miss A+E happenings this week.

1. Ian Philips at Dog Eared Books on Tuesday, March 4
Ian Philips—quirky author and Editor-in-Chief of Suspect Thoughts Press—reads from his latest offering The Rapture for Big Sinners: 66 + 6 Things to Do Before and After the Righteous Lift Off.

It Takes a Village

Photography courtesy of D3 Media Group

Christopher Elbow: Chocolate, Late-Night

From CocoaBella to Michael Recchiuti to the new Swiss-import, Schoggi, just off Union Square, San Francisco is well on its way to being the next Barcelona, a city dipped in chocolate-chic. On February 5, Christopher Elbow, the very talented Kansas City–based chocolatier, opened his second, austerely modern store-cum-lounge in Hayes Valley (401 Hayes St., 415-355-1105).

The new Hayes Street shop. (Photo courtesy
Mr. Elbow himself).

Find Me at Le Club

It's hard to avoid the mild feelings of skepticism that accompany the opening of anything that seems like it might be putting on airs—particularly in San Francisco, particularly when a certain someone is telling us that we need economic stimulating. But, then, well...wait just a second. When Le Club opens today it may well exceed our expectations. Though it is a reservation-only restaurant and bar (yes, that means that even if you just want a cocktail you have to plan ahead...sorry, casual Californians), it's interior is more old-fashioned lounge than new slick club: intimate, sleek and polished, with marble floors, an onyx bar and a billiards room.


...cocktails made in one hour (in Las Vegas, by Beam Global Spirits master mixologist Bobby G) to set the Guinness record. See the video. That's a lot of drinks. I'm not sure what the Guinness record is for drinking cocktails in an hour, but I have to believe it's a bit lower. I hope so, anyway.
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