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Sean O'Brien: Coming To You Soon

Sean O'Brien joins the boys club.

I don’t want to say when Food & Wine magazine puts you on the cover for its "Best New Chefs" issue, you’re golden—but it sure seems like it. Past SF-based BNCs include Delfina’s Craig Stoll, Cyrus’s Douglas Keane, the Ritz-Carlton’s Ron Siegel, Jardinière’s Traci Des Jardins and Spruce’s Mark Sullivan (for his food at the Village Pub). Hardly a motley crew.

Tom Dolby Book Signing

photography by Vasna Wilson for Drew Altizer

Best-selling author Tom Dolby had a reception and book signing for his new boarding school novel The Sixth Form at the Opera Plaza's Books, Inc.

Tom Dolby_Tom Kelley Drew Frist_Marilyn Jaeger Ellen Newman_Dagmar Dolby

They Shoot Oil Men, Don’t They?

There Will Be Blood
courtesy of Paramount Vantage

How the West Was Really Won

Happy Super Tuesday film snots …

This Month In Music

Black Lips
courtesy of the Black Lips

Here's our ultimate SF live music guide for February. Tune in each month to get the scoop on the Hot List's picks of the coolest shows coming to town.

Howlin' Rain at the Independent on Monday, February 4

Bag Lady

Recently I was on a six-and-a-half hour cross-country plane ride sitting, in awe, next to a woman with a gorgeous new Louis Vuitton monogram handbag. It wasn’t the bag exactly that caught my eye (although it was a beauty). I was amazed that throughout the entire trip, the woman cradled the purse in her lap— careful not to sully its perfect leather—not once letting it touch the ground. I’ve never been that obsessed with a bag, although I’ve come admittedly close. Close enough, in fact, to consider buying something like this:

Super Bowl of Dip

At my friend's Superbowl party yesterday, the spread could not have been more classic—chips, guacamole, 7-layer dip, homemade wings and someone brought a tray of sushi that went mostly uneaten. The drinks were, as another friend likes to call them "macrobrews," though, like my beloved Pacifico and that macro masquerading as a micro, Sam Adams. This photo was taken, that's right, deep into the fourth quarter, as the Superbowl party is the year's first opportunity to excuse one's self from new year's dieting plans and eat carcinogenic snacks.

Here's the (Pacific) Catch


The latest Pacific Catch, on 9th Avenue


Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar Opening Party

Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar restaurants celebrated their opening with a joint party overflowing with food, drink and merry-makers. Designed by Pat Kuleto (who is also a co-owner of both restaurants), these two massive restaurants sitting on The Embarcadero boast killer views of the bay.

Erin Chun_Jan Wiginton Marybeth LaMotte_Rich LaMotte Angie Silvy_Yvette Beebe

Peekadoodle Kidsclub Grand Opening

Peekadoodle Kidsclub opened its doors at Ghirardelli Square with a party in its 10,000-square-foot digs, which includes a multi-themed playground and four classrooms. The first of its kind in the Bay Area, Peekadoodle will provide a full suite of services to children up to five years of age.

Maria Cornett_Isaiah Cornett Lani Hessen_Jenny Thomas Erin Chun_Brady Chun_Andrew Chun

Our Top 7 Art Picks

Charlie Callahan
Artwork by Charlie Callahan; courtesy Receiver Gallery

Tune in on first Friday's for the Hot List's top 7 gallery openings and art events of the month.

1.  "Erotic Art" sneaks an NC-17 peak at the otherwise romantic themes of Valentine’s Day with salacious photography, painting and live performance at the City Art Cooperative Gallery. Opening reception February 1 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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