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Duke et Duchess Grand Opening Party

Brand new rock n' roll-inspired Hayes Valley boutique Duke et Duchess held its grand opening party on Thursday, May 29.

David Scott, Liz Brusca

 Carol Hilker, Missy Rounthwaite

Day Trip: Oxbow Public Market

I don’t generally assign myself any weekend goals—I figure it’s enough to get my laundry done—but this last beautiful weekend I was hot on two projects: To get myself outside, on a hike, in the countryside, and to check out the not-so-new Oxbow Public Market in Napa. I’m happy to report that both were accomplished in one fell swoop. After an 8-mile up-hill midday hike in Santa Rosa, my companion and I, hungry and thirsty to the point of silence, drove the 30-odd miles from the state park to Napa, arriving around 5 p.m.

Taylor Boetticher of the Fatted Calf at home in his
new retail space at Oxbow market.

Plymouth Gin Pour Off, Part 2

Photography by Mayaan Ben-Artzi

Wow, that was one dark video. I can assure you that things (including me) looked much better in real life--nothing became that pixelated until much later in the night.

Visage Studio

Courtesy of Deborah Mills Thackrey

With all the beauty products that come flying across my desk begging to be tested, it’s no surprise that every now and again I have the dreaded complexion freak-out. Yes, I’ve been forewarned by nearly every aesthetician I’ve seen since I started writing about beauty to stop with the adventuresome product hopping. But alas, my love of the challenge (say, finding that do-it-all serum or the gentlest of alpha hydroxy acid face scrubs) has left me willing to swallow the hazards of the job.

Free Farm Stand

I have a dog, so I spend a lot of time walking around the neighborhood on the weekends and checking out what’s going on. I live in the Mission so oftentimes there’s a lot of weird stuff happening—just last week I walked past a brass band in full effect on 18th Street, followed by separate sightings of two people wearing their pajamas—at 4 p.m. on a Saturday.

Trinity Plaza Groundbreaking Ceremony

On Wednesday, May 21 a groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Trinity Properties to commemorate the official beginning of construction of the highly anticipated Trinity Plaza. Mayor Gavin Newsome, Arquitectonica architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia and Trinity Properties owner Angelo Sangiacomo were on hand to officiate the ceremony.

Bernardo Fortbrescia, Angelo Sangiacomo

Jessica Feller, Ben Feller

Pre-opening Donor Party at the Contemporary Jewish Museum

To kick off a series of grand opening parties, the new Contemporary Jewish Museum threw a party on Wednesday, May 21 honoring the museum’s lead donors. The event, which was sponsored by Hermès, allowed guests a first-hand look at the Daniel Libeskind-designed building as well as the current exhibits.

Allison Speer, Jessica Zaganczyk (of Hermès)

Connie Wolf (CJM CEO & Director), Daniel Libeskind (Architect)

Union Street Festival Party

Jeffrey Levine, Harlot and 7x7 hosted a smashing afternoon soiree, in conjunction with the annual Union Street Festival, on Saturday, May 31. Guest enjoyed cocktails provided by Jack Daniels, Stoli, Hpnotiq and Laurent Perrier while listening to new tunes from indie rocker Chris Clouse.

Chris Clouse, Martel Toler, Jeffrey Levine

Melly Hajian, Caroline De Lima

King's Bakery: Make It All Better

Sometimes, when the world is too much with you—say, when the magazine you work for is in the throws of closing the July (fun-in-the-sun!) issue and you haven’t left your desk for what seems like days (what is that thing you call the sun?) and your mind draws a blank when faced with yet another blog to post—you need the comfort food equivalent of your grandmother’s bosom (and let me tell you, my grandma had a great one), something you can really rest your weary head on. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

The only thing that will do in a crisis situation.

Movie Madness: Horror and Hollywood Hit SF’s Theaters

Abstain from obsessively renumbering that Netflix queue—Weeds Season 3 still has a “short wait.” This week and next it is all about getting out to the movies. Putting Sex and the City and Ironman aside, let’s talk festivals—’cause let’s face it: SF loves it some festivals.
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