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The Eat + Drink List: This Week's Top 7

1. Got game?

From tonight through May 3, chef Peter McNee of Poggio will be showcasing one of his favorite cooking techniques: allo spiedo, or roasting on a spit. For a very reasonable $19, diners can sample featured roasts, ranging from partridge and pheasant to goat and suckling pig. McNee has also designed a separate menu inspired by spring in Italy.

2. Get the edge on veggies

<i>Vanity Fair</i>, Nordstrom and Vanessa Getty Celebrate the SF International Film Fest

To celebrate the 51st San Francisco International Film Festival Vanity Fair Magazine, Vanessa Getty and Nordstrom co-hosted a fashionable fête at Bix. The midday event featured lunch and a fashion show with models donning the latest looks from both American and European collections, courtesy of Nordstrom.

Terrence Charles, Vanessa Getty

Vanessa Getty

Operation Desert Storm: <i>7x7</i> Takes on Coachella

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Of course, there was Prince and Portishead and Roger Waters and the rest. But on the heels of this year’s Coachella Music Festival, we’re bringing you a rundown of the artists who earned some less-expected distinctions. Here's a look at day one at Coachella.

Raconteurs Raconteurs

Top 7 A+E Picks

The Little Prince Opera
courtesy of the Little Prince Opera

Here’s 7 not-to-miss A+E happenings this week.

1. VHS or BETA at Mezzanine on Tuesday, April 29
 Dance the night away when this Louisville, Kentucky disco-house outfit brings their undeniably infectious sound to SF.

The End of an Era for Frisson

If you’ve been following the restaurant gossip these last few months then you’ve likely heard about Frisson. The restaurant closed a few months ago, ostensibly for a redesign, and partners Joe Hargrave and Andrew McCormack (who also own Laiola) teamed up with Myth chef Sean O’Brien, with grand plans for a redesign and relaunch. Meanwhile, Frisson’s former chef Sarah Schafer scooted across town to head up the kitchen at the newly opened Anchor & Hope.

Academy of Art Graduation Fashion Show

The Academy of Art University’s annual graduation fashion show Friday night proved to be yet another stylishly social affair. Under the Bryant Park-style tent at the university’s Brannan Street building, local gadabouts (Willie Brown, Sonya Molodetskaya, Joy Bianchi), fashion gurus (John Capizzi of Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue's Michael Fink) and celebrity designers and honorees (Ralph Rucci and James Galanos) gathered for a display of some of the city’s most promising emerging talent. “This doesn’t happen anywhere else, not even in Europe,” said Rucci.

Kid-Friendly Dining: The Dilemma

Here’s my dilemma: As a parent, I want my kids to experience all sorts of food at all sorts of restaurants—taquerias to ramen joints to the likes of Zuni. Sure, it would be easier to stay at home and eat Annie’s, but what’s the point of living in SF if they don’t get a taste of it? (Admittedly, I have visions of them growing up worldly and cool, telling tales of their groovy, urban mom who took them out on the town and now they appreciate everything from kim chee to menudo to croquettes because of it. Thanks, Mom. We’re forever indebted to you.)

The Baby's Daddy, Part 4

by The 4-Way Panel

Dear 4-Way,

The Baby's Daddy, Part 3

by The 4-Way Panel

Dear 4-Way,

Why Do Summer Movies Suck So Hard?

Hearty greetings from the second stateliest concrete erection in Washington D.C. proper. I’m not talking about the Washington Monument, Mayor Berry’s highrise crackpipe-in-the-sky or Clinton’s curved trouser bubba, I’m talking historic doorsteps film nerds where the tiny wastrel actor Mickey Rooney once uttered the famous Ruthian line, “This is the house the Mickster built …”

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