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Aesop Rock at Treasure Island

The only hip-hop act on the ticket, Aesop Rock did his genre proud.  Joined on stage by DJ Big Wiz and Rob Sonic, the East Coast MC, who relocated to SF three years ago, laid down beats and rhymes spanning a decade of his influential hip hop.   Along with last year's hit "None Shall Pass" and "Daylight" from the 2002 EP, the show featured some seriously impressive "turntabilism" from DJ Big Wiz.  "This is gonna make your skulls come out of your head," said Aesop.  "This is a pretty nice DJ."  Yeah.

Chester French Gets Things Going on Treasure Island

Over a sea of neon garb and against a backdrop of a just-sunny San Francisco Bay, Chester French got things rolling yesterday at the Treasure Island Music Festival.   The Harvard alums, who have so captivated the likes of Pharrell, Kanye West and Jermaine Dupri, energized the crowd with hits "She Loves Everybody" (which you may recognize from the closing credits of HBO's Entourage) and "The Jimmy Choo's." 

TV on the Radio: Treasure Island Music Festival

TV on the Radio has a truly arresting presence on stage - mostly because there's so many of them.  When the horns are going, they're a bit reminiscent of a high school marching band, but when they break into songs like "Wolf Like Me," all the order descends into beautiful mayhem and you can't help but get swept away.  The New York-based group proclaimed that they had "a lot to celebrate."  Not only did their much-anticipated album Dear Science hit iTunes last Tuesday, it was bassist Gerard Smith's birthday.  They treated with a few from their new album, including the catchy "Golden Age," which is more funk and pop than anything they've done before - and is complete with their signature horns.   In fact, perhaps as a homage to the SF fog, the grou

Video: Hot Chip at the Treasure Island Music Festival

Hot Chip, the electropop band from across the pond, electrified things yesterday.  Serious, intent and with a lot of jogging in place, the blazer-clad Brits (complimented, in lead singer Alexis Taylor's case, by some neon orange gollashes) steadily pumped the crowd with percussion, driving keyboards and pitch perfect vocals.

Treasure Island Music Festival: Goldfrapp

The general reaction to the Goldfrapp show was, "were they real?"  Dressed in flowing, ethereal outfits (lead vocalist Alison Goldfrapp wore neon streamers, a nice compliment to the hipster color du jour), and moving about a stage draped in vines, flowers (along with owls and crows perched on the keyboards) and harps, the British group looked a bit like angelic pirates blowing in the wind of the Treasure Island afternoon.  The show moved from ambient and operatic to sassy, starting with songs from 2000's Felt Mountain and then moving on to more poppy hits "Ooh La La," "Strict Machine" and "Number 1." 

Live from Treasure Island

We'll be live at the festival all weekend.  Check in to get in on the action.

Treasure Island Time

With the last gasps of summer upon us, the Treasure Island Music Festival promises to close out the season with a bang.   The festival's sure to draw out hipsters near and far with its legendary ferris wheel (the tallest in California), breathtaking bay views and out-of-this world lineup.  And the weatherman says no fog.

We’ve got an office debate raging about which day is better.  Help us settle the score.  And check back over the weekend for our live video coverage of the festival.

Architecture and the City: Park(ing) Day

Biking to work along Valencia today, I was reminded (suddenly) that today is Park(ing) Day, the day in which humble parking spots morph into temporary green space. Here was the first hint, next to the gas station at 24th Street. (Apologies for the phone-camera image quality--guess who forgot to recharge her camera's battery?)

There were four in all, by my count, along Valencia, including, of course, a pirate ship you know where:

Bordeaux Sauvignon Blancs

When it comes to Sauvignon Blanc, people think of New Zealand, the Loire Valley and even California. But few remember to think of Bordeaux, whose white wines are not seen in big numbers. Yet they are composed in part of Sauvignon Blanc and often have a tinge of that  bracing green, herbalness that fans of the grape love. The other part of the wine, often the majority, is made up of Semillon, a grape with a bigger, rounder body and texture than SB and less green, more  honeyed notes. The wines are not classic Sauvignon Blanc, but rather  a little bigger,
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