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Espresso and Emergen-C, Stay Healthy and Wired!

Barack and Michelle, peanut butter and jelly, and now folks, Espresso and Emergen-C. I tried it as a joke moments ago, and found that as disgusting it sounds, it's actually not that bad. A quick jolt of caffeine added with some hot vitamin C action and I'm on cloud 9. I must say however, the last sip is a tough one with all the citrus. Strangely enough, I've already completed three days worth of work and jogged 2.5 miles, it works!

Valentine's Day Gifts at Design Public

Shopping for that special gift for your special someone on that special day can be so... exhausting.  Flowers and chocolates will do, but they're usually lacking in the creative department.  Thankfully, Design Public did the work for you by going through its products and selected the best gifts for Valentine's Day.  From Alexander Girard's iconic Love Heart print (see photo to the left), to a fashion-forward modern beanbag, you're bound to find something for your special someone.

Secrets in San Francisco

Much to the dismay of guests gathered in the gracious home of Cissie Swig, no secrets were actually spilled at a book party Swig hosted to celebrate author Merla Zellerbach.


But there was great fun in speculating who’s who within Merla’s new fictional novel, Secrets in Time: San Francisco (Firefall Editions).

Deals at Flora Grubb

The fallback gift for Valentine's Day is usually to say it with flowers, but this year why not say it with a potted planted? It's the gift that keeps giving, seeing as it won't be tossed out in a week, and with the big sale going on over at Flora Grubb this month, it's a cost-effective choice too. Get 25% off on all garden plants that are 2 gallons or larger, and 25% off most garden furniture and accessories. We're particularly fond of their stock tanks (shown here) which would work perfectly as a little garden container for the urban green thumb you adore.

Blago Going for it on Letterman

Watching disgraced Former Governor Rod Blagojevich on Letterman last night was a bit like watching a kid get caught with his hands in a candy jar. With each Letterman jab, Blago ducked and weaved, (no hair pun intended), his way into the annals of political hilarity. My money bets soon he'll be boxing Danny Bonaduce or a reporter for Court TV, or if we Americans are really lucky, the next ShamWow spokesman! Check it out below, and let us know what YOU think.

Big Night Out? Get a Pre-Party Facial

Among the artists and designers in the Mission’s ActivSpace Building, Golden Skin & Body Wellness opened its doors in October, offering a personal, holistic take on massage, skin care and waxing that’s a nice break from the assembly-line approach. The Pre-Party Facial is just the thing before a big night.



Help Bay Area Teens Go to the Prom in Style

Here’s a guaranteed way to rustle up warm, fuzzy feelings in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day: donate a dress to The Princess Project.

During the non-profit organization’s annual dress drive (Feb 8-14), drop-off locations around the city will be accepting formal dresses and accessories to give to Bay Area recipients later this spring. Since launching in 2002, the non-profit organization has donated some 9,000 dresses to local high school girls who would not otherwise have been able to afford formal dresses for their proms.

A Tale of Two Indies: Cold Prey and Donkey Punch

A surprise hit at the 2007 San Francisco International Film Festival, Cold Prey is a routine but surprisingly well-crafted genre exercise that doesn’t challenge the rules of the horror game but plays exceptionally well within them. It’s the kind of movie whose plot is the very definition of high concept – five snowboarders take refuge in a seemingly abandoned lodge, only to run afoul of an axe-wielding killer – but director Roar Uthaug’s feature debut is commendable for its sure-handed execution and the attention it pays to the relationships binding its endangered teens.

The Eat and Drink List: This week's top 7

1. Meat Head
Sausalito restaurant Poggio is once again serving a week of bollito misto, the traditional Italian boiled-meat dinner. The heated cart rolls from table to table and you choose from a selection of seven slow-simmered meats, from cotechino sausage to brisket, chicken and oxtail, all served with traditional condiments and potato puree for $19 per person. Get in on the action by making a reservation for dinner—the event runs from February 3 to the 7th. To book, call 415-332-7771.

2.The Write Stuff

The Best Pizza Delivery in the City

Though we hate to admit that New York is superior to San Francisco in any way, we’ve got to hand it to the Big Apple when it come to food delivery. And while we might not have the plethora of options our Eastern brethren enjoy, every once in a while we like to have a pizza delivered to our door, too. Here are our five picks for the best delivery pizza in the city. Pair the pies (naturally) with one of Mr. Mackay’s picks for best pizza wine.

420 Castro St., 415-863-3900,

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