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Happy Rocktober

Although Austin, Texas has rightfully earned the title of being the live music capital of the world–thanks to the diverse array of artists that grace the numerous local venues seven nights a week. From punk rock to bluegrass, Austin has it covered. But this month, the SF live music scene can boast a formidable lineup that definitely rivals that ... ahem … little Texas town. Whether you like to dance, or like to rock, there’s at least one, or two, or 12 live shows this month that are sure to please. Here are some highlights of SF’s mucho music month that I’m not afraid to call Rocktober.


B.R. Cohn Fall Concert

photography by

Sunday was a day of rock n’ roll among the vines at B.R. Cohn Winery on Old Sonoma Highway, Sonoma. I ventured to the winery-turned-rock venue for day two of a weekend of music and fundraising. The 250-seater amphitheatre was packed to the gills with music lovers and wine lovers who rocked, rolled and swirled to the sounds of the day.

Just Like Us

I’ll admit that one of my guilty pleasures is reading bad celebrity magazines. I usually restrict my reading to airplanes and at the dentist’s office (where no magazine, no matter how trashy, will distract me from my fate). But I’ve never really understood Us Weekly’s “Just Like Us” bit, where they catch celebs jogging, say, or buying toothpaste, then slug it with “Stars! They’re Just Like Us!” Yeah, just like us, save for the million-dollar paychecks, throngs of paparazzi and houses in Beverly Hills. Well, like somebody’s mother once said, we all put our pants on one leg at a time. And, apparently, like Crest.

What’s Good Sex?

If you’re ever in earshot when someone tells me he/she just had the best sex ever, you’ll know I don’t take this information lightly.

I have to know exactly what that means.

Why was it the best sex ever? What made it different? How many orgasms did you have together? And how many separately? Are you in love? Or is it just lust? Did you talk dirty? Use props? What?!

What's Good Sex?
photography by Daniel Ha

Jacopo Strada Art Opening

photography by Vasna Wilson and Sarah Morton for Drew Altizer

Serge Sorokko Gallery hosted an opening reception for its installation of "Jacopo Strada (1510-1588) Mannerist Splendor: Extravagant Designs for a Royal Table," which will run through Nov. 10, 2007.

Christine Lee_Jeff Petrie Enrique Biasotti_Anya Litvak Max Boyer_Tatiana Sorokko

Vintage Meets D.I.Y.


Alyssa, 28, graphic designer for ReadyMade magazine
Lives in: NoPa
Wearing: Vintage velvet blazer from Goodwill, Old Navy tank and jeans, Steve Madden flats, Fred Flare doorknockers, necklace and ring are self-made (check out, brooch from thrift store.

Soul Sensation

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Oakland's own soul siren Keyshia Cole played tracks, like the ubiquitous hit single "Let it Go," off of her latest album Just Like You for the packed crowd at Mezzanine on Friday, September 7. Saucy R&B crooner Bobby Valentino opened the show with a sultry set that drove the ladies wild.


Big-Time Chef Goes South

Chef Luke Mangam at South, the day before its big opening party.

Surprise Party

photography by Stefanie Michejda

Perry Farrell Perry Farrell Perry Farrell
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