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Hot in the Kitchen

Yesterday I was watching a rerun of Top Chef in which Stockton line cook Michael Midgley won an elimination challenge with a luscious-looking pairing of trout and salmon ensconced in a melange of vegetables. Midgley is pudgy, a bit unkempt, and in this episode he had just had emergency dental surgery, so his cheek was swollen and red. But as he layered the disk of trout against the steaming salmon, this perennial truth re-occurred to me:

There’s nothing quite as hot as a man who knows how to cook.

Polo in Petaluma

Petaluma's Cerro Pampa Polo Club Grey Goose Oyster Cup, which is the highest goal polo tournament played in Northern California, was held last weekend with a portion of the proceeds going to The Nature Conservancy. The event stretched well into the night with cocktails, dinner and dancing.

Holt_Tyndall_Freyer AllisonSpeer_DominiqueHarrington
Katherine Holt, David Tyndall, Shaila Freyer              Allison Speer, Dominique Harrington

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

We have a good time down here in the trenches, our food department of two (our oft-mentioned intrepid intern, Roxanne, makes three). Really, we do. Sometimes Sara and I knock off for an hour and go to Punjab Kebab, where we overeat chicken tikka masala and saag paneer and then return to our desks in a stupor. Some days, I make everything into a bet—with bottles of wine serving as the prize (I have seven bottles by my desk now. Sara has only four. Guess who’s winning?)

Smart Pop

White Williams
Tigerbeat 6
(Album out October 30)

Get Out of Town

photography by

Greetings chums,

With sunny San Francisco days few and far between, I try as often as possible to escape our mad, fab, foggy city in search of sunshine. Palo Alto had been an unlikely place for me to venture to, until now. I recently discovered a hidden oasis down the 101—the Four Seasons Hotel in East Palo Alto, where the sun shines.

Fighting AIDS with Diamonds

Some of SF's who's who flew down to Hollywood last week to take part in the Stolichnaya elit auction benefiting DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation for Fighting AIDS at the Bar Marmont. Stolichnaya elit commissioned New York designer Penny Preville to create the The Stolichnaya elit Collection, four one-of-a-kind diamond pieces, for the auction. Actress Rosario Dawson, Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius and haute couture designer Monique Lhuillier were also in attendance.

Cyber Stalking: Alive and Well in SF

Last week, I received two urgent messages from friends who were experiencing issues discovered via virtual means.

“Emily, you have to call me back, please, today,” said one friend, Katie. I couldn’t tell if she was laughing or crying.

I called her back. Luckily, she was mostly laughing.

“I finally googled Tex (our nickname for her most recent fling who lives in Austin, Texas),” Katie said. “And guess what? The weekend he said he couldn’t make it to SF, he was being crowned Austin’s most eligible bachelor. Plus, they called him a party boy and ladies’ man about town.”

Impala Is Two

photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Impala Restaurant & Lounge celebrated its two-year anniversary last week with a big bash boasting food, cocktails and beats provided by DJ Solarz, David Carvalho and DJ Solomon.
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