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Vintage 415 and Ducca Present The Patio

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

On Friday, May 2 Vintage 415 and Ducca presented the Patio.


Top 7 A+E Picks

courtesy of Tapes n' Tapes

Here’s 7 not-to-miss A+E happenings this week.

1.  CCA Senior Fashion Show on Wednesday, May 7
Witness fashion history when CCA presents its Senior Fashion Show. The juried show, which takes place at the SF campus in Potrero Hill, signifies for students the end of the BFA program and their entrance into the world of fashion.

Fresh Ricotta: You Know You Want It

We all think we’re the master (mistress?) of our own universe, but the truth is, we’re not. You think you’re drawn to that fuchsia top because you like it? Sorry. Most likely, a highly-paid fashion forecaster set the palette for Summer '08 way back, stores have placed it strategically and, voila: You’re suddenly overwhelmed with the need for a closet-full of hot pink.

Similarly, if you have fresh ricotta on the mind, the versatile cheese has, in fact, been subliminally wiggling its way into your collective craving conscious for most of spring. And there’s more than one chef to blame (or in this case, thank).

The Eat + Drink List: This Week's Top 7

photography by Stefanie Michejda

1. Shuck and Swallow

In Search of the Gonzo Godfather’s Secret Underground Lair

Greetings and salutations* film nerds from 200 feet below the grassy, peacock-laden Aspen, Colorado compound of the late, great mad GZA himself Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. What the hell’s a swanky SF urbanite like the Maestro doing spelunking down a dead man’s godforsaken wishing well after dark? If you Nosy Parkers must know, I’m dangling from a climbing rope (sporting an E.R.I. headlamp) and gripping a treasure map written on the back of an Allman Brothers album all for a good cause man …

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Sure, the standard flowers are nice. But pampering presents and sparkly jewels for mom? Even better. For those of you who still haven’t come up with that perfect Mother’s Day gift, we’ve got a few extra last-minute suggestions.

Queen for the Day

Anthony Nak crown-stepped round scroll ring ($1,900) with rose cut natural brown diamonds in a satin-finished 18-k gold setting. Neiman Marcus, 150 Stockton St., 415-362-3900

She’s a Charmer

This Month in Music

courtesy of Juliette and the Licks

Here’s our ultimate live music guide for May. Tune in each month to get the scoop of the Hot List’s picks of the hottest tickets in town.

Liam Finn at the Bottom of the Hill on Monday, May 5

Coachella 2008: Day Two

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Here's a glimpse at day two of Coachella.



The Eat + Drink List: This Week's Top 7

1. To-Do: Todd English

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