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Bambino Watch: T-minus (about) 21 days

Bambino's Bar: Under construction

Innovation by Design

SFMOMA celebrated the opening of its exhibition, California College of the Arts at 100: Innovation by Design, a tribute to the college's anniversary. The exhibition is now on view until July 3.

Religious Experience

Photo courtesy of Damien Hirst and Serge Sorokko Gallery

My Bad

Apologies to everyone for the blog back-up but my CEO and Supervising Blog Coordinator, the talented Ned "Le Freak" Clarke, had some mishaps and was not here for the past two weeks to aid me in my quest to bring you superior and informative blogage. He informed me that he contracted the "Noro Virus" from accidentally ingesting a chicken wing that he found underneath an old mattress in a Vietnamese massage parlor, causing him to be bedridden for 10 days. Wow.

Zellerbach Surprise Party

Helen Hilton Raiser surprised Merla Zellerbach, editor of the Nob Hill Gazette, with a party at The Westin St. Francis.

Kathleen Sullivan Alioto, Beth Townsend   Merla Zellerbach    Helen Hilton Raiser, Jennifer Raiser

Getty Party for the Woodruffs

Ann and Gordon Getty held a party for Lee and Bob Woodruff to celebrate their new book, In an Instant, A Family's Journey of Love and Healing, last weekend.

S. Hendrickson, D. Clarkson     A. Millham, L. Brown, K. O'Brien   J. Seibel, G. Newsom, L. Woodruff

Pasta Comeback

Perbacco’s agnolotti filled with roasted veal and savoy cabbage
Photograph by John Benson
I fancy myself immune to food trends, but lately I’ve had to admit that the low-carb mania of a few years back has insidiously snuck its way into the deeper, more permanent layers of our collective psyche, including mine. There was a time when I ate pasta for dinner nearly seven days a week. With crusty bread. After eating a muffin for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch! I mean, who does that anymore? No one I know.

Sweet Treat

Tasty toffee tid-bits.

The lovely Mollie Lewis paid us the best kind of visit today—she came bearing sweet treats, and she came right before lunch when I’m at my snackiest.  Mollie is the mastermind behind “Matzel Toffee,” individual matzah crackers covered with toffee, dark chocolate and big chunks of almonds. Before you dismiss them (matzah kind of has a bad rap, I know) let me reassure you: This is one good snack.

Melissa's Playlist 03.28.07

courtesy of Illinois

Due to copyright issues some songs on this playlist may be reduced to 30-second samples. For the full-length tracks check out our 7x7 imeem page.

A Teaser

The mad scientist at work.

Who is this mad man, what the heck is he doing and why did I take his picture for 7x7's upcoming May issue? (Guess right and I'll tell you.) A look into the future of food in SF coming to a newsstand near you...
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