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Welcome to Dogtown

photography by Iris Lin

No on (Fake) O

I’ve never met a woman who hasn’t faked an orgasm.

Even that one time, when she was really tired/bloated/buzzed. I know this because we tend to bond over these things from time to time.

Not because we’re particularly proud or excited, but it’s sort of a given: We have bad hair days and faked orgasm days.

I had a guest on my show who said she got into faking multiple orgasms for one guy and could never go back to faking a single orgasm.

“Well, after faking the multiple, I thought he’d be offended if I had only one. Eventually, I was just wiped out, and our sex life suffered all around,” said Jane, 36.

Sprinkles Are Like Sunshine

Last night I was at Bimbo's for 7x7’s very fun party celebrating our Hot 20 issue and let’s just say after a little too much of the Johnny Walker, I’m feeling a bit like I need a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. And for an instant pick-me-up, you can’t go wrong with cupcakes showered in sprinkles.

Devil's food cupcakes, ready to party.

Queens of Rap

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

All-female off-the-hook rap trio Yo Majesty played a wild and semi-clothed set at Mezzanine on Tuesday, September 11. Youthful rap crew Cool Kids started things off.

Yo Majesty

Yo Majesty

Under the Radar

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

British electronic duo Underworld—who are best known for their '90s club hit "Born Slippy" that was featured on the Trainspotting movie soundtrack—played a high-energy set at the Warfield on Saturday, September 8.



Celebrating Armistead Maupin

photography by

Greetings chums,

Fruit or Veggie?

Garden tomato salad

The tomato is a complicated item. Its pronunciation isn’t the only conundrum—toe-may-toe or toe-mah-to? Many also wonder: Is it a fruit or a veggie?

Reality Bites

SF's Traci Des Jardins is the first to go.

Hooker in a Hangman’s Noose?

Maltese Falcon
The Maltese Falcon; courtesy of Warner Brothers

Vacationing in Search of a Lost Film Treasure

Taken from the AP News Wire (3:08 am CST)
Dateline: Matamoras, Mexico

                                                MRF (dictating to a half-breed AP Stringer)
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