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Beer of the Week: Brasserie Dupont Foret

People who read me regularly enough will know that I love Belgian beer. In its infinite complexity and variability, it’s a subject as absorbing and satisfying as any wine region.

A Legendary Lunch

Since I’m moving from the Financial District to Cole Valley, I thought I’d spend one of my final lunches in my soon-to-be-former neighborhood trying out the café everyone’s been raving about: Myth Café.

Up and Out

Rolling hills on one side, ocean on the other.
Between the two, the sweetest berries around.

A Tree Hugger

The oldest tree on Union Street was planted in 1867 and is still standing—in fact, it even has a restaurant named after it. Palmetto, the new restaurant that replaced Home on Union, opened its doors a few weeks ago and probably hopes that some of the tree’s longevity will rub off. The Mediterranean menu is the work of executive chef Andy Kitko, who was most recently sous chef at Aqua and, before that, executive chef at Bar Tartine.

Crustacean Cravings

Crab roll

Food memories have been haunting me lately. Although I’ve made SF my home, there are definitely times (usually the summer) when I toy with the idea of hopping on a plane home to D.C.—Bethesda, actually—for a brief visit. The tomatoes, peaches, corn and cantaloupe that I grew up eating have not met their fresh, juicy, perfectly flavorful match here in California—believe it or not. And then there are steamed Maryland blue crabs with a touch of Old Bay. MMMMMM.

Shout It Out Loud

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

The Stockholm, Sweden-based indie-pop outfit Shout Out Louds raised a ruckus at the Rickshaw Stop on Wednesday, July 18 in support of their latest album Our Ill Wills that comes out in September. New Yorkers Vampire Weekend opened the show.


Hottest Dog in Town

Photo by Stefanie Michejda.

Earlier this week I went to B Restaurant & Bar, the new, glass-enclosed restaurant/lounge in Yerba Buena Gardens just next to Samovar. It’s the third outpost of Boxed Foods on Kearny, a Hartle Media lunchtime favorite with its super-fresh, delicately dressed organic salads and inventive takes on traditional sandwiches.

7 Questions with <i>Rush Hour</i>'s Heavyweights

Greetings chums,

When’s a sequel one sequel too many? Perhaps when all we can take is nothing more than the first in the franchise?

courtesy of New Line Cinema

Well, apparently for the makers of Rush Hour 3 starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, you can never make enough as long as the money keeps rolling in and people keep dumping their greenbacks at the box office!

Red House Party

photography by Heather Wiley

Catholic Charities CYO’s annual fundraiser, The Red House party, raised $77,000 for its HIV/AIDS programs. Folks including Sunday's a Drag Donna Sachet and CCCYO Board President Cecilia Herbert gathered last Monday at Catch restaurant in the Castro for food, cocktails, music and prizes.

Small-Town Sex

I went to my friend’s art show recently and ran into an old friend. He proceeded to point out his most recent ex along with her new boyfriend and then introduced me to his new girlfriend.

I turned around only to find my ex talking to my friend Mara’s ex. And where was Mara? She was meeting me at the show in just a few minutes.

photography by Julia Galdo
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