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Girlfriend or Girl Friend?

by The 4-Way Panel

Dear 4-Way,

I have a girlfriend that I’m casually seeing and we get together occasionally. Things can be fun and hot when we’re together, but there’s one thing. She’s had some trauma in the past (which we haven’t really delved into) and wants nothing to do with touching me. (No hands, and forget about mouth.) It’s OK for the most part, but it’s become clear things aren’t going to change. Any thoughts on what I should do? A guy needs some love.—GQ

Soma Grand Opening Party

photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Joie de Vivre's Soma Grand celebrated its grand opening last week with a ritzy party at its Mission Street location. Residences range in size from about 660-square-foot junior one bedrooms to 1,600-plus square-foot three-bedrooms, with prices starting in the mid-$500,000s.

KMEL's House of Soul

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Radio station KMEL held their House of Soul concert, featuring Ashanti and Jaheim, at Ruby Skye on Sunday, November 25.



Ashanti Ashanti

Repeal Day

December 5 is an important day for drinkers, as on this day in 1933 the 21st Amendment was ratified, repealing Prohibition and reinstating our right to imbibe. Phew.

It’s hard to imagine the 14 years America spent as a dry country. Certainly, in the decade of the raging ‘20s there was still a lot of drinking going on. But this was all illegal and organized crime saw a huge increase as they became the arbiters of the new underground economy. Repeal not only legalized drink; it also put the kabosh on a great deal of criminal dealings. We celebrate with a big batch of bathtub gin and a toast to Al Capone.

What to Give

Yes, it’s that time of year. I just rather suddenly realized that it’s the 6th of December, and I’m guessing that there are others out there who have just awoken for a semi-delusional state, the reality of the holidays and their fast and furious arrival still seeming like some sort of surprise. Every year, I try to make a mental list of the gifts that I would most like to receive.

Film Picks of the Week

Kurt Cobain About a Son
Kurt Cobain About a Son; courtesy of Sidetrack Films

Hey fabulous film friends, here are some groovy film picks happening around your neighborhood. Check in next week for another exciting installment of the Reel. Until next time kids, be bad and get into trouble baby.*

Film Happenings Around Town

Office Space

courtesy of Office

Coffeehouse Chic


Jeremy, 19, musician
Lives in: Hayes Valley
Wearing: Gemelli Italian suit jacket, turtleneck made by mother, Sgt. 99 “hoochie” jeans from the Mission, shoes from yard sale on Haight, belt (“gift from mom”)
My style icon: my mom
Most recent fashion find: A pair of Italian shoes from a friend.

*Title supplied by subject to describe his look.

Rock n’ Roll Romantic


Hayley, 27, assistant editor
Lives in: North Berkeley
Wearing: Prada blouse, purple vintage dress, Judi Rosen jeans, hat from Anthropologie, "key" necklace from Target, vintage boots from Wasteland
My style icon: Lolita, Roxie Music album cover models, Andy Warhol, Tom Ford, Sofia Coppola
Most recent fashion find: Hot denim booties from my favorite vintage store Pretty Penny in Berkeley.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces with Contemporary Trends


Lisa, 35, public policy
Lives in: the Mission
Wearing: Black Topshop V jeans, vintage crochet sweater, Dr. Scholl's Step Up heels, vintage bangle bracelet
My style icon: Milla Jovovich
My most recent fashion find: My aunt's goddess-style gown wedding dress from 1983 that I wore to my wedding in December. Fits perfectly!

*Title supplied by subject to describe her look.
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