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Jonesing for Comfort

When I got word there was a new comfort-food restaurant in the Marina called Jones, I paused, because back in Philly, where I used to review restaurants, there was a comfort-food spot by über-successful restauranteur Stephen Starr called Jones. Turns out this Jones is not related to that Jones (it’s a common enough name, after all); it’s actually a re-do of the Marina Sports Bar & Grill owned by One Industry Group, the guys behind Mas Sake, Impala and Suite One8One.

Sex and Burning Man?

Everyone will tell you some variation of this: Burning Man is not just about sex or drugs or techno music or nudity or art or looking good—or bad for that matter.

Stay Golden

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Brooklyn indie-pop trio Au Revoir Simone delighted audience members at their Bottom of the Hill performance on Friday, August 24. Austin, Texas outfit Oh No! Oh My! and Bay Area-based the Morning Benders opened the show.


Dancing with the Dark Side

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Super freaky and controversial shock rocker Marilyn Manson performed a highly theatrical set at the Concord Pavilion on Thursday, August 23. Legendary thrash metal outfit Slayer opened the bill.


Do You Speak Bonde do Role?

courtesy of Bonde do Role

Bonde do Role
With Lasers
Domino Records

Summer of Love 40th Anniversary

Summer of Love Stage

It was 1967 all over again on Sunday as San Francisco stepped back in time to celebrate The Summer of Love - 40 years on. The weather was spectacular; the music was sensational; the whiff of 1967 in the air was potent.

He is Summer of Love - Wavy Gravy

Celebrate the Revolution: Film Picks of the Week

Revolution Summer
Revolution Summer; courtesy of Gray Eminence Films

Here's a few film happenings to check out while you get over your post-Labor Day blues. Be Bad and get into trouble while watching Walking to Werner, baby.

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