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Sober Sex?

I’ve found that almost no one can with all honesty answer "yes" to this question: Have you ever hooked up with someone for the first time while stone-cold sober?

The first kiss, grope or dirty text is more often than not preceded by a good, stiff drink.

photography by Joseph Jean Rolland Dubé

Just this week, I heard these tales:

Industry Party

photography by Aubrie Pick for Drew Altizer

Industry415 teamed up with Thomas LeRou and Jason Krothe to launch their men's streetwear line, Correct Clothing, with a party at Harlot.

What do a TV star and a hippie farmer have in common?

When you write a story for a magazine, there are always so many things you can’t get into—there’s never enough room to squeeze it all in (although should the New Yorker come calling, I’m set). It can make an editor resort to drastic measures.

A stop at Marin Sun Farms butcher shop in Pt. Reyes,
just one stop on a trip for my latest story.
Photo by Stefanie Michejda

SoMa Style Summer Block Party

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Late-Night Pasta Recipe

Some people are into rice. Some like corn. I, however, am a pasta guy, through and through. Good lord I love pasta. I love it for lunch and for dinner. I’m even partial to a little cold carbonara in the morning (hey, it's made with bacon and eggs). It's always good.

Taking on Hollywood’s <i>The Young and the Restless</i>

Taking on Hollywood, one letter at a time.

When Hollywood calls, what do you do? Run, many may say. And when you’re offered a part in a daytime drama, well, you drop everything and show up.

The Young and the Restless is one of America's longest-running daytime dramas, and during a recent visit to CBS' Television City in LA, I went to live out the fantasy of a lifetime.

Dark Wave

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Legendary '80s new wave group the Psychedelic Furs, best known for their contribution to the iconic Pretty in Pink movie soundtrack, played a sold out show at Mezzanine Sunday, July 15.


Movers and Shakers

My move continues. After packing most of the night on Sunday, we greeted a couple of movers early Monday and proceeded to break our backs carrying boxes, bags, plants and any number of hernia-inducing objects.

Pierre Peters—one of our favorite Champagnes

Truth in Wine

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Paul Draper, winemaker for Ridge Vineyards since 1969, over lunch. Without a doubt he is my favorite winemaker in America—not just for the wines he produces, but also for his views, his techniques, his beliefs and his inexhaustible curiosity and interest in wine. At age 71, he is as spry of mind and youthful of spirit as I could ever imagine anyone being.

Poppa H's Vacation Part Deux

courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Greetings and salutations
film nerds and nerdettes, in a week Poppa H, your favorite vacationing cinephile, will resume the position of film-centric blog-machine. Until then, be bad and get into trouble at these film happenings around your ‘hood.

Film Happenings Around Town:
•    San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - Castro Theatre
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