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What’s Not to Like?

Here’s a reason why I think the Bay Area is so awesome: We believe. We believe in a community that cares about its food and drink.

What’s special about this picture? No, it’s not that Rajat Parr, Michael Mina’s wine director, at the Golden State versus Utah playoff series. It’s the fact that the beer he is holding (which was mine) is a Trumer Pils—one of my favorite brews, crafted distinctly right here in Berkeley.

It was a good game and a great beer.

Fay Grim Is Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Parker Posey shines in Hal Hartley’s sequel to Henry Fool.

Greetings and salutations* film nerds and nerdettes

Folk Song

Their ubiquitous insta-pop anthem "Young Folks" may be everywhere, but so far, this Swedish trio has managed to elude me (live performance-wise). Despite all my initial protests to the contrary, their single is beginning to lose its charm (touché everyone who told me I'd get sick of it after three million listens), but that doesn't mean the rest of their new album Writer's Block isn't ripe for the sonic taking. Catch Peter Bjorn and John tonight or tomorrow night at Bimbo's and let me know if you've come down with a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Pedal To The Metal

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

The Grammy-nominated foursome Mastodon brought skull-crashing visceral metal to the Warfield, where
long hair, beards and leather were ubiquitous. Punkers Against Me! and indie group Cursive opened the packed show.


This Charming Man

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Former Smiths frontman Morrissey charmed fans with his sardonic wit and signature croon at Oakland's Paramount Theatre. The Moz played selections from his numerous solo albums as well as a few Smiths favorites making fanatical fans scream, cry and attempt to jump on the stage. Experimental glam rocker Kristeen Young, who donned a Bjork-inspired avant garde outfit, opened the show.


J.Lo Loves Michelle Jonas

Hayes Valley boutique Honey Ryder hosted a trunk show and cocktail reception for Los Angeles designer Michelle Jonas, whose celebrity clients include Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez.

More Cowbell

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Electro rock outfit—and cowbell enthusiasts—LCD Sound System thrilled fans at Mezzanine with their infectious solid dance jams from their latest album Sound Of Silver.


Gordo Gorditas

New kid on the block.

Back when I lived on the East coast, far from the pupuserias and taco trucks that now signal I’m almost to my block, I made a few attempts at home-cooked Mexican food. I propped my Diana Kennedy and Rick Bayless cookbooks open, making haphazard substitutions and best attempts. I’d like to tell you that every meal was a slam-dunk, dear reader, but truth is we ate a lot of bland pinto beans and lame versions of “carnitas.”

The McGuire Roundtable Questionnaire – Round #2 –

1.    How was the start of the real estate market at the beginning of this year? What is your outlook for the rest of 2007?

TT: The first quarter of 2007 has been relatively slow due to a lack of inventory. However, now there are a lot of buyers out there. I have buyers who were reluctant to get in the market last year due to media reports of a bubble in the San Francisco real estate market; who now have confidence in the economy and the local market, realizing that the media reports regarding “The Bay Area Market” are not specific to the SF market.

Artful Dodger

artist Julie Crosby; courtesy of Root Division
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