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Helmut Lang Opening

I just got back from hanging out with Emerson, Tony and Doug—the helpful hipster crew at the new downtown Helmut Lang store—who gave me the grand tour of the sleek, industrial space. It opened four days ago at 120 Maiden Lane and is only the second boutique of the Austrian-born designer’s to open in the U.S. (the other is on Melrose Avenue in LA). The store’s undone aesthetic is in line with Lang’s trademark minimalist designs. From the outside, you might not even realize it’s open. There’s no sign and the raw, three-story building looks very New York industrial with lots of glass, exposed air conditioning tubes, unpainted dry walls and concrete floors.

Look of the Week: Hush II

Join us weekly as the crew features a look that is meticulously styled, coiffed and made up to create an edgy, runway-ready look with fashion-forward selections straight from local boutiques in your neighborhood.

 Hush II
For the day: Acne narrow leg jeans ($299); A.P.C. wool sweater ($204); grey hat is model's own.

Community Leadership Awards

The San Francisco Foundation celebrated its 2007 Community Leadership Award winners—Alonzo King, Arnold Perkins, Eva Paterson, Jane Garcia and Swords to Ploughshares—at the Herbst Theatre, War Memorial Building. The four individual winners each received $10,000 and Swords to Ploughshares was awarded $20,000.

Spruce It Up

Spruce the long-awaited bar and restaurant on Sacramento Street in Laurel Village opened a couple of months ago. I finally had time to stop by and check out the cocktails and wine list at its exceedingly lovely bar.

A Shot and a Beer for Breakfast

This photo was taken at 11 a.m. in the morning. I know that the idea of me having a shot and a beer at that early hour confirms many people’s suspicions about me, but this was a special occasion. In fact I had worked behind the bar at Cantina from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., come home and stayed up all night working on a story for Wine and Spirits magazine. Actually, I slept for two hours and got back up at 4 a.m. and kept working. I finished the story between 10 and 11 that morning, and then it was time to have a drink and go to bed.

Learning to Let Go

Her name was Lolo, she was a showgirl

The Last Days of Tomatoes

We went to the farmer’s market last weekend and bought a 20-pound flat of tomatoes ($35 from the lovely people at Ella Bella farms), as it’s one of the last weekends of dry-farmed early girl tomatoes this year. The tomatoes get softer and sweeter at the end of the season, but you want them a little earlier than that—when they still have great acidity.

Gram Rabbit Hops into Town

photography by

Their musical home is Joshua Tree in Southern California but their spiritual home is here in San Francisco. This past weekend the four-piece musical tour de force Gram Rabbit came hopping into town for a one night stand at Pop Roxx at the DNA Lounge.

 Gram Rabbit Gram Rabbit

Grizzly Band

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Brooklyn-based experimental indie rock foursome Grizzly Bear pleased fans at Mezzanine on Saturday, September 15. San Francisco's own Mini Pop started off  the night with their brand of soothing synth-pop.


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