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Scenes of the City: Suisun Bay's Mothball Fleet

For this week's Scenes of the City, we escaped to the northwest side of Suisun Bay, just outside San Francisco, where a fleet of ships from the U.S.'s naval past is slowly disappearing.

3 New Books on Our Must-Read List

Haruki Murakami is one of the most cultishly beloved authors in the States— despite the fact that all of his work is translated from Japanese. His "latest," Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, is about an engineer cut off from a group of beloved friends. It's been out in Japan for over a year, and now makes its debut Stateside.

We Wanna Be Friends With MAFIA Bags Founder, Marcos Mafia

What could be more appropriate for summer than a tote made out of recycled sails? 

Foodie Agenda: Plin Opens, Australian Truffle Season, & More

Your guide to the tastiest foodie happenings going down this week. Bon appetit! 

Gucci Goes Equine-Chic at Giant Steps Charity Classic

Next season's haute équestre threads and some of the top horsewomen graced the time-honored tracks of the Sonoma Horse Park for the annual Giant Steps Classic Six Bar and Gala, sponsored by Gucci.

SF Movie Map: See All of the City's Famous Filming Locations

In honor of all the new movies that are being filmed in our fair city — from Godzilla to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and most recently an earthquake film called San Andreas starring Hayward-native Dwayne Johnson a.k.a.The Rock— we wanted to build a map of all the famous filming locations in SF. Lo and behold, a new app, MapHook, beat us to the punch.

BloomThat's Flower Crowns Finish Off Your Style for Outside Lands

If you're going to San Francisco...

Do you have everything in order for this weekend’s glorious and chilly music festival in Golden Gate Park? Maintenance on your bike so that late night ride home doesn’t go awry: check. Three days’ worth of ironic, clever, and (hopefully) unique graphic tees to make fellow festival goers pause: check. Locker rental secured: check. Now’s the time to check out last minute additions to cap off your festival style.

Fred Armisen, BATS' 20th Anniversary, & More Ways to Laugh Your Ass Off

August brings us the skewering of super-cheesy romantic vampire movies, improv shows as far as the eyes can see, Muppets, and Fred Armisen, of course.

Local Restaurants Make Do With Stripped Down Kitchens

It's hard enough, wouldn't you agree, for a restaurant to make dinner in a fully equipped kitchen, never mind one that's been stripped of its range and hood due to pesky city zoning ordinances.

Here's How To Make Your Feet Less Nasty, Guys

Hey, dudes, your feet are gnarled, hairy, and crusty. They are, in a word, gross. While I can't help you out with the first two issues — God and a lifetime of constricting footwear can be so cruel — I can recommend how to soften and smooth out your rough feet. Besides, it's sandal season (Birks are HOT right now, guys), and no one wants to look at your scaly feet on Muni.

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