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High Tea For The Holidays in the Bay Area

This is our weekly guest-blog post from the moms behind Red Tricycle, a site that focuses on the "lighter side" of parenting. Every week, they'll be bringing us their picks of stuff to do around the Bay Area with kids.

'Rocky Horror' Rings in New Year with Midnight Show at the Clay Theatre

Rather than wandering from one overcrowded bar to the next this New Year's Eve, risking obnoxious run-ins with lightweight boozers and wasting your cash on inflated cover charges, head to the Clay Theatre this Saturday for a special midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to ring in 2012.

SF-Based StyleVISA Curates The World

For those with perpetual wanderlust, a new SF-based website, StyleVISA, can provide a temporary travel fix. The site features finds from France, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, Africa, Mexico, Tunisia, Canada and across the US, ranging from home goods to skincare to accessories. Each product has a story and a complimentary Tumblr blog extends the StyleVISA trip via inspirational world photography.

An Intimate Seaside Ceremony

She is American, he is Italian, they met while studying abroad in Spain. The ceremony was held in Northern California near her parent's vacation home in Sea Ranch, near Gualala. The ceremony was on a cliff over looking the ocean with two officiants, one speaking Italian (groom's cousin) and one English (bride's sister). The reception was held above a general store off Highway 1. The wall-to-wall mixed wood planks made the interior very rustic, with decor from earlier settlers of the area. A large chandelier, hand picked flowers and home made favors set an intimate tone. Many well wishes of love were expressed in both Italian and English.

Join Us at the Chubby Noodle for the NextGen Wine Competition's Gold Medal Tasting, Jan. 6th

Just after the new year begins, you've got one more time to drink until the wine is gone and eat until there's no more to eat! On Friday, January 6th, we're happy to sponsor the NextGen Wine competition, which takes place in September 2012 and celebrates next generation (comprised of "millenials") wine makers and drinkers to help foster a new crop of wine enthusiasts.

How Men Are Changing the Fashion Landscape in SF

With four successful fashion labels rooted in the city, these guy’s guys are upping the ante on casual menswear. T-shirts, jeans, button-downs, and hoodies have never looked so good.

TAYLOR STITCH: Michael Maher, 26; Mike Armenta, 25; Barrett Purdum, 26

8 Bay Area Startups Disrupting the Worlds of Media and Publishing

Newspapers, magazines, books, radio, TV, and even web-based publishers have all suffered major setbacks in recent years, with massive layoffs in some sectors and stagnant growth, at best, in others.

Meanwhile, dozens of local startups are exploring creative ways to transform old media industries into data-driven mobile/social/local services that collectively represent the prospect of a much more diverse new media landscape in the years to come.

This post highlights eight of those disruptive companies, listed alphabetically, that we have been able to profile at during 2011. Half of them are focused in one way or another on challenging the traditional book publishing industry, as ebook sales continue to explode.

Foodie Agenda: Where to Brunch New Year's Day (and more)

Wednesday, Dec. 28

SF French cafe chain La Boulange is opening yet another location. This one's downtown in the Merchants Exchange Building. Rumor has it that online ordering and office catering will become available after New Year's. 465 California St.

Sat. Dec. 31

Two Sense: Is My Friend Gay?

I have a close, longtime male friend who has always been extremely secretive about his sexual identity. Most of our common acquaintances assume he's gay, and whenever I've tried to broach the issue directly, he seems to sense what I want to ask in advance, changing the topic before I can even ask. I don't really care one way or the other (I'm a straight male), but more than a decade later, not knowing feels like an uncomfortable gap in our friendship, which is otherwise a good one. It's also sometimes hard to ignore what others say about him, which is mostly idle gossip. Should I just resign myself to never knowing, or would it help our friendship to push harder for him to talk about it openly?

So You Think You Can Dance (And Make it Snow)?

Attention clubbers: Do you have the right moves to dance up a storm?


Well, the folks at Go Tahoe North certainly hope so.

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