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Three Valentine's Day Drinks

Three Valentine's Day Drinks

Some of you might be dreading it, and some of you might be plotting the most romantic night you can possibly imagine. Either way, V-Day is right now.

It's Tony Bennett Day in SF

It's Tony Bennett Day in SF

If you haven't heard, Ed Lee declared today Tony Bennett Day in SF. It's the 50th anniversary of Bennett's ode to our city, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." The SF Boys & Girls Choruses and the SF Symphony performed the signature song at the City Hall Rotunda, and you might've caught it broadcasting over loud speakers in Union Square and Hallidie Plaza. To get in the mood, we put together a smooth Tony Bennett playlist to celebrate this historic, gorgeous day. Enjoy!

What's Happening on the Slopes? Scope the Scene with Tahoe's VTour

Ever wanted to go to some new winter mountain resort and know exactly where all the cool stuff was, or at least not wander around like a total newbie?

What SF Brewers Have on Tap for Strong Beer Month

What's SF Brewers Have On Tap for Strong Beer Month

Although we’re in the middle of SF Beer Week, we’re also near the midpoint of Strong Beer Month. To help you better plan your itineraries for both, it seemed like a good time to check in with the strong beer brewers to see how their supplies of the heavyweights are holding up.

Photos: St-Germain's Valentine Adventure: Dinner, Drinks and Dreamtime

On February 10, writer Abigail Barsana won a fantastic night sponsored by St-Germain that included stops at Americano Restaurant, Chambers Eat+Drink, and the Hotel Vitale. voters picked Abigail's story of the enduring love of friendship to win her a very special San Francisco evening, shared with her closest pals.

How Are You Spending Valentine's Day? Show Us on Instagram

How Are You Spending Valentine's Day? Show Us on Instagram

Today's the kind of day when people are either completely stoked on life or waiting for the moment they can post up at a bar and drink until they forget they're single. Do you love or hate Valentine's Day? Do you dress in all red, or drown your sorrows with your friends by singing angry karaoke songs? We want to know, via Instagram.

Market Watch: What Inspires Tacolicious's Chef at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Tacolicious got its start as a pop-up stand serving a small selection of tacos, house-made salsas and agua frescas at the very first Thursday market in July of 2009. The menu featured whatever the Tacolicious crew was inspired by at the farmers market that surrounded them. Within six months, owner Joe Hargrave realized that Tacolicious was a hit and closed the doors of his Spanish-themed restaurant, Laiola, in the Marina to make way for a brick-and-mortar home for Tacolicious. He brought on Chef Antelmo Faria to help him create a more expanded menu for the new restaurant.

Reading Roundup: This Week's Top Literary Events

Each week, we offer a roundup of the best literary events in the city. All events are free and open to the public, unless otherwise noted. Want to submit an upcoming event for consideration? Go here.

Maxine Hong Kingston (I Love a Broad Margin to My Life)

Tuesday, February 21, 6:30 pm, at SOMArts Cultural Center (934 Brannan St.)

Why Men Hate Valentine's Day

Why Men Hate Valentine's Day

At dinner with a friend’s middle school tween, I asked what he had in store for Valentine’s Day. The eighth grader planned to give a special red note to his newly beloved girlfriend (of six weeks). Ah, to be young and not jaded.

Most men absolutely loathe Valentine’s Day. I decided to poll my male friends and find out where the hatred lies. As a service to all you guys out there (and, more importantly, a lesson for the gals) here’s some insight on why dudes despise V-Day, straight from the mouths of men:

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