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SNL's Seth Meyers Lands in Berkeley Next Week

SNL's Seth Meyers Lands in Berkeley Next Week

Count Saturday Night Live head writer and Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers among the world's thinking-man's comedians.

Photos: The Ambassador Five Year Anniversary Party

On February 10, the Ambassador bar and lounge celebrated its fifth anniversary with a truly memorable event that welcomed a beautiful, near-capacity crowd of revelers, who enjoyed a variety of cocktails including specialty drinks made with Stoli and with Red Bull. The pulsing soundscape was provided by DJ Schoeny.

Local Sommeliers Experiment with a New Breed of California Wines

Local Sommeliers Champion New California Wines with a Sense of Individuality

At a trendy new restaurant in town, the sommelier approaches your table. At least you think she’s a sommelier. Wearing sneakers, she looks barely old enough to drink.

Personalized Beauty in a Box, Shipped to You Every Month

Beauty Army

Admit it: You love a morsel of beauty. You know the excitement when you're making a purchase at Sephora and you get to pick your rewards freebie? SF-based beauty entrepreneur and makeup artist Lindsey Guest knows this feeling well and recreates it with Beauty Army, a luxury beauty sample box service for $12 a month.

Two Sense: Am I Killing My Chances By Constantly Hanging Out with Gay Guys?

Two Sense: Am I "Too Much" of a Fag Hag?

I'm the world's biggest fag hag. All my closest friends are gay guys. I love their vibe, their humor, and how much fun I have with them. But I'm starting to get worried that I've become too absorbed in their circle and am moving away from my own chances at a heterosexual relationship. Not only do I spend a lot of my social time in gay bars, I also get crushes on my gay friends (which they laugh off, mostly), and I've even taken to watching gay (male) porn, and find that I really like it. What's going on with me? Am I a gay man trapped inside a woman's body? Am I just avoiding my own relationship challenges? Or am I simply enjoying the openness and androgyny that SF affords me?

Three Valentine's Day Drinks

Three Valentine's Day Drinks

Some of you might be dreading it, and some of you might be plotting the most romantic night you can possibly imagine. Either way, V-Day is right now.

It's Tony Bennett Day in SF

It's Tony Bennett Day in SF

If you haven't heard, Ed Lee declared today Tony Bennett Day in SF. It's the 50th anniversary of Bennett's ode to our city, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." The SF Boys & Girls Choruses and the SF Symphony performed the signature song at the City Hall Rotunda, and you might've caught it broadcasting over loud speakers in Union Square and Hallidie Plaza. To get in the mood, we put together a smooth Tony Bennett playlist to celebrate this historic, gorgeous day. Enjoy!

What's Happening on the Slopes? Scope the Scene with Tahoe's VTour

Ever wanted to go to some new winter mountain resort and know exactly where all the cool stuff was, or at least not wander around like a total newbie?

What SF Brewers Have on Tap for Strong Beer Month

What's SF Brewers Have On Tap for Strong Beer Month

Although we’re in the middle of SF Beer Week, we’re also near the midpoint of Strong Beer Month. To help you better plan your itineraries for both, it seemed like a good time to check in with the strong beer brewers to see how their supplies of the heavyweights are holding up.

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