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Seven Favorite Things: Artisan-Made Accessories + Home Decor from Lydali

When it comes to accessories and home decor, "fair trade" and "artisan made" can sometimes be a bit too traditional – beautiful pieces, but perhaps better suited for museums than your wardrobe.

Lydali, a new locally-based etailer, is looking to shake up that train of thought by selling artisan-made goods that look like they're from the next big indie designer.  

Headed to Bumbershoot This Weekend? Check Out Our Music Picks

This weekend's Bumbershoot, Seattle’s best annual music and arts festival once again offers an opportunity to experience a diverse collection of old favorites and new up-and-coming artists. Although best known for its musical performances on a variety of stages throughout the Seattle Center, Bumbershoot also features stand-up comedy and a large collection of visual art. The weather forecast predicts three solid sunny days–great news for attendees. So it seems a sun hat should be more part of the plan than an umbrella this year. Here are our must-see picks:

Look of the Week: Men's Textured Leather Belts

What's one accessory most men can get behind? Belts. Sure, they're mostly functional, but that doesn't mean they should be flat and boring. In fact, you'd be surprised how much a little belt can do to complete your look.

Last-Minute Labor Day Getaways in Northern California

It’s hard to believe that summer is nearly over. Well, summer for most of the world. Here in San Francisco we’re hoping that it’s just starting to heat up and if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get to dust off our shorts and wear them for a few hours this September and October.

Use RelayRides for All Your Labor Day Weekend Adventures

It seems like everyone is going some where this Labor Day Weekend, so don't get left in the dust! It's not too late to rent a car for any adventure you have in mind, via RelayRides, an awesome car-sharing marketplace where you essentially rent cars from your neighbors.

TappBooks, a Marketplace for College Students to Exchange Textbooks

Around a year ago, we started following the fortunes of a pair of young East Bay entrepreneurs–Eva Sasson and Justin Mardjuki–as they launched their company, TappMob, run by college students, for college students.

Earlier this week, I caught up with them just as they were about to return for their junior years at Barnard College (Columbia), and the Wharton School (Penn).

They’ve expanded their team to “around fifteen” at colleges around the country, including Stanford and U-C, Berkeley, and have just launched a new product, TappBooks.

Two Gallants Time Travel to the 90s, Play Amoeba In-Store Today

Are those Eddie Vedder-esque screechy, warbled vocals we hear? Maybe it’s Smashing Pumpkins riffage? No, wait that’s Nirvana’s sing-song playfulness from “Plateau”. We’ll just come out and say it–it’s Two Gallants’ first album in five years, The Bloom and the Blight (ATO Records) and they’ve time travelled to borrow sound from that hedonistic decade of in-your-face and economic surplus known as the 90s. Good times! Everyone’s a winner here.

Brand New Wineries and Experiences in Napa Valley

Despite significant obstacles, there are new brick and mortar wineries popping up in Napa Valley, and we’ve found the latest and greatest. So take pleasure in knowing that you’ll be the first of your friends to hear about these hot new spots, and try them out!

A Superb San Francisco Spring Wedding

Tanya Marino & Tom Casey were married in the spring of this year. They decided on a classic San Francisco wedding at the Grace Cathedral with the reception held at the SF Fairmont.

Upper Haight, Meet Sebastopol's Hippies, Thrift Stores, and Beer

Sebastopol walks a narrow line between quirky-cool and not-so-hippie-chic. In fact, had the Upper Haight not become such a theme park itself, you could easily 
imagine it might look a lot like this Sonoma County town.

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