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Win Tickets to Harlot's New Year's Eve Silver Ball!

Harlot NYE

Welcome to Ticket Tuesdays, a new weekly chance for you to score entry to some of the hottest shows and events in the Bay Area.

Caitlin Freeman’s Brown Sugar and Winter Spice Granola Recipe

In the December issue of 7x7, we chose the seven best cookbooks to gift your foodie (“The Cook’s Bookshelf”). We’re in the giving mood, so here are our favorite recipes from each tome.

Shopular Alerts You to the Best Deals When You Enter a Mall

Most people this holiday season will have spent a lot of money shopping in those good old brick and mortar stores in malls, probably with a smartphone in their pocket the entire time.

A few will have taken the effort to locate the best deals and coupons ahead of time, and to clip or print them out, and then actually remember to bring them along on the shopping trip.

The rest of us, however, will have missed out on some pretty good deals.

Shopular wants to fix this.

5 Beaches for the Christmas Visit List

Año Nuevo State Park

Sunny skies and mild temperatures make day trips to the beach a year round possibility in the Bay Area. And there’s no better time to take advantage of a little surf and sand than over the holidays. Whether you’ve got some extra time off, or are looking to escape the holiday craze, here’s some great beaches to put on your Christmas visit list.

Año Nuevo State Park

Jams We Love: 7x7's Weekly Playlist

Motley Crue Xmas

For our column Jams We Love, we're turning you onto the songs that keep us going every day. Here, a mix of Christmas standards redone by hair metal bands from the 80s, and originals done by heavy metal legends. Enjoy!

Favorite Chinese Take-Out Spots For Holiday Nights

Over the next few weeks, when you're not shoveling pigs in a blanket, dip, champagne and quiche, you are most likely to order Chinese food for delivery or take-out. A recent survey conducted by the food delivery mavens over at Seamless Web confirms this: 20% of delivery orders on Christmas Day are for Chinese Food. So, what number to dial? We asked friends, readers, and 7x7 staff members about their favorite places to order from, when they don't feel like lifting a finger. The favorites follow below. 

Win Tickets to Monarch's NYE Ball!

Welcome to Ticket Tuesdays (which is happening twice this week! thus, the Monday giveaway), a new weekly chance for you to score entry to some of the hottest shows and events in the Bay Area.

A San Francisco Home That's Urban and Unusual

CHD House Tour

Originally published on

Sam and April Lawrence knew they wanted a San Francisco home that was unconventional. “We didn’t want a house at all,” says Sam. “We were looking for a warehouse. We really wanted to get out of the typical Victorian or modern loft space.” But the warehouses they found were on the fringes of town, and they wanted to be in the heart of it all.

Five Concert Tickets Worth Gifting (and Re-Gifting) This Week

We all know the greatest gift of all is a Kenny Rogers box set that includes the song “Greatest Gift of All,” featuring Dolly Parton. But the second greatest gift of all?

That’s easy.

Concert tickets for your BFFs and FMFs (that’s “family members forever,” redundancy be damned)! It’s not too late to stuff your peoples’ stockings with promises of fun and sound, if Christmas is your holiday of choice. Giveth. Receiveth. Rinceth. Washeth. Repeateth.

Great White Buffalo, Bottom of the Hill, Thursday

Street Style Report: A Style-Savvy Accountant in Union Square

We spotted the perfectly layered Ellie Choi, on her recent visit to SF.

Ellie works as an accountant in Chicago, and when she's not busy crunching numbers, she indulges in food and fashion. We love how she mixed textures and colors for this wintery concoction.  

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