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This Week in Local Music News

This Week in Local Music News

Lookout! Records, the Bay Area label that helped Green Day, Operation Ivy, The Donnas and Screeching Weasel get their starts. closes for good. Punk rockers old and new weep softly in rememberance. [via Lookout! Records]

Consumed: The Best Things I've Eaten This Week

Consumed: The Best Things Eaten This Week

Now that 7x7 has moved its offices, I'm lunching my way through our new SoMa neighborhood. It's kind of like looking for diamonds in the rough.

The Big To-Do Portland: 100 Things To Do Before You Die

1. Take a jog on the river at Waterfront Park.
2. Sample art downtown at Portland Museum.
3. Tour the Portland area's nearly 20 bridges by bicycle.

Estate Sale Wrap: Better Shop Around

Estate Sale Wrap: Better Shop Around

Bad weather may be putting a damper on estate sales this weekend, but that doesn't mean there isn't something out there for the determined shopper. From Petaluma to San Leandro, deal mongers will find some interesting goods.

Ask A Vet: Meet Dr. Berger, the SF SPCA's New Advice Giver

Ask A Vet: Meet Dr. Berger, the SF SPCA's New Advice Giver

Welcome to our weekly 'Ask a Vet from the SF SPCA' feature on Dr. Jeannine Berger, DVM, DACVB is a board certified veterinary behaviorist who counsels guardians whose pets’ issues are beyond the scope of training. Think of her as a pet shrink…at your service.

The Randall Museum Gets a Facelift

The Randall Museum's New Facelift

Exploratorium artist and exhibit developer (and featured artist at SFO's T2) Charles Sowers gives Corona Heights' Randall Museum a much-needed makeover. The 75-year-old art and sciences institution has been teaching children for decades, but there's no question that the design of its exterior was in need of some serious TLC.

New Parking App Directs You to Open Spaces

How VoicePark, The City's Newest Parking App, Was Created

Somebody recently asked me, "So, when you were a kid, and you were playing with trucks and cars in the sandbox, were you parallel parking all of your hotwheels?"  I told her that I have memories of controlled vehicle chaos in the sandbox like other kids...but with an occasional explosion to give the Tonka ambulance and fire-truck something to do.  So upon reflection, even then, I was afflicted with the childhood version of parking anxiety, and intermittent explosive disorder.

An Elegant, Vintage-Inspired Wedding At a Classic Montecito Estate

When Natalie Harris and Matthew Wages met, there was a strong attraction. Still, as is the case with most good love stories, there were problems. For one thing, they were both dating other people. And while he was in his element foraging for wild mushrooms in the forest, she was more inclined to be searching for designer stilettos in a luxury department store. When the stars finally aligned and both were single, her sister texted him to tell him so. He replied that Natalie was too "high maintenance" for his taste. After a chance encounter at a pub, they quickly decided the hunt was over. "It was like an insta-relationship. Just add water," says Natalie. Three years later, they decided to wed.

Look of the Week: The Tribal Print Clutch

Turning trends you love into time-tested staples is simply about finding new ways to incorporate them into your seasonal wardrobe. 

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