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One of Our Own Ties the Knot in a Vintage Woodsy Wedding

California Home + Design's Online Editor, Owen Ray, wed his lovely wife, Caitlin, at Stern Grove Trocadero Clubhouse in San Francisco. Pardon our bias as CHD's sister company (aka Owen's co-workers), but we can't help getting lost in these wedding photos and falling back in time for a moment. 

YBCA Shows the Works of Legendary Out-There Czech Animator Jan Svankmajer

Jan Svankmayer

As a child and early adult, I suffered from an undue attachment to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, beginning with the rather drab Disney version, and rapidly expanding to include the original book and its sequel Through the Looking Glass, a series of somewhat creepy porcelain and fabric figurines.

The Dinner Party Project Returns with Maximum Mina

Dinner Party Project Maximum Mina

Based on the overwhelming popularity of the summer series, SF Chefs is pleased to announce an expansion of the Dinner Party Project. Join some of our favorite chefs for a unique glimpse into their friendships, cooking styles and culinary visions. First up, Maximum Mina at RN74, featuring the San Francisco Michael Mina Group chefs.

Stage Left: San Francisco’s Theater History

For six whole decades, the Bay Area has been a hotbed for risk-taking theater. This Sunday, filmmaker Austin Forbord’s documentary Stage Left: A Story of Theater in San Francisco premieres on KQED as part of their Emmy Award-winning series Truly CA: Our State, Our Stories. The film raises the curtain on the long history of progressive and experimental theater in the Bay Area with more than 45 interviews (think Robin Williams, Bill Irwin, and Peter Coyote, to name a few) and rare archival performance footage.


Game, Set, Match: How to Contest a Parking Ticket for Uncurbed Wheels

Curb Parking

Dear Parking Guru,
I was given a parking ticket for not curbing my wheels. Is there any law that says how far you have to park away from the curb so that your wheels are "effectively" curbed?  I looked on the SFMTA website and didn't see anything about it except “curb your wheels to prevent a run away.”  I was very close to the curb admittedly, but my wheels were in fact curbed!  See the attached pictures I took when I saw the ticket. My wheel was actually touching the curb, there was no way the car was going anywhere. Two questions:
1.  Is it worth contesting the ticket?
2. If so, do I send the picture I took, or just state that my wheels were in fact curbed?

Ask A Vet: Why Do Dogs Love Smelly, Stinky Things?

Dog in Grass

Welcome to our weekly 'Ask a Vet from the SF SPCA' feature on Dr. Jeannine Berger, DVM, DACVB is a board certified veterinary behaviorist who counsels guardians whose pets’ issues are beyond the scope of training. Think of her as a pet shrink…at your service. Ask your own questions in the comments!

Seven Favorite Things: Pot + Pantry

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. And that's just the beginning. 

As you prepare for holiday parties -- whether you're playing or gifting the host(ess) with the most(ess) -- stop by the Mission's Pot + Pantry for fun kitchenware with local flavor. Take a peek at our top picks. 

The Mojave Weekend Rock Star Escape

Mojave Desert

Palm Springs may be known for midcentury design, gay pride, and quality-of-life retirement, but a mere 30 miles away is a whole other kind of desert outpost. The High Desert communities bordering the northern end of Joshua Tree National Park, at 2700 feet above sea level, are smaller, cooler, and dustier. Towns like Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, and Twentynine Palms are the last vestiges of civilization before the vast stretch of unpopulated Mojave wilderness to the east.

Pizzando Brings Pizza and Oh So Much More to Healdsburg

Pizzando Healdsburg

Mugnani, the maker of those beautifully tiled, wood-fired pizza ovens from Italy, is making a lot of money off of Wine Country these days. Earlier this summer, we reported on what had become a pizza inferno sweeping Napa and Sonoma and now, Pizzando in Healdsburg tosses their pie into the fold — or flame as it were.

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