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Five Questions for Christopher Owens

In 7x7’s September Fashion Issue, we revealed intimate portraits of San Francisco indie singer-songwriter Christopher Owens, formerly of Girls. Seen for the first time in print, the evocative black-and-white images were captured by none other than Hedi Slimane, the fashion designer who became famous for his men’s skinny suit at Dior Homme and later for his soulful photographs of young musicians.

Cointreau Ambassador of Libations - Cannes Fim Festival 2013

On Tuesday, September 11th, The Brixton hosted the San Francisco regional finals for the Cointreau Ambassador of Libations - Cannes Film Festival 2013 competition. The event consisted of two main rounds, the first being an open tasting where all eight mixologists offered their qualifying recipes to event guests. This round gave attendees the chance to vote on their favorite cocktail and name a crowd favorite. The second round was an "Iron Chef" style competition in which the mixologists competed head-to-head for 20 minutes using a secret ingredient chosen by Cointreau. Following the two stages of competition, the judges added their scores along with the crowd's votes to come up with the winners.

In Photos: Seven Days of San Francisco Music

This town knows music. On any given night, you can find whatever genre you're jonesing to hear, sing, or dance along with. Here's a taste of what happened in the San Francisco music scene the past seven days...

Badass Block: Divisadero Street Between Page and Oak

There are certain blocks in this city that seem like mini-universes. Each week, we'll highlight a stretch of pavement where you could spend an entire day and night. Next up? Divisadero between Page and Oak.

The Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride: The Sonoma Mountain Loop

To my mind, there’s no better way to spend a late summer day than to take a bike ride in Wine Country. This loop up and around Sonoma Mountain can done in as little as two hours or extended in to a day long excursion.

Four Amazing Autumn Hikes in the Columbia River Gorge

There’s something special about the Columbia River Gorge, where crystal clear water cuts through canyons and gushes down the steep cliffs of the Cascade Mountain Range.

The Gorge is stunning in every season, but as autumn covers the Pacific Northwest the 80-mile canyon built over eons by the mighty Columbia manages to become even more beautiful, draped in the oranges and yellows of fall-turning bigleaf maple, cottonwood and Oregon ash.

Meet Your New Best Friend

Anyone who reads on the regular knows how much we love animals. Welcome to our new series "Meet Your New Best Friend," with the support of the animal lovers at K9 Scrub Club. It's a weekly chance for you to find your star-crossed furry friend and learn about different animal rescue agencies while you're at it.

Seven Bowls of Bread Pudding To Get Your Hands On Pronto

Bread soaked and baked in egg is surely something to pique one's interest. With visions of brioche and cinnamon dancing in your heads, here are seven places where you can satisfy your warm, carby, custardy desires.

Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge

One of the best things about the East Bay isn't the plentiful parking or the warm temperatures, it's the community. Even the bigger towns of the East Bay–Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek–aren't tourist attractions, they're just places where people live, and those people tend to get out and hang together. Here are three of the best ways to get a dose of East Bay community spirit this weekend:

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