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Spend Mother's Day Brunch at Hotel Nikko's ANZU Restaurant

Spend Mother's Day Brunch at Hotel Nikko's ANZU Restaurant

Hotel Nikko’s beautifully redecorated restaurant ANZU, serves up breakfast lunch and dinner to hotel guests and visitors alike. It features delicious California cuisine with an Asian flair, creating a whole new and delicious gourmet culture. ANZU is renowned for an epicurean ingenuity that is truly captivating, and also offers an intimate sushi bar featuring fish from the waters of Japan and California.

Foodie Agenda: Vegan Food You Have to Try, the Taste of Potrero, and more

Foodie Agenda: Vegan Food You Have to Try, the Taste of Potrero, and more

Thursday, May 3

As spring is blossoming, it is about time for some wine. Luckily, Il Cane Rosso will be hosting a fabulous wine event with Medlock Ames Winery. They will be preparing a tantalizing four-course meal using spring ingredients, and local, organic produce. Expect a Sonoma Spring Lamb to be washed down with a little Red Bordeaux. The dinner costs $46 and the wine pairings $26. Two seatings begin at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. at One Ferry Building #41 (415) 391-7599.

Friday, May 4

Drink Here Now: 5 Places to Sip This Week

1. Hecho in San Francisco at the Ferry Building: If you're looking to do it up in style this Cinco de Mayo, look no further than Saturday's CUESA and La Cocina fundraiser at the Ferry Building. The $55 ticket includes access to an outdoor party area with seasonal meat and veggie tacos from Tacolicious, bites from 12 of the city's best Mexican restaurants and vendors (including Nopalito, Alicia's Tamales Los Mayas, La Torta Gorda, and Chaac Mool), artisan jello shots from Sweets Collection, tequila cocktails made with Don Julio, Cuervo Tradicional, and Mi Casa, and plenty of cold Corona. It's enough to give new meaning to the word fiesta.

Cultures Collide in Santa Barbara County

Cultures Collide in Santa Barbara County

Surfers, rolling hills dotted with vineyards, adobe buildings, and oil rigs in the distance off the coastline; these are some of the things that may come to mind when you think of Santa Barbara County. But what about windmills, pastries as big as your head, stagecoaches, and Native American caves? This and much more make up what is a fusion of cultures in Santa Barbara County, only adding to the unique melting pot that is California.

Five Chances to Soak Up SF's Vibrant Arts Scene

Five Chances to Soak Up SF's Arts Scene

Let's get right into it.

Turn Your Blog into a Book Using Hyperink

E-Book Publisher Hyperink Introduces “Blog Books”

Blog posts come and go quickly, which is one of the joys but also one of the frustrations of the trade.

Over time, you can publish thousands of posts that are several hundred words long each, which will quickly add up to millions of words.

The problem for most bloggers is how to better preserve and monetize all of this work?

Well, San Francisco-based ebook publisher Hyperink has come up with an option. This week, it is introducing a concept it calls “blog books,” which are short (10-12,000 word) compilations of a blogger’s best, say, 25 posts on a topic.

Two Sense: Why Does My Boyfriend Insist on My Least Favorite Sexual Position?

Two Sense: Why Does My Boyfriend Insist on My Least Favorite Sexual Position?

My boyfriend's favorite position is reverse cowgirl. Let me tell you something: Reverse cowgirl is not a woman-friendly position. It's boring, the angle is bad, and even when I touch myself, it's so upright and awkward that I don't get off. I know you're going to tell me to get off first in some other position--which I can and do--but nevertheless, my BF's adherence to always ending in reverse cowgirl and is starting to get on my nerves. I think he likes my ass better than he likes me, or any other part of me. (I do have a great ass, but my face and boobs aren't at all bad either.) Help before my resentment grows any further.

Collaborate on Our Outside Lands Playlist!

Collaborate on Our Outside Lands Playlist!

The most fulfilling and fun Outside Lands experience takes a bit of planning. There is sure to be a mix of your favorite bands along with artists you've never heard of until now. Get a head start by listening to 7x7's Outside Lands playlist and add your own suggestions too!

Two Active Californians Wed in Mill Valley

Two active local Northern Californians wed with an intimate but fun ceremony in Mill Valley. Even with a midday rain storm, their bright celebration continued with smiles and laughter.

Vote for a Local Cause and Tim Lincecum Will Give Back for popchips' Game Changers

Tim Lincecum, along with fifteen other professional athletes across the country, are giving back to their local communities as part of the popchips Game Changers program. The all-star pitcher (and snacker) is asking fans, “How can I give back to our community?” Fans have the chance to submit local charities and causes for Tim to support.Whether he chooses to visit a local hospital, volunteer at a local school, or help out at a regional animal shelter, Tim will select one community organization and popchips will host an exclusive event for Tim and the charity where he will “chip in” for a day.

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