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Diffbot, the "Visual Learning Robot," Helps Web Content Go Mobile

Diffbot is one of those applications (and companies) you probably are not even aware of when you use it, but that's not necessarily a problem for the company's co-founder and CEO Michael Tung.

That's because his product is a "visual learning robot," that hundreds of developers are using to translate web content into better mobile apps, and as such it stays pretty much under the hood.

"We've invented this visual ID algorithm," says Tung. One of our core insights is that the entire web can be classified down to 30 page types. There are product pages, event pages, news pages -- we can identify them visually with 99.999 accuracy."

Diffbot technology identifies each page's components, such as nav bars, footers, etc., as part of its identification process. Design standards are such that there is a high degree of similarity between the various page types grouped by category.

One customer using Diffbot at present is AOL's recently launched Editions, which is a personalized daily magazine for the tablet.

UC Berkeley's Botanical Garden: The Bay Area’s Coolest Living Museum for Kids

This is our weekly guest-blog post from the moms behind Red Tricycle, a site that focuses on the "lighter side" of parenting. Every week, they'll be bringing us their picks of stuff to do around the Bay Area with kids. Read the full article here.

Museums are always a favorite way to spend an afternoon – set your sights on a living
 museum, where everything on display has its place in nature. The UC Botanical Garden is one such location, with over 13,000 different kinds of plants spread across 34 acres. And this Berkeley garden has oodles of fun stuff in store, especially for families.

The Best Cheese in SF (Recommendations from Local Cheese Shops)

Mmmmm, cheese. What more is there to say? We talked to passionate cheesemongers around the city to see what cheeses they're most excited about eating now.

Cheese Plus, 2001 Polk Street @ Pacific Ave., 415-921-2001 

What they sell: cheeses, charcuterie, wine, imported Italian condiments, chocolate, seasonings, bread, sandwiches.

Favorite affordable cheese: Point Reyes' Toma ($19/lb). "It's grassy, milky, and dense," says cheesemonger Samantha Chertoff. "It's great to cook with, put on a cheeseboard, or eat in the morning."

Favorite new cheese in stock: Cabra Blanca ($38/lb). It's a pasteurized, natural-rind goat cheese from a very small Colorado farm, making it hard to get outside of the state. "It's a bright cheese with lemon tones, perfect for warm days. Pair it with cornichons (French pickles), champagne, or a nice pilsner."

Escape to South Lake This Fall with Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe

With Tahoe just a breath away from the Bay Area, it's easy to pop over for a long weekend of relaxation. The icing on the cake? A luxurious place to stay tucked in the mountains bathed in gorgeous fall colors on the shores of South Lake and minutes away from all the action. You can get that at Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe, which offers a ton of travel packages so visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of Tahoe and tailor their stays to their moods.

Soul Revivalist Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band Inspire at the Independent

Feeling down? Lonely? Spiritually absent? Undersexed? Or — god forbid — oversexed? Feeling like you need a change? Charles Bradley has some advice for you.

The one-man answer to cynicism put on a resounding and thought-provoking soul/funk/R&B revivalist show Tuesday night at The Independent that doubled as a self-help sermon. The 62-year-old phenom has lived quite the life, and his wisdom came across matter-of-factly–sometimes in his lyrics, other times in his impromptu evangelistic addresses, imploring the audience to stop being such bastards to each other (my words). “Love each other,” he said a few times. “Let’s change the world!”

Four of San Francisco's Finest Wedding Planners

It seems it's always wedding season around the Bay. I blame it on the countless amounts of beautiful venues. Oh, and romance. While I have a fondness for destination weddings (vacay!), I have celebrated at some of the City's and surrounding area's loveliest locations. When there are so many possibilities for one's monumental matromonial day, planning can be daunting. So let someone else do it, while you sit back and bask in love. Here are four local planners who love love and love to help. 

The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac On Hurricane Irene, Being Too Old For MTV, and Lack Of Twitter Account

Fans of The Daily Show know poignant, meaningful humor cannot be expressed in 140 characters or less. Comedy of a higher order necessitates well-articulated ideas, counterintuitive analogies and word play; in other words, it craves patience. Wyatt Cenac, a writer and correspondent on the show, is an unexpected posterboy of this old-school approach to jokery, speaking in paragraphs instead of soundbytes and subtly working his way to a point. A tweeter he is not, but Cenac is relentlessy in touch with modern culture, whether it's underground music or the political zeitgeist. You've gotta be when you're a part of The Daily Show's Best F*#@ing News Team.

Lowering the Bar: 5 Places to Drink for Cheap (or Free) This Week

Each week, we bring you our top picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF.

1. Happy Hour at Bluestem Brasserie: Bluestem, the new spot on Yerba Buena Lane, is offering a new happy-hour option for Union Square and FiDi-area office folks. Every weekday, they're offering $3 bottled and draft beers, $5 well drinks, $5 glasses of One Hope wine, and a special $7 cocktail, the Bluestem Smash. Drinking here also supports good causes: $1 of every Bluestem Smash sold goes to UCSF cancer research, and 50% of One Hope's profits are donated to autism and breast-cancer research. (Monday-Friday, 4-6:30 pm, at Bluestem Brasserie, 1 Yerba Buena Lane, SOMA.)

Two Sense: Does My 25-Year-Old Girlfriend Understand Long-Term Commitment?

I’m a divorced, childless man in my mid-40s and have been seriously dating a 25-year-old for two years. We both want to get married and have kids, but I’m worried that my girlfriend may not stick around for the long haul. I know she sincerely loves me now, but I’m not sure she’s old enough to understand what long-term commitment entails.

John Madden's 'The Debt' Benefits from the Sudden Ascent of Its Young Stars

During an era when so many new directors come from the worlds of advertising and music video, catering to increasingly shorter attention spans and relying on gaudy visuals to engage audiences for seconds at a time, Oscar winner John Madden (Shakespeare in Love, not Monday Night Football) is a throwback to a time when dramas drew their strength from the spoken word.

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