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New Classes at Workshop SF: Sewing Handbags, Altering Jeans, Beauty School Rebel, Screen Printing, DIY Feather Jewelry + More

If you've never been, you can think of Workshop SF as a DIY/design lover's Chuck E. Cheese academy. The Etsy-meets-rock-n-roll lab is quietly nestled in Western Addition, and is fueled with the creative innovation of founder, Kelly Malone (SF's DIY do-gooder). The space is the perfect learning environment for all levels of hands-on DIYers, and the hip roster of workshops offer everything but your mom's home-ec class. 

This August, Workshop is focusing on fun, stylish classes like the Blue Jean Rehab and Makeup Mastery: Smokey Eyes + Nude Lips. Every class is under $60 (most are $40), and they are conveniently held on evenings and weekends. Anyone can get in on the maker movement, just start with these awesome classes. 

Will Gluck's Breezy 'Benefits' Helps Restore Faith in Romantic Comedy

It’s a story as old as the movies themselves, yet Friends with Benefits manages to keep it fresh. Boy meets girl. They forge an immediate friendship, with an easy-to-spot sexual chemistry they try to ignore. Then, almost on a dare, they hop in the sack, vowing not to let it change their relationship. Romance is a complication they would prefer to avoid.
It doesn’t take a clairvoyant to see where this is headed. The boy is Dylan (Justin Timberlake), a gifted art director about to move from L.A. to New York, where a dream job at GQ and a laughably luxurious Manhattan apartment await. The girl is Jamie (Mila Kunis), a headhunter who greets him on arrival.

The Big Veg: 50 Vegetarian (Or Vegan) Things to Eat Before You Die in SF

Herbivores, rejoice! You can now work your way down one of our must-eat lists without running into a single piece of meat. The Big Veg is our leafy opus of the 50 best vegetarian and *vegan dishes in SF. 

Cold Cave Settles Inner Disputes with a Dance-Off at GAMH

It was So You Think You Can Dance in an Indie Band? night at the Great American Music Hall on Monday, brought to us by brooding synth pop trio Cold Cave and atmospheric New Age revivalists Austra.

Let’s meet the competitors.

The San Francisco Ballet Performs at Stern Grove This Weekend

Aside from crashing the War Memorial Opera House (you probably shouldn’t do that), heading to Stern Grove is one of the best ways to see the world-renowned San Francisco Ballet for free. Slapping down your credit card at the box office of the Opera de Paris-Palais Garnier or Sadler's Wells Theatre in London is also fun, but  such venues are a little more finicky about allowing audience members to tote in cold cuts and bottles of wine. So if you want to absorb culture (and salami) under towering trees, head to Stern Grove this Sunday.


Getaround Building a Car-Sharing Marketplace for the Rest of Us

When Jessica Scorpio uses the word “overpopulation," chances are she's talking about cars, not people.

“There are a billion cars on the planet today, and if we don’t do something, in 20 years there will be two billion,” says the Getaround co-founder. “And at any minute, 92 percent of those cars are sitting empty – only 8 percent are being used.”

Getaround is a company on a mission to change all that. Like Airbnb, Zaarly, and other peer-to-peer (p2p) marketplaces, Getaround is an example of how collaborative consumption can have a transformative effect on the way we live our lives and share our resources with one another.

Pop Quiz! An SF Pop Culture Pop Quiz from popchips

Every Tuesday this summer (in July, August and September), in partnership with our friends over at popchips (which is headquartered over on Montgomery and Clay), we'll be testing your local knowledge with SF Pop Culture Pop Quizzes from popchips. Follow and tweet to @popchips and @popchipsSF for your chance to win a...wait for it...month's supply of popchips. Your party-snack shopping for the rest of the summer? Done.

Here's this week's question: 

Only one episode of this show, famously set in San Francisco, was actually filmed in San Francisco. The episode involves a lost dog named after a cleaning product and his eventual return home. What's the show and what's the dog's name?

Bun Mee, Hapa SF and Juhu Beach Club Chefs On Making Their Own Kind of Authentic

From trucks to pop-ups to restaurants, the city is full of new flavors. Three cooks talk about the food they grew up with and how they’ve made it their own kind of authentic.

Restaurant: Bun Mee
Owner: Denise Tran (pictured above) 
Hails from: New Orleans, Louisiana and Vietnam
Dish: Sloppy Bun with fried egg

Photos: 10th Annual ISES-NCC Gala and Silent Auction

On July 19th, the best of the Bay Area’s special events industry professionals gathered for the 10th Annual ISES-NCC Gala at the Bently Reserve. The Annual Gala is the International Special Events Society / Northern California Chapter's biggest fundraiser of the year and allows the organization to provide its members with outstanding programs and education. The Other Side of Midnight…took guests on a magical journey through the Olde Grimm Fairy Tales.

Parking Meter Rates Creep Up in SF Neighborhoods

While you were sleeping, parking meter rates crept up by 25 cents per hour in many San Francisco neighborhoods, including the Marina, Pacific Heights, Civic Center, Duboce Triangle, SOMA, and the Mission.  On the bright side, at the same time, meter rates have stayed the same or decreased right next to the blocks where they have increased.  Parking guru David LaBua answers questions below about the parking meter changes:

How does it make sense that two blocks right next to each other have radically different prices? 

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