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Rise and Dine: Brunch Comes to the City's Best Restaurants

Forget bottomless mimosas and hour-long waits on the sidewalk. Try duck sausage, lobster Benedict, a cake made of crêpes, and a table at the ready instead. With the best restaurants in town now open at the tender hour between breakfast and lunch, civilization awaits you. Reserve now.

Bar Agricole
The house coffee: Single-origin Four Barrel 
The dish to order: Fried eggs with pork belly
355 Eleventh St. (at Folsom), 415-355-9400,

Two Sense: How Can I Convince My Partner of 38 Years to Take Me Back?

Recently, my partner broke up with me after 38 years together. I admit I screwed up in the last five years of the relationship, but I’d go back in a second. The loneliness of single living is really getting me down. Coming home to an empty apartment and eating alone is not where I imagined myself to be at age 62. How can I try to reunite?  I think my ex would be up for it. It’s just a matter of how to convince her.

Harold McGee Fixes Us Lunch

Before Alton Brown flashed test tubes and Bunsen burners on the Food Network, before Wylie Dufresne made molecular gastronomy trendy in Manhattan, there was Harold McGee, author of the acclaimed On Food and Cooking. The food-science bible, first published 27 years ago, has sold more than 150,000 copies and can be found in most restaurant kitchens and on the shelves of any curious home cook. In it, McGee explains—among other things—how special bacteria turn milk into yogurt, why braising meat for a long time in low oven temperatures will make it fall off the bone, and how to keep fruit fresh longer. In doing so, McGee gave a whole generation of chefs and wannabes a crash course on why food looks, cooks, tastes, and spoils the way it does, with equal parts science and folklore to keep it all entertaining.

Scenes of the City: Breakdancing Night at CELLspace

Mondays are breakdancing night at CELLspace in the Mission (from 8-10pm). For this week's Scenes of the City, we documented the show.

The Egg Whisperers: Three Chefs on How to Perfectly Cook an Egg

POACHED: Chef Brandon Jew of Bar Agricole

“I’m a nut about eggs,” says Jew. “I haven’t let anyone else cook them for brunch at the restaurant yet.”

1. Jew starts with a wide shallow pot, filled halfway with water and seasoned with salt. When the water is hot enough that it almost comes to a boil (but doesn’t), he cracks an egg into a ramekin before dropping it ever so gently into the water.

2. When the egg white looks opaque, Jew pokes it with his finger to “make sure it’s still jiggly and squishy” and removes it with a slotted spoon that’s “smooth and gentle on the egg.”

3. Jew recommends poaching eggs ahead of time and keeping them on ice. For dinner, he likes to heat them up in kale soup made with bacon and served with a big piece of grilled toast and a shaving of pecorino.

Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen Opens Downtown Tomorrow

Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen officially opens its doors and 23 taps for business tomorrow (Wednesday, July 27). Adjacent to Kimpton’s Serrano Hotel and the former site of the Asian fusion restaurant Ponzu, the space has been transformed into an homage bar of sorts. Props are not only given to Jasper O'Farrell, the legendary 19th century surveyor San Francisco, but also to the concept of a taproom as an after work place to socialize over a variety of brews.

New Classes at Workshop SF: Sewing Handbags, Altering Jeans, Beauty School Rebel, Screen Printing, DIY Feather Jewelry + More

If you've never been, you can think of Workshop SF as a DIY/design lover's Chuck E. Cheese academy. The Etsy-meets-rock-n-roll lab is quietly nestled in Western Addition, and is fueled with the creative innovation of founder, Kelly Malone (SF's DIY do-gooder). The space is the perfect learning environment for all levels of hands-on DIYers, and the hip roster of workshops offer everything but your mom's home-ec class. 

This August, Workshop is focusing on fun, stylish classes like the Blue Jean Rehab and Makeup Mastery: Smokey Eyes + Nude Lips. Every class is under $60 (most are $40), and they are conveniently held on evenings and weekends. Anyone can get in on the maker movement, just start with these awesome classes. 

Will Gluck's Breezy 'Benefits' Helps Restore Faith in Romantic Comedy

It’s a story as old as the movies themselves, yet Friends with Benefits manages to keep it fresh. Boy meets girl. They forge an immediate friendship, with an easy-to-spot sexual chemistry they try to ignore. Then, almost on a dare, they hop in the sack, vowing not to let it change their relationship. Romance is a complication they would prefer to avoid.
It doesn’t take a clairvoyant to see where this is headed. The boy is Dylan (Justin Timberlake), a gifted art director about to move from L.A. to New York, where a dream job at GQ and a laughably luxurious Manhattan apartment await. The girl is Jamie (Mila Kunis), a headhunter who greets him on arrival.

The Big Veg: 50 Vegetarian (Or Vegan) Things to Eat Before You Die in SF

Herbivores, rejoice! You can now work your way down one of our must-eat lists without running into a single piece of meat. The Big Veg is our leafy opus of the 50 best vegetarian and *vegan dishes in SF. 

Cold Cave Settles Inner Disputes with a Dance-Off at GAMH

It was So You Think You Can Dance in an Indie Band? night at the Great American Music Hall on Monday, brought to us by brooding synth pop trio Cold Cave and atmospheric New Age revivalists Austra.

Let’s meet the competitors.

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