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Indie Theater Roundup: 7 Movies to See This Week

Another year is drawing to a close, but the Oscar season is just heating up, with early favorites The Artist, The Descendants and Hugo all playing this week at the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas on Post Street. Elsewhere:

. Pariah

Secret Recipe: Eggs in Jail from Outerlands

Outerlands' Eggs in Jail goes by many names: Toad in a Hole, Bird's Nest, or Bull's Eye to list a few. Owner Dave Muller's friends John and Johanna of Mollusk and their daughter Nina were among the first to try the Outer Sunset restaurant's version. Nina called it Eggs in Jail, and the name stuck. Whatever you call it, you'll need a large, well-seasoned cast-iron pan, a two-inch circle cutter, and a heat-resistant pastry brush to make it at home.

Atlas Peak AVA Roundup

Atlas Peak boasts many of the best views in the valley and sits at the highest elevation of any appellation in Napa. Perched above the fog-line, Atlas Peak has been a prominent grape growing region since 1870 and winery owners Michael Permenter (VinRoc), and Vito Bialla (Bialla Vinyards) agree that the AVA is unique from all others due to the “warm sun, lack of fog, cool nights, and rocky, porous, volcanic soils, that are perfect for drainage and ideal for grape growing.” According to the Napa Valley Vintners Association, the region is known primarily for Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The Cab tends to have bright berry and cherry fruit and elevated acidity. The Chardonnay is crisp, floral and displays pear-mineral flavor and bright acidity.

Holiday Wine Buying Guide: Harvest Inn & Clif Family Winery

Celebrate the season with California’s best wines and food pairings.

New Year's Eve & Day Parking Tips

New Year's Eve (otherwise known as Saturday) may feel like a holiday as everyone will be in party mood, but remember, it is not a holiday.  It will be just like any other Saturday in the eyes of the parking police. The usual $250,000 worth of parking tickets will be issued, and 300 or more cars will be towed. Remember to take a breath, look up and down the street for 100 feet for any enforceable sign, and don't start off the New Year with a large non-tax-deductible donation to SFMTA.

The Perfect New Year’s Day Bike Ride

Chances are, you’re going to wake up on New Year’s Day feeling less than perfect. You’ve had a really big night out and now, on the first of the year, it’s time to sweat out the hangover and start the new year on a healthier note than you ended the old. So, here’s a great, short road ride to sweat out the old, bring in the new—all while reminding you that you live in a gorgeous, amazing city with gorgeous, amazing wilderness just outside its bounds. And this is your year to explore it—starting now.

High Tea For The Holidays in the Bay Area

This is our weekly guest-blog post from the moms behind Red Tricycle, a site that focuses on the "lighter side" of parenting. Every week, they'll be bringing us their picks of stuff to do around the Bay Area with kids.

'Rocky Horror' Rings in New Year with Midnight Show at the Clay Theatre

Rather than wandering from one overcrowded bar to the next this New Year's Eve, risking obnoxious run-ins with lightweight boozers and wasting your cash on inflated cover charges, head to the Clay Theatre this Saturday for a special midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to ring in 2012.

SF-Based StyleVISA Curates The World

For those with perpetual wanderlust, a new SF-based website, StyleVISA, can provide a temporary travel fix. The site features finds from France, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, Africa, Mexico, Tunisia, Canada and across the US, ranging from home goods to skincare to accessories. Each product has a story and a complimentary Tumblr blog extends the StyleVISA trip via inspirational world photography.

An Intimate Seaside Ceremony

She is American, he is Italian, they met while studying abroad in Spain. The ceremony was held in Northern California near her parent's vacation home in Sea Ranch, near Gualala. The ceremony was on a cliff over looking the ocean with two officiants, one speaking Italian (groom's cousin) and one English (bride's sister). The reception was held above a general store off Highway 1. The wall-to-wall mixed wood planks made the interior very rustic, with decor from earlier settlers of the area. A large chandelier, hand picked flowers and home made favors set an intimate tone. Many well wishes of love were expressed in both Italian and English.

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