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Killing My Lobster's Latest Video: "Frankenstein's Dog"

We just got wind of Killing My Lobster's latest Halloween-themed video called "Frankenstein's Dog." Styled as a silent film complete with piano music, it's somehow both touching and hilarious. And by that, we mean it's awesome. Also, one word: puppies. Watch for yourself and get into the spirit!

Market Watch: Winter Squash and Pumpkins Invade The Ferry Plaza

Despite the lingering presence of pluots, musk melons and berries, summer is gone and the autumn season is well upon us at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.  Early fall favorites like Frog Hollow’s Warren pears, fresh dates from Flying Disc and raw olives from Bariani and Knoll Farms have been here for
a few weeks already but the production of other seasonal staples like pomegranates, sunchokes, persimmons and winter squash is just starting to ramp up.

Halloween Trick-or-Treating in the Bay Area for Kids

This is our weekly guest-blog post from the moms behind Red Tricycle, a site that focuses on the "lighter side" of parenting. Every week, they'll be bringing us their picks of stuff to do around the Bay Area with kids.

While there are many Halloween activities and events dispersed throughout the month of October, actual trick-or-treating typically happens on Halloween Day, which falls on a Monday this year.

Guide To Last-Minute Halloween Shopping Ideas

In between scarfing Halloween candy and plotting out your weekend party plan, little time is left to actually throw together, gasp, a costume. If you don't have any ideas at this point, fear not. There's still time to throw something together, thanks to awesome Bay Area costume shops and vintage stores. Here are what a few can offer you:

Bridal Boutique: Priscilla of Boston Going Out of Biz 50% Off Sale

We admit it: We’re beyond head-over-heels for beloved bridal label Priscilla of Boston. But, alas, the love affair will soon come to an end. After 65 years of crafting bespoke silhouettes for stylish brides from stylish commoners to noteworthy celebs, the famed salon is packing it in come 2012. 

To help ease the fashion break-up woes, engage in some serious retail therapy: Dash to the couture boutique ASAP for 50 percent off everything from luxe wedding frocks to killer accessories.

Lowering the Bar: 5 Places to Drink For Cheap (or Free) This Week

Each week, we bring you our top picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF.

1. Flavorpill SF Happy Hour: Amstel Light is teaming up with Flavorpill SF to offer an evening of gratis suds and dancing with DJ Ron Elder at the Elbo Room. The event will also benefit Root Division, which subsidizes artists' studios in exchange for teaching art to children and adults. RSVP here to get in, and be sure to get there early; they've made it very clear that an RSVP doesn't necessarily guarantee admission, and to paraphrase the ads, free beer can be a pretty Dam big draw. (Thursday, October 27, 6-8 pm, at Elbo Room, 647 Valencia St., Mission.)

Macy Dresses by Giambattista Valli Provide Your Party Dress Solution

Allow me to light a fire under you to get to the nearest Macy's and swoop up at least one Giambattista Valli for Macy's party dress — or leopard tuxedo pant — for the holidays. Here are your directions: Impulse department, or lift a finger at, veer right, sharp left, look out for the draped and ruffled, dead sexy confections in ruby red, classic black, and glamorous leopard.

Three Drink Recipes to Celebrate National Cat Appreciation Day

We give a lot of love to dogs here on, but now it's time to turn the spotlight on cats. This October 29th is National Cat Day–the perfect excuse to wear your cat Halloween costume during the day, and toast the world's feline population and crazy cat ladies with these milk-based drink recipes (not served in bowls) from our friends at

Multimedia Theater Evolves in Sticky Time

One woman’s desperate need to escape threatens her family and the world in the bending, twisting landscape of Sticky Time. With 360 degree projections, surround sound and choreography, this is Crowded Fire’s most technically ambitious production yet. 

Four Pumpkin Beers Worth Drinking This Fall

If you enjoy the mild spice of summertime Belgian ale, it's an easy seasonal transition to a fall pumpkin beer. Pumpkin beer was an American original, a colonial beverage invented out of necessity by beer-loving pilgrims, who had more access to Native American squash than English barley malt. 

When cooked at a low heat, enzymes in the pumpkin flesh convert starch to sugar, which the yeast can later ferment into alcohol. Pumpkin beer recipes improved over the years and the rustic style remained popular from the 17th to the 19th century, when it was swept into the dustbin of beer history by malt-based beers produced by increasingly large industrial breweries.

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