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Lowering the Bar: 7 Places to Drink For Cheap (or Free) This Week

Each week, we bring you our top picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF.

1. 7x7's Nightlife Guide Launch Party:  Come celebrate the launch of 7x7's Nightlife Guide at Osha Thai Restaurant & Lounge with $5 Pisco Porton cocktails and $4 Sapporos at 7:30 next Wednesday. (Wednesday, August 31, 7:30 pm at Osha Thai, 4 Embarcadero Ctr, FiDi)

Basil Racuk: Emeryville's Solution To The Man Purse

At a time when over-the-top fashion seems silly, and luxury feels so right, investment pieces are the way to go. And while the new Target in Emeryville will soon be housing luxury-meets-mainstream Missoni for Target, in the same neighborhood a true luxury brand is in the making: Basil Racuk.

Week in Food: Alice Waters Lunch in FiDi, Openings, and Food Trivia Night

Today, August 24

Starting at 12:30 p.m., Alice Waters of Chez Panisse is making school lunch along Maiden Lane as part of her Edible Schoolyard Project. Proceeds from limited edition Levi's T-shirts designed by Waters, David Byrne, Sofia Coppola, Dave Eggers, and Maira Kalman will all go to the organization. Waters will also be signing 40 Years of Chez Panisse: The Power of Gathering. Enjoy organic and locally sourced box lunches, live music, and an installation by Edible Schoolyard. Lunch is first come, first serve, so get there early! Maiden Lane (between Grant and Stockton)

Impact Theatre's Of Dice and Men

Impact Theatre brings Dungeons and Dragons to life - however, there will be fewer dragons and more incisive commentary about adulthood and the adults who play Dungeons and Dragons. It's also possible that the only basement present will be the one you're sitting in. (Impact's theater is under a pizza parlor.) 

Two Sense: Should I Give My BF a Hall Pass for Burning Man?

My boyfriend is headed to Burning Man for a week and wants a BM hall pass. I’m not a Burner and have no problem with him going alone, but I’m not sure about this. He says everyone does it. But we’ve been monogamous for over a year and I feel it could greatly upset our connection.

He Said: It was Burning Man; it was a Las Vegas weekend; it was Mardi Gras; it was a high school reunion; she was crying and I felt for her; they wanted to see what the Power Exchange was like; I was really drunk; I did it to get even with you; I was tripping; it was Thailand; it was months ago now; it was a work Christmas party; it was a mistake that made me appreciate you more; you know how Italy is; she was gay but curious; I didn't know the massage came with a happy ending; he reminded me of you; BART wasn't running and she had a hotel room; we just finished that big work project; I think he spiked my drink with something; I was sound asleep and she crawled into bed with me; you would have done the same thing; it was a bachelor party; it was therapy; she wanted to make her ex jealous; OK, I needed the money.

Inkling 2.0 Brings Collaborative Learning Model to Textbooks on the iPad

It’s Get Back to School time, and Inkling, the leading company reinventing textbooks on the iPad, has just won Apple’s approval for its 2.0 app. CEO Matt MacInnis calls it “the single most complex iPad app out there," and he may well be right.

It combines a 3-D rendering engine, a complex reading engine, and a full social search engine all wrapped into one, which also syncs across the devices you use to access it.

From a developer’s perspective, that’s complex.

Fortunately, from a user’s perspective, Inkling is simple to use. You tap on this, pull out that, scroll down here, and dig deeper over there.

The most striking aspect of Inkling 2.0 is the interactive social layer it has integrated across its current inventory of 50 academic titles, which will grow to 100 titles by year’s end.

Surf For Life’s Fundraising Party Combines Perfect Waves & Philanthropy This Thursday

Deeply ingrained in modern surf culture is the desire to find the perfect wave. Somewhere out there in the world is the wave just right for you. At least that’s the story that the multi-billion dollar industry loves to promise in glossy surf magazines.

The problem is, as Ocean Beach resident and author Jaimal Yogis points out, that while “the search for the perfect wave” might be really fun for surfers, it’s not always good for the pristine coastlines where those elusive waves can be found.

Housing Search Engine HotPads Joins the Party in San Francisco

As entrepreneurs from all over pour into San Francisco to participate in the latest tech boom, rents are rising across the city. And one of the best ways to gauge that rise is to check out HotPads, the map-based housing search engine and listings service.

As it turns out, HotPads, the company, is part of this trend itself. The 20-person startup, which started as a tiny venture in Washington, D.C. in 2005, has just moved its headquarters to the Mission District.

“I’ve been trying to get back here for six years,” says co-founder Douglas Pope, whose first job after college (Notre Dame) was in this area.

HotPads uses its own mapping technology – back when the company started, Google Maps had not yet fully emerged from the laboratory, plus the search giant was not focused on mapping rental housing listings.

HotPads also offers additional layers of data, including neighborhood information, price comparison tools, school district and public transportation overlays, and so on.

In other words, the service tries to provide the kind of information you most need when you’re seeking a new place to live.

Giveaway: Score Two Natural Memory Foam Pillows from Essentia

If you've ever laid your head on a memory foam pillow, you've probably become an instant convert thanks to how heavenly they feel. That's why we're excited to be giving away two natural memory foam pillows from Essentia to honor the store's new locale in Berkeley.

Precita Eyes Paints The Histories of Mission District Citizens

We're all guilty of sometimes forgetting the pure beauty of the city we're blessed to live in. The quickest cure for that is to take a walk down 24th Street and let yourself go in the sea of smells, sounds, and the colors that make this beating heart of the Mission not only vibrant and gorgeous, but world-renowned to boot. Walls, storefronts, city-owned utility boxes and even entire building facades burst forth with bright designs and murals that all tell the stories of those who've painted them. Behind this neighborhood awash in public art is the amazing non-profit Precita Eyes.

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