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New York Comedian Andrew Schulz Takes On S.F. at Club Deluxe

When the rules were being re-written for the modern generation of stand-up comedians, an odd thing happened. Many decreed that it was an audience's place to laugh, not the comedian's. There's a sense (or so it seems from today's hyper-cynical, humbler-than though comedy scene) that for a jester to admit his own wit by laughing is a bad business practice.

Oakland Ballet’s Spring Program Boasts Two World Premieres

Artistic director Graham Lustig is making huge strides toward restoring Oakland Ballet Company to its former glory. A key component in this cunning plot is the lineup for the spring program, including works from two awesome local choreographers, Amy Seiwert and Sonya Delwaide, and two of Lustig’s own pieces.  

Winner of the 2011 Isadora Duncan award, Sonya Delwaide’s world premiere is an irreverent ballet set to Mozart’s music for the glass harmonica.

The SF Fine Arts Fair's Workshop Gives Advice for New Collectors

Every year the SF Fine Arts Fair brings its astoundingly huge collection of world-class art from venerable galleries around the globe to Fort Mason. This year heralds its largest round-up yet, and collectors and art enthusiasts will be there en masse the weekend of May 20th to ogle all the beauty. The Fine Arts Fair has young art enthusiasts in mind too, and invites green collectors to a special reception and workshop this Saturday evening, May 21st.

Island Time: Sleepy Towns, Natural Wonders and Luxurious Lodging on Unspoiled Kauai

The majority of Kauai, the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, is comprised of lush, dense rainforest, accessed by intrepid hikers, kayakers, and helicopters flying over. It’s a place to relax on unspoiled beaches, and no trip would be complete without some of that, but it’s also a respite for the restless nature enthusiast. If you’re staying on the south shore, where the majority of the larger hotels are located, make the recently opened Koa Kea resort your base camp. The sea-inspired rooms all have patios that overlook the landscaped grounds, and from there you can walk the full length of the white beaches, including Poipu Beach, a fine spot for snorkeling on calm days.

Cheap Date: Sneaky's BBQ

A pulled-pork sandwich and an appletini might seem like an unlikely pair. But when new gay bar, Rebel, located in Upper Market near Octavia, teamed up with the smoking crew of Sneaky’s Underground BBQ, it was a match made in happy-hour heaven.

Sneaky’s began, before many of the city’s new barbecue spin-offs like Rib Whip, as a Bay Area 
barbecue delivery service back in 2008 after Ben Thorne and his friend, Pat Wachter, both got laid off from their antique-dealing jobs. Having never set foot in a professional kitchen, the duo took their weekend hobby of smoking pork shoulder in the back of Pat’s Mission home to the next level by delivering their Carolina-style pork and tasty sides to friends.

Try Me SF: A New Service that Aims to Completely Change SF's Dating Scene

Beth Cook and Jen Corbett have a lofty goal: to completely change San Franciso’s dating scene. After gazing in disbelief at the roster of amazing people who want relationships and just aren’t finding them, the long time friends decided to take control. With backgrounds in PR and marketing - and an infallible sense of how to excise the bullshit that so often accompanies romance - Beth and Jen have hefty doses of tough love to dispense and an honest desire to help people find their match.

“What men don’t realize is that this city could be your oyster if you ask a woman out,” says Beth. “Because no one does that.”

Ticket Giveaway: Fiery Furnaces at Cafe Du Nord, Wednesday May 18

The Fiery Furnaces is brother-sister duo Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger (a deadringer for Patti Smith), purveyors of rather dramatic, playful indie rock that's had a fierce cult following since they debuted in 2003. Their songs and albums, all unruly and anything but straightforward, have culminated in 2009's I'm Going Away (Thrill Jockey) an intensely rhythmic and scaled-down collection of artsy tunes cementing their status as one of the most unpredictable bands out there right now.

SF Street Style: Japanese Minimalist Grunge in Lower Pacific Heights

I spotted Sean Wu, a Taiwanese art student, sitting out in Lower Pac Heights, relaxed, finishing a cigarette. He had a very cleaned-up Japanese grunge look, with fun details including his earring, watch, stitched boots and tattered jeans. 


Iberico Pork: On Menus Now

Aged, nutty and delightfully funky in flavor, the highly seasonal meat from Iberico pig meat bears little resemblance to the pork and bacon we all grew up eating. I dug into the last of Lafitte's early stash of Iberico pork shoulder meat on Friday and, let me tell you, it's anything but the other white meat. Don't worry. There's more to come.

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