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Renaissance Man Reggie Watts Comes to the Independent

Underneath Reggie Watts’ Sideshow Bob ’fro are eyes that often open and shut when he’s singing, usually when he’s belting out a fetching falsetto or some other visceral groove. But it’s also possible that he’s just not very good at winking.

Get Your Butt Kicked by an Ironman Champion at VeloSF

“The Bay Area is one of the prime training grounds for elite athletes,” Kate Ligler explained to me when I walked through the doors of VeloSF. Kate is a professional cyclist and the General Manager of the indoor cycling-based performance center in San Francisco. “The weather and terrain make it an incredible place to develop as an athlete.”

Which is ironic, because one of the most efficient and grueling bike workouts that you can get around here is actually indoors at VeloSF, Bay Area weather and hills be damned. 

Two Sense: Am I Attracted To A Player Cause I Like The Challenge?


I’m in my early 30s, have my career on track, and am looking for a man to marry and have kids with. I’m not in a rush but want to keep focused so I don’t find myself settling for less in a few years. I’m currently monogamous with a guy I really like, but he’s got a reputation as a player. I’m wondering if we’re attracted to each other because of the challenges: me domesticating him and him trying to have sex with me. I’m weighing whether to get closer or date others. My friends who have met him are split on whether he’s a keeper.

Urban Ledger: The Irony of Yoga Fashion and Its Gusseted Crotch of Higher Consciousness


In this time of great transition, as the Earth writhes, nations sweat, regional print magazines celebrate 10 years of not being completely devoured by the Interweb, and the world prepares for the great 2012 metaconscious roller-disco-waterslide-slam-dance, one urgent question emerges like a deranged, ecstatic gopher to dominate all others. Whatever will you wear?

Not Your Children's Muppets: Brian Henson Discusses 'Stuffed and Unstrung'

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Before the late, great Jim Henson was an empire, he was a person. A comic, in a sense. One who worked late-night TV spots on The Ed Sullivan Show and Saturday Night Live, riffing on anything that would make people laugh, without regard for demographics and ideas of parental guidance. “He was always doing puppetry for adults,” says son and now Jim Henson Co. producer Brian Henson. “Not exclusively adults, but that was his approach. So when he did Sesame Street, I think one reason why everyone loved it is because those are very sophisticated characters, and sometimes they’re being quite wry in a very adult way, and sort of naughty.”

Jim Henson’s Muppets would eventually go on to become one of the strongest forces in youth entertainment, capturing the imaginations of multiple generations of American kids, and the tradition continues today.  The ninth feature Muppets film — starring Jason Segel — hits theaters nationwide this fall, and beginning Thursday, local audiences will be able to see the Muppets in their raunchier form, in the spirit of Jim Henson’s original puppeteer ideology, as son Brian, along with SF Sketchfest, brings his show Muppets: Stuffed and Unstrung to the Curran Theatre this week. Henson recently took a moment to chat about the project and how it fits into the Muppet canon.

Pacifica: Sleepy, But Far From Boring

So many of us venture over a bridge or down the windy Highway 1 for weekend escapes. But how about saving some gas and spending a few easy-going hours in San Francisco's coastal neighbor, Pacifica? Just 15 miles south of the city, and founded at the same time as San Francisco, in 1769, by Spanish explorers, Pacifica is a sleepy coastal town with bohemian charm and many hidden gems. Sleepy yes, boring no. Even though Pacifica means “peaceful” in Spanish, it's fast growing as a surf town and affordable staycation destination.

Pop Quiz! An SF Pop Culture Pop Quiz from popchips

Every Tuesday this summer (in July, August and September), in partnership with our friends over at popchips (which is headquartered over on Montgomery and Clay), we'll be testing your local knowledge with SF Pop Culture Pop Quizzes from popchips. Follow and tweet to @popchips and @popchipsSF for your chance to win a...wait for it...month's supply of popchips. Your party-snack shopping for the rest of the summer? Done.

Here's this week's question:

SF Fashion Week: Avant Garde Runway Show Photo + Video Recap

Last Sunday evening, SFFAMA's SF Fashion Week 2011 came to a close with a sold-out Avant Garde Runway Show featuring 8 local designers. Local photographer David Butow covered the finale -- he went, he saw, he photographed. Above (and below) is the night, through his eyes.

Heavy Hawaii's Blurry Beach Boys Psychedelia Comes to Hemlock Tavern Tonight

Heavy Hawaii plays summer music, so if you've been as bummed out as us by the weather lately - especially in the early mornings– put on this San Diego band's record and you'll instantly feel like you're laying on a beach (in Hawaii, duh) with an ice cold piña colada in your hand. Borrowing the psychedelic slip and slide of the Beach Boys and maybe a little bit of the Beatles, Heavy Hawaii sounds like it's playing at you from underwater, amping up their tropical vibes with wave sound effects, theremins and plenty of breezy, early 60s "ooohs" and "aaahs".

Keylee Sanders, Stylist, Consultant, and Fashion Commentator

Keylee Sanders

Shot on location at Sanders’ home in SoMa / Photography by Chad Riley

Keylee Sanders stylist, consultant, and fashion commentator

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