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Kids' St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in the Bay Area

St. Pattrick’s Day Celebrations in the Bay Area

This is our weekly guest-blog post from the moms behind Red Tricycle, a site that focuses on the "lighter side" of parenting. Every week, they'll be bringing us their picks of stuff to do around the Bay Area with kids.

Two Sense: How Can I Turn Meaningless Sex Into a Lasting Relationship?

Two Sense: How Can I Turn Meaningless Sex Into a Lasting Relationship?

I'm an attractive gay man in my late 30s living in the Mission. Life is good—satisfying job, cool apartment, great friends & family. But I have one problem: too much sex! I'm pretty open-minded sexually. I like 'em all shapes and sizes, races and ages, and other guys seem to find me attractive (all that time at the gym helps). I seriously can't walk down any street south of Market without the possibility of sex lingering around every corner. I get laid in the back rooms of bars, at the gym steam room, in random guys' apartments—and that does not even include the late-night Craigslist hookups. I feel guilty complaining; I love every anonymous encounter. My straight friends are incredibly envious. The problem is that temptation is making it harder to find the right guy to settle down with, a lifetime dream. I mean, I usually can't even remember the name of the last guy, and the idea of a traditional date seems more and more remote. What should I do?

SF Messenger Made Leather Bike Goods

SF Messenger Made Leather Bike Goods

It started with an old Campagnolo pedal, a pair of scissors, one razor blade, and a scrap piece of leather. Out of this combination, San Francisco bike messenger Casey Plemons created a company: Plemons Co, handmade leather bike goods.

Chronicle Unveils Its New Metreon Shop with a Weekend of Fun Events!

Over here at 7x7, we're definitely stoked for the Metreon's massive, $30 million makeover, complete with the city's first Target (score!). But it means more to us than just having a pretty new place to see IMAX 3D movies and buy cheap, cute clothes. It means a pretty new place to buy books, at the brand-spanking new Chronicle Books outpost!

How to Get a Job in the Wine Industry, Part 2

How to Get a Job in the Wine Industry, Part 2

Welcome to step 2 in our 3-step field guide on how to get a job in the wine industry. As many of you know, the wine industry is a very tough nut to crack, and there is no one right way to do it.  But we’ve done our research, asked the experts, and created a plan to get you on the inside track in the vino racket. If you haven’t read Part 1, Get Out There,  give that a read before moving on.

Five Places to Sip This Week

1. 7x7's Nightlife Guide Launch at The Brixton: Come join the 7x7 crew to celebrate the launch of our new Nightlife Guide at the Brixton (left). We'll have free copies on hand for everyone to peruse, and plenty of $3 Stella Artois and $5 Four Roses bourbon cocktails to wet your whistle. Feel like dancing? DJ CAMS will be spinning all evening long. (Thursday, March 8, 8-10 pm, at The Brixton, 2140 Union St., Cow Hollow.)

The Quest for the Perfect Drambuie Cocktail Begins with 2012's Nail or Fail Showdown

Drambuie, the spicy Scottish liqueur that's been tickling tongues since 1745, is on the hunt for the bartender with the brains and the skills to work cocktail magic. What kind of cocktail magic, you ask? The kind that demands your expert judgment this March 19 and 20 during their Nail Or Fail Bartender Showdown.

SF Ballet Performs the Greatest Love Story Ever

SF Ballet's Romeo & Juliet

Don’t be dissuaded by the perception that Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a sappy romance. SF Ballet’s action-packed rendition tells the renowned story in a fresh way, but only for the next five days.

Foodie Agenda: Castro Farmers Market Returns, and more

Foodie Agenda: Castro Farmers Market Returns

Today, March 7

Wednesday's the last chance for Bay Area chefs to submit their best skillet recipes to Safeway Culinary Kitchens competition. Semi-finals are in April at the California Culinary Academy, followed by a final cook-off at Safeway’s headquarters in Pleasanton on May 15. The winner's recipe will be sold in Safeway's Open Nature line. 

Thursday, March 8

Electronica Beat: Four All-Night Parties to Hit Up in March

Electronica Beat: Four All-Night Parties to Hit Up in March

Here’s a different kind of March Madness for you folks. Some legendary House DJs will be passing through this month, so for durable, time-tested beats, look no further. Be sure to check out a fusion of music and art at a SOMA gallery, and did we mention? All the cool kids are invading the W Hotel!<--break->

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