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There Will Be Bloodys: New Takes on a Cocktail Classic

San Francisco is a brunch-lover's paradise (with the long lines to prove it), so it's no surprise that many of us enjoy kicking off a Sunday-morning repast with the tomatoey hangover helper known as the Bloody Mary. There are plenty of classic spots to snag one of these tasty treats in the city, from Zeitgeist to Zuni Cafe. (The Bold Italic even created a full rundown of the city's most beloved bloodies, along with diagrams of what's in 'em.) But given SF's concentration of mixology masters, the Bloody Mary recipe has remained somewhat sacrosanct: tomato juice, lemon, Worcestershire, horseradish. Experimentation? We'll save it for dinnertime, thanks.

Pssst! Online Shopping is Exploding and -- Men and Women Shop Differently

Back in the early days of the web, there were some who predicted that online shopping would never take off, because, in addition to other hesitations, most people would never entrust their credit card information to a website.

Amazon started proving the critics wrong soon after it launched in 1995, and when eBay joined the party the following year, it quickly became apparent that ecommerce represented a massive new business opportunity where a lot of players were going to make (and/or lose) a lot of money.

Cut to the present tense, and ecommerce generated some $165.4 billion in sales last year, or roughly eight percent of the retail product sales in the U.S. According to Forrester Research, that figure will reach the neighborhood of $279 billion by 2015.

Meanwhile, with Groupon and Living Social, daily deals and flash sales, the sheer volume of marketing and shopping information coursing over the Internet has become deafening. Email, Facebook, Twitter are all bursting at the seams with the stuff.

Jams We Love: 7x7's Weekly Playlist

For our new column "Jams We Love," we're turning you onto the songs that keep us going every day. We'll showcase a new playlist every Monday so you can start the week off right.

For this week's Jams We Love, we're honoring Bay Area's homegrown hip hop movement. But we're a little tired of hearing and reading about its current darlings, Lil B and the White Girl Mob. Let's going back to the originals. Which would you add to the list?

September Classical Roundup: The Sound of History

San Francisco Symphony at Civic Center

For its one-hundredth birthday bash, the San Francisco Symphony hits the city streets with a free concert in Civic Center Plaza on September 8. Food trucks and hordes of people will be lounging in the sun (or fog -  let's be real here) as Michael Tilson Thomas kicks up the string section with his baton and Joe Lang Lang takes the piano bench. You'll hear Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 1 in E-flat major and Britten's The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. If you get there early enough, you can snag free treats from Ghirardelli and La Boulange. 

September 8, noon. Civic Center Plaza, Polk and McAllister Streets. Tickets are free. 

SF Street Style: The Man in Metallic Loafers, on Valencia

Brett Kladney, spotted in Four Barrel -- where his oversized glasses, fitted army jacket and, why yes, metallic loafers all caught my attention. You always hear about well-fitting suits, but it's crucial to have great fitting casual wear, too. In addition to having such a nice mix of colors and textures, Brett's clothing fits impeccably.

Indie Theater Roundup: 7 Movies to See This Week

Can you feel the electricity in the air, the faint buzz of anticipation gradually building to a deafening roar? That's right – the world is just a week away from the arrival of Happy Madison's Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star, directed by Tom Brady (no, not that one) and produced by Adam Sandler, who charitably prolongs the careers of former SNL co-stars with his endless reserve of fart jokes. Until then, try to contain your excitement with any of these fine offerings, now showing at an indie theater near you.

1. Bellflower

Labor Day Weekend Parking Enforcement Tips

There are two extreme ends of the spectrum when it comes to thinking about holiday parking. One popular rationalization around holiday parking goes something like this: “The Banks are closed, the post office is closed, DPT parking officers are government employees, so they don’t have to work, right? So, parking restrictions are not in effect on labor day right?” Wrong.
Those coming from the other end of the spectrum look at it like this:  “Well, some of the rules are in effect, and some of them aren’t and there is simply no possible way of knowing this or keeping it straight, so it’s a crap shoot,  so, you should just put money in every meter just to be safe.”  While safety oriented, this view is expensive, and could still get you a ticket and/or towed.

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