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Photos: Dia de los Muertos in the Mission

Get a glimpse of the yearly Dia de los Muertos Parade and Altars in the Mission's Garfield Park. 

Bay Area Kid-Friendly Restaurants for Thanksgiving

This is our weekly guest-blog post from the moms behind Red Tricycle, a site that focuses on the "lighter side" of parenting. Every week, they'll be bringing us their picks of stuff to do around the Bay Area with kids.

Zola Jesus Stages A One-Woman Religious Experience at the Independent

Once you get past the fact that what you're hearing–a massively commanding, operatic voice throbbing with a soul as big as the entirety of the Independent–is booming forth from a person smaller than the plague known as Snooki from Jersey Shore, you can start to experience Zola Jesus' primal goth-industrial pop music for what it essentially is in a live setting: a riveting sonic spectacle akin to a religious service conducted by a precocious girl from rural Wisconsin, dressed all in white.

Three Drinks To Toast SF's Dia de los Muertos Parade

While Halloween is all about partying, eating candy and buying kitschy decorations at Walgreens, Dia de los Muertos is about so much more. The annual two-day Latino holiday is a time to honor and celebrate one's ancestors through art, music, dance, food and...partying! Tonight is the Mission's Dia de los Muertos parade, where a few hundred people paint their faces like they're sugar skulls, serenely wander through the streets at night and end up in a sea of altars to the dead at Garfield Park.

Rip Curl Pro's One To Watch: Surfer Matt Wilkinson

By now you’ve probably heard that there is a surf contest going on at Ocean Beach. And yes, that means that dreamy, blue-eyed Kelly Slater is in town on his quest for his eleventh world title.

Photos: Green Day's Surprise Show at Mezzanine Last Night

Sometimes obsessively combing Twitter pays off–if you were in the know last night, you were probably front and center at Mezzanine, where Bay Area legends Green Day staged a surprise show to kick off Rip Curl Pro Search, shredding now at Ocean Beach. They ripped through an entire set of classics and even threw in a Misfits cover, somehow seeming more youthful than ever.

Local moshpit makers Ty Segall and Kut U Up opened. Were you there?

Wine Classes for Every Kind of Drinker

Dead leaves, electoral propaganda and so, so many kinds of squash: Yes, it’s fall. No, you are not frolicking across campus searching for a Homecoming date and throwing ping-pong balls into beer mugs. But that’s okay because school just got a lot more fun (in a grown-up kind of way). Whether you are curious about the difference between the Old World and the New; Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay; Grand Cru and just plain ol’ Village, there is a class for you, and, ding ding, it’s in session.

J.Hilburn Makes Shopping a Habit For Men

It's about time men's fashion got some attention. If the growing number of modern barber shops and menswear blogs is any indicator, soon enough men will be outshining women. Well, maybe not. But it's happening and men can finally shop the way men are meant to shop, which is very different from the way women shop. If anyone knows this, it's Hil Davis, the CEO of J.Hilburn, whose rapidly growing menswear business brings the luxury of the Italian mill to the masses.

Foodie Agenda: Top Chef Masters Dinner Fundraiser and more

Thursday, November 3

Conquer both traditional and experimental Spanish cuisine in a three-hour tapas class at The Studio of Good Living. The syllabus includes Moorish lamb meatballs, stuffed olives, potato puffs, flat bread, churros, and more. 311 San Benito Way (at Darien Way) 

Two Sense: Why Dependence Doesn't Work

I’ve been with my boyfriend for two-and-a-half years. We met at college, and when I moved back home to SF, he followed. I graduated and got a good job, and he took a break from school and hasn’t gone back. He’s always been a little lost, and I’ve always felt the need to guide him. His dad left when he was little, and his family is across the country. Basically, I am his life. Lately we clash about everything. He doesn’t like how I take things lightly in an effort to be more positive. He nitpicks constantly. Our good days are beyond perfect, but our bad days are getting more frequent. Has our relationship run its course, or do we just need time to fix it? I love him, but I don’t know what to do. I want someone who will go out and on vacations with me, and he wants to stay at home and seems to have no drive.

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