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Local Band Name Breakdown: Melted Toys (Playing Tomorrow at Rickshaw Stop)

Local Band Name Breakdown: Where we ask Bay Area bands the story behind their names. Don't pretend you never wondered.

Chilled out synths and glassy guitar lines form the delightfully punch drunk, cooled-down pop of San Francisco's Melted Toys, who just put out their first EP, Washed & Dried (Underwater Peoples Records).  "Come On" is the perfect soundtrack for crisp spring nights.

Cody Ross on Gary Danko, Chili Dogs and the 'Showtime' Series


The Giants’ Cody Ross has proven that timing is everything. The outfielder, who swings with his right hand and throws with his left, joined the team in late 2010 from the Florida Marlins and quickly proceeded to drop jaws with his batting skills. In the post-season, Ross rang up five home runs, five doubles, and ten RBIs. Considered the Giants’ greatest October hitter since Barry Bonds in 2002, Ross was named MVP for the National League Championship Series and helped his new team win the World Series for the first time since 1954. Ass-kicking aside, the sincerely modest Ross, who is signed to the end of the year for a handsome $6.3 million, hasn’t let success go to his head. He approaches the 2011 season with cautious optimism, realizing the team has to prove itself all over again—this time with reality TV cameras following them into the locker room.

Cheap Date: Chotto

An izakaya might seem like an unlikely restaurant to open in the Marina, but the tradition of the classic Japanese pub—a place bustling with drink-induced rowdiness sopped up with snacky bites of food—is in many ways a perfect fit. Chotto’s got the beer. Now if they’d only add a flat screen showing college ball games, it would be perfect. On the menu you’ll find kushiyaki—grilled skewers of everything from chicken meatballs to freshwater eel—not to be confused with sumiyaki, charcoal-grilled items including Kobe beef tongue. There’s sushi, salads (try the kanisu, a cooling mix of crab and cucumber), agemono (try the fried mushrooms), and tonkotsu ramen. The cloudy, rich broth takes a full 48 hours to prepare, and the springy noodles are made by Yamachan in San Jose.

Almost-Pulitzer-Winner Will Eno's Lady Grey Plays at Exit on Taylor

Lady Grey is a theatrical snake charmer, mesmerizing the audience with deftly woven tales of lost love, how people hide from each other, and the trauma that can be inflicted by elementary school show-and-tell. Alternating between confiding in and cursing the audience, Lady Grey jumps lightly through mysterious/revealing narratives. Lady Grey (in ever lower light) is one of Will Eno’s three short plays making their local premiere at Cutting Ball. 

Intermission is a super meta mirror, where the audience watches another audience as they wait for the second act to begin. Mr. Theatre Comes Home Different lives out the seven ages of man, with references that span theatrical history from Shakespeare to Stoppard.  

Scenes of the City: Ocean Beach

For this week's Scenes of the City, we headed out to Ocean Beach and chatted up a few people taking advantage of this sudden spell of good weather.

Tartine's Heavenly Morning Buns Recipe

Lovers of Tartine’s legendary morning buns have noticed the recipe’s absence from the pages of the bakery’s cookbook, Tartine (Chronicle Books), published last August. “We didn’t do it on purpose,” says co-owner Elisabeth Prueitt, who’s been surprised at the number of calls and emails she’s had from people requesting it. Although she plans to put the recipe on Tartine’s own website soon, for immediate sweet-tooth satisfaction, we've got the recipe right here.

Tartine 600 Guerrero St., 415-487-2600

Royal Wedding Cocktail: King's Smoke and 3 Bird

The Royal Wedding's in less than 28 days. In honor of the festivities, every week for next three weeks, we'll be publishing a cocktail recipe using The King's Ginger that would be fit to serve at a royal event. Berry Bros. & Rudd, the makers of The King's Ginger, have been supplying the British Royal Family with spirits since 1760 during the reign of King George III. Quite a tradition! 
Eric Passetti, bartender at The House of Shields, whipped up these two cocktails using the King's Ginger in honor of the Royal Wedding. 


Alvin Ailey Makes a Six-Day Stop at Cal Performances

After performing everywhere from Madagascar to the White House, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater has evolved into a unique phenomenon since its humble beginnings in 1958. The internationally acclaimed company has achieved legendary status through its provocative surveys of African-American culture and progressively modern yet lyrical choreography. This particular tour—which is making a six-day stop at UC Berkeley’s Cal Performances—marks the farewell of Ailey’s successor and artistic director, Judith Jamison, after leading the troupe to unparalleled praise for more than 20 years.

Roll & Mix: A 3-in-1 Pizza-Making-Space-Saver

Kitchen space, especially for most city dwellers, can fill up awfully quick. Unfortunately, many multi-purpose kitchen accessories tend to be burdensome and are often an eye-sore. But the new Roll & Mix by designer Marcial Ahsayane packs three culinary tools (the rolling pin, pestle, and olive oil bottle) into one sleek and contemporary product.

Pop-Ups, Acme Rolls and Paneer Burritos: The New Indian

Remember The Chai Cart? It was only two years ago that self-described "corporate slave" Paawan Kothari decided to quit her job in the high-tech world and follow her passion. She started selling authentic Indian chai from a bicycle trailer, peddling around the Mission and SoMa with her freshly brewed drinks until the bike was stolen from her garage last summer, and her street biz, sadly, came to an abrupt halt.

Kothari deserves mention as one of the first to the Indian street vendor game. As she considers getting back into it —you can still buy her freshly made products at Rainbow Grocery, Whole Foods and Bi-Rite—Indian food options are quickly sprouting up all over the city. 

Hangar 1 Vodka

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