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7 Must Shop Consignment + Non-Profit Shops for Designer Clothing, Handbags, Shoes and More

With countless weddings, lawn parties and BBQs to attend, who can afford to wear a new designer frock to each event? My secret is consignment. Buy mint-condition pieces for a discounted price, sell your next-to-new goods, and sometimes even help a great charity. Check out these 7 must-shops:


1. Helpers House of Couture:  International style icon and philanthropist, Joy Bianchi, turned her love of fashion and good deeds into this 9-room, 100% charity-driven boutique. It features everything from couture to brand-new, an entire men's room, a jewelry room, and one room where everything is under $100. Not to mention, it was named one of the 10 best fashion stores in Vogue's Best Dressed special edition last year. Prices range from $10-$10,000.

Disassembly: Dark Comedy in Berkeley

Impact knows black comedy. So does local playwright Steve Yockey. Thus, a marriage is made in dark humor heaven.

Yockey is gaining some serious traction in the Bay Area and his fourth world premiere is currently playing at Impact. Disassembly tells the tale of Evan, an accident-prone man who beats his previous record of disturbing injuries by getting himself stabbed in the shoulder. As he heals, his apartment is invaded by his sister, his fiancee, a bitter neighbor with a troubling assortment of stuffed cats, and an influx of random visitors. Desdemona Chiang directs the convergence of treacherous secrets as Evan’s apartment becomes a hotbed of lies and disaster and, apparently, a whole mess of plush felines. 

Clubbing: A Guide to the City's Golf Courses and Clubs

Put your Wii controller down, don a pair of vintage 
plaids, and get thee to the links.

Elizabeth Taylor Tribute @ Castro Theatre

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most respected people ever to grace Hollywood, an inimitable woman of ferocity and sophistication who stayed true to herself and her friends (ahem, Michael Jackson) until the end of her life. The Castro Theatre has put together quite the tribute to this Hollywood lioness, displaying her grandeur in 11 films spread across 6 days–from May 27 to June 1–that isn't just a celebration of the actress' body of work.

Interactive Health Care @ One Medical Group is Catching On Big-Time

One Medical Group Waiting Room

Fed up with how long it takes to get a doctor's appointment? With long waits in a room filled with sick people? With brief checkups resulting in a prescription for a marginally effective drug?

One Medical Group says there is a better way.

Founded in San Francisco by Dr. Tom X. Lee in 2007, One Medical is a radically different kind of health service, completely digital and interactive in ways that take much of the pain out of the entire experience for both doctors and patients.

"The way we look at it," says Lee, "is that we are trying to redesign the primary health care environment from the old model centered around the doctor's office to one where we work with patients in the digital realm, allowing the office to becomes simply an extension of our relationship with the patient."

Soft-Shell Crabs Are In: Who's Cooking Them Up?

Fresh soft-shell Chesapeake Bay blue crabs are coming in strong right now from the East Coast and just starting to surface on menus across town. Although we see soft-shells year round wrapped into California-style sushi rolls, those are usually frozen and shipped in from Asia.

Photos: Sex Workers Film & Arts Festival at the Roxie Theater

Since 1999, the Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival at the Roxie Theater has taken the taboo to the big screen and served as a forum for workers and filmmakers in sex industries from around the world. From educational and eye-popping documentaries straight to midnight porn, the fest is showing now through May 29th.

This Week's Hottest Events: Tracy Morgan, Lykke Li, and Glee Live

Blue Man Group
It's the mysterious blue men's first-ever theatrical tour. Think truly original live art that will have your eyes glued to the stage. 
When: Tues. 5/24 - Sun. 6/19
Where: Golden Gate Theater, 1 Taylor St. 

Checking In On City Beer Store's Expansion

A crisp spring wind was blowing down Folsom at 5:30 last Sunday afternoon. The mid-May weekend was winding down and the street was so empty of pedestrians, parked cars and even traffic that I began to wonder if I'd missed Saturday's scheduled Rapture.  The quiet of the street changed at the doorway to City Beer though; all the tables and stools were occupied and there was a steady but manageable stream of patrons with their personal selections of bottled craft brews waiting to be checked out. Splitting his time between the half dozen beer taps and the cash register, Craig Wathen quietly let each customer know that since they close at 6:00 on Sundays, this was last call. 

Sleep Over at the Cal Academy of Sciences with the Penguins

Start shopping for jungle-themed pajamas. On June 4th, the Cal Academy of Sciences opens its doors for an after-hours sleepover for adults-only (this is the only sleepover night that you don't  have to be with a kid to get in) — a chance to get all Night at the Museum with the Academy's creatures—both taxidermied and alive.

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