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Drink Here Now: 5 Places to Sip This Week

1. Yelp Drinks Week: Just when your liver thought the Beer Week coast was clear, Yelp has launched another salvo with their annual week of 50% off cocktails, starring the "greatest hits" of some of SF's best bars. With 30 watering holes participating, choices abound, but a few of the drinks that caught our eye include the $5 Mikael's Moondance at 15 Romolo (white whiskey, apple-honey shrub, angostura bitters); the $5 Wry Rajah at Dosa on Fillmore (rye, vermouth, cherry liqueur, mango, chili); the $6.50 sage Sazerac at Fifth Floor; and $2.50 pints of Fat Tire at Hobson's Choice. The full list has even more great options. (Monday, February 27 - Sunday, March 4, various bars.)

"The Cult Of Beauty" Comes to the Legion Of Honor

"The Cult Of Beauty" Comes to the Legion Of Honor

San Francisco may be one of the only cities where "Victorian" is not a dirty word.

Fedele Bauccio: The Man Who Cooked Up 136.5 Million Sustainable Meals Last Year

Food Inc.

The entire time we’re touring the University of San Francisco kitchen, which produces 4,000 meals a day for students and faculty, Fedele Bauccio holds my hand. It’s unconscious, but as he gets more excited—pointing out boxes of locally grown vegetables in the walk-in refrigerators and stopping at one of the food stations to taste the chile verde—his grip tightens.

Two Sense: Dealing With A Boyfriend's Many Exes

Two Sense: Dealing With A Boyfriend's Many Exes

I’ve been with my first serious boyfriend for nine months. Long story short, he’s still friends with many of his exes, which doesn’t bother me except for one girl. He frequently goes to her house to hang out with her brother, and he’s admitted she comes on to him and he brushes her off. She also texts him; just last week he asked me to check his phone for a message from his mom and I saw a text from her asking him to hang out because he’s so much more fun than her new boyfriend. FYI, I’ve also caught him sexting with another random girl on Facebook a few months back. He apologized, and I’m over that, but I don’t know how to handle his friendship with this ex. She lost her virginity to him and maybe that’s why she’s so stuck on him. He says she’s like a sister to him at this point. Should I just try to get past it or should I be more stern?

Behind the Scenes: 7x7 Magazine's March Cover Shoot

For 7x7 magazine's March Fashion Issue, we put on an over-the-top photo shoot at Ken Fulk's Peep Show gallery in SoMa. Take a peep behind the scenes at all the fab spring clothes and accessories, killer antiques and set design, and what it looks like to be a model for a day!

Noise Pop's Best Dance and Electro Shows

Noise Pop's Best Electro Shows

Yesterday, we gave you a rundown of Noise Pop's best rock shows that haven't sold out. Today, for all of you with beat- and bass-hungry ears, we're telling you which electronic shows and DJ sets you need to put on your radar. If you're up for the Craigslist hunt, then keep your eyes peeled for tickets to Porter Robinson and Matthew Dear.

7x7 Celebrates Magazine Redesign at Barneys New York

7x7 Magazine celebrated the launch of its March Fashion Issue and redesign debut at Barneys New York on February 16. Nearly 300 friends and readers dressed to the nines for the fete, which featured a fabulous styling contest for a chance to win haute spring accessories. Each guest took home a coveted Barneys gift card.

Photography by Drew Alitzer Makes Booking Tahoe Houses A Breeze Makes Booking Tahoe Houses A Breeze

Getting away to Tahoe for a couple of days or so is a great stress reducer. However, the process in finding a suitable place to stay – where you can cook, entertain or simply stretch out – can be a stress increaser, including playing email or phone tag with the property owner or manager.

The Big Eat 2012 List

The Big Eat 2012

This year, the “Big Eat” is pure gluttony. We’re on the wagon, having replaced the smattering of cocktails that were on last year’s list. (Don’t you worry. The “Big Drink” is next on our to-do list.) We’ve also made sure that most of the dishes are staples on their restaurants’ menus. But note that some rotate on and off or vary seasonally, so call ahead. This year’s list includes 33 newcomers—each denoted with an asterisk. Some hail from new restaurants, 
others are new dishes from old favorites. Rest assured that all have been 7x7 tasted and approved (and that our gym memberships have been renewed).

The Modern Canine: Reused Fashion For The Dogs (And Cats)

Eco-friendly dog clothes

The term eco-friendly is commonplace, but let's not forget about it's predecessor “reuse.” It may not be as buzzy, but it's just as smart. Reuse is the premise of The Modern Canine, a local petwear company delivering distinguished outerwear and accessories for dogs, and a few fun things for cats, all made from discarded fabrics from the fashion industry.

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