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Best of the City 2011: Home + Design

Best Lighting: Anzfer Farms

We may see flotsam and jetsam, but SF designers Joseph Ferriso and Jonathan Anzalone see works of art in the ocean-tumbled beach woods that wash up on the shores of San Francisco. “We see beaches as places that replenish creativity,” says Ferriso. The low-watt globe bulbs—a fragile counterpoint to the resilient, raw-edge timber—that adorn the duo’s Branch floor lights and Fragment table lights provide a romantic, candlelike glow that beautifies any space or face.

Best Coffee Table Book: Handcrafted Modern: At Home With Mid-Century Designers

Best of the City 2011: Fashion + Beauty

Best Affordable Vintage: Minxy Boutique

Chances are good that the ’70s minidress and ’80s bedazzled clutch you’ve been scouting await you at Minxy Boutique. This new vintage vault in the Mission is chock-full of coats, boots, dresses, and handbags from various decades. Owner Tuc Luong—who bought and sold vintage wares on eBay for years—sees to it that all pieces are in top form, mending and laundering each garment herself before it hits the floor. Styles fit easily into a modern wardrobe, and prices are low enough to keep you coming back for more. 3043 24th St., 415-874-9617

La Boutique Brings Shourouk Chic to SF

Craving some Paris chic? And India and Tunisia? Breeze by North Beach's La Boutique to get a slice of European style and spotlight accessory designer Shourouk. The elegant boutique carries hard-to-find designers like Vanessa Bruno, Cacharel and Jerome Dreyfuss, and also Paris-based mixed media magnifico Shourouk.

Best of the City 2011: Eat + Drink

Best Sugar Fix: Peanut Brittle from Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous

There are cookies in this world, and then there are cookies. The peanut brittle specimen at Dogpatch ice cream shop Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous is of the latter kind. As if their house-made peanut brittle wasn’t addictive enough on its own, they chop it up and mix it into cookie dough to make a salty, sweet, chewy, nutty cookie that defies reason. These treats might be huge, but get two—you won’t want to share. 699 22nd St., 415-970-0750

Best Sustainable Fish: I Love Blue Sea

Will The Real Tracy Morgan Please Stand Up?

Actor/comedian Tracy Morgan has reached the heights of television stardom differently than most character actors. That is, he’s been able to be himself. Kind of.

His 30 Rock character is vaguely similar to his own persona and even his own name — Tracy Jordan, a cartoon-voiced, overly manicured, narcissistic yet also sensitive TV talent. Critics generally say it’s a fantastically meta sendup of the Hollywood ego, but Morgan doesn’t really buy the similarities.   

“It’s a fictional character, not me,” he says bluntly.

So who is Tracy Morgan? For one, he’s not all slapstick and gags. He’s a family man, a street philosopher, an artist. And yes, there’s still some street in the Brooklyn native.  

Moss Tile: A No-Work Garden


The dilemma: You want to add some green in a place where there's no sunlight, no water or no space. To compound the problem, you could kill a fern in the Seattle, Washington climate. Moss Tile could be your answer.

A Tarantino/Coen Tribute Royale at Spoke Art Gallery

A fan fury is on its way into town. As if one art tribute to a cult director(s) isn't enough, take two. The Spoke Art Gallery is bringing its traveling tribute to two cinematic greats — Quentin Tarantino and The Coen Brothers — to us.

Design Buzz: New Poufs from Missoni

When it comes to sofas and armchairs many people like to play it safe and select fabrics in neutral colors, then rely on pillows and blankets to add some pop. But an alternative way to create some pizzazz is by adding poufs in bright and bold patterns.

Two Sense: My Wife, The Prostitute

Q: In college, when my then-girlfriend and I started living together, she had a part-time job as massage therapist. She also occasionally received money for having sex with three of her regular clients. This bothered me, but I’ve got some friends who are in successful open relationships and at least I could rationalize that she was only doing it for money. Fast-forward a few years: We’re out of school and married but, as neither of us has a fabulous income yet, she’s still “working” with two of these guys. I know she loves me, but I’m ready to do with less money and fewer people in our relationship. She feels like doing without the extra cash put a bigger strain on our marriage than continuing something that’s been manageable for several years. This has always been an issue between us, but the longer it goes on the worse it’s getting.

He Said: Your wife has been having sex with these two other men for several years now, since before she knew you. At this point I would be surprised if she isn’t emotionally attached to one or both of them, and they to her. Breaking up with a long-term lover (or two) could encompass a lot more than simply doing without the extra cash.

Scenes of the City: SFMade Week Local Factory Tours

Anchor Steam Brew House.

For this week's Scenes of the City we visited four different companies supported by SF Made, a nonprofit which encourages companies to set up shop and produce locally. We visited Anchor Brewing, Rickshaw Bags, Cayson Design Inc. and Ritual Coffee Roasters.

All copy and photos by Joseph Schell

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