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Myq Kaplan, Jester of Academia, Comes to Cobb's

Myq Kaplan (pronounced “Mike”) gets laughs the way your quirky math teacher did, turning what some might consider boring laws of the natural world into innuendo and snarky word play. He’ll make jokes about rhombuses and the difference between sets and subsets while making a point about dating or sex or other racier subjects. All with the charm and delivery of a sinister school boy turned Meghan’s Law regular (Bay Area comedy fans might draw comparisons to fellow creep-comic Brent Weinbach). Trust that it works, and regularly kills.

Buy Some Sauce and Stoke the Barbecue

















The Fourth of July is coming right up. But why make your own sauce when you can buy it? In other words, fake it till you make it. First stop, local barbecue restaurants.

Local Design Files: Seesaw Children's Workshop & Café

More often than not, people tapping away on their laptops and ipads in the San Francisco coffee scene won't look over to see kids at play. Well here's a change. Hayes Valley's Seesaw is a café and children's workshop in one. Sabrina Gabel, a child psychologist, and her husband opened Seesaw with plans to provide kids a learning studio as well as a lounge for their accompanying parents and neighborhood coffee enthusiasts. The clean design pulls from both the Danish and Korean aesthetic, a husband-and-wife collaboration, and insists that being around good design is beneficial even at a young age. 

10 Ways to Celebrate 4th of July With Kids

This is our weekly guest-blog post from the moms behind Red Tricycle, a site that focuses on the "lighter side" of parenting. Every week, they'll be bringing us their picks of stuff to do around the Bay Area with kids.

To little ones, celebrating the 4th of July usually means one thing – FIREWORKS! But, we know that by the time the sun goes down and the fireworks go up around 10:00 pm, they are exhausted and ready for bed. Here are ten 4th of July activities for kids that don’t involve having cranky, overtired children on the 5th of July!

Look of the Week: All American Fourth of July

The great thing about dressing patriotic in America is that our colors go so well together. Chances are, you already have loads of red, white and blue in your wardrobe -- just be careful not to look like a walking flag this Monday. Instead, try mixing textures and adding neutral colors to create a more modern Independence Day outfit.

Ask A Vet: Helping Your Dog Not Freak Out During July 4th Fireworks

Welcome to our weekly 'Ask a Vet from the SF SPCA' feature on They've enlisted their Co-President, Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, to answer your questions every week. Got a question for Dr. Scarlett? Ask away in the comments!

Q: My dachshund Stanley has always been deathly afraid of fireworks. As soon as the booming begins, he runs and hides under the bed. With 4th of July around the corner, what is the best was to keep my dog anxiety-free?

From Rowdy Surfers to Community-Driven Clothing Designers: Meet San Franpsycho

When I first heard about San Franpsycho, a self-given name for a group Ocean Beach surfers, I imagined prototypical surfing locals: Rowdy, in-your face and really good in the waves. They had a few surf movies, all subtitled “Wet and Wreckless,” that emphatically drove home this impression.

“Oh yeah. The movies were just that. We were a bunch of degenerate surfers, partying and being crazy,” agreed Andy Olive, one of the stars of the San Franpsycho films.

The Popular Workshop's "Forgotten & Undisturbed" Showcases an Unknown Bay Area Photography Talent

Five years ago in a friend's childhood home near Neil Young's mansion in Woodside, CA, The Popular Workshop's founders Nate Hooper and Andy Hawgood came upon a gallery curator's wet dream. They stumbled upon a crawl space brimming with almost 20,000 photos, slides and negatives vividly documenting the decades of globetrotting–in the vein of Robert Frank and William Eggleston–of one Bob Chisholm, an architect and amateur photographer who managed to take his children to every continent on the planet before they reached their 10th birthdays.

The Stone Pony Sets Up Shop in The Mission

Vintage clothes at The Stone Pony

This week, the Mission’s newest hip shop opened its gold-painted doors. Housed on an otherwise residential block of 20th Street (at San Carlos), the Stone Pony is already proving to be a popular spot for the city’s discerning vintage shoppers.  

For those of you who think the Mission needs another thrift store like it needs a hole in the head, fear not: The Stone Pony isn’t a typical thrift store stuffed with overpriced used clothes shipped in by the bundles. Instead, the shop is a mixture of affordable hand picked vintage items, locally made jewelry and spiritual accessories, like sage and crystals. 

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