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Week in Food: Free Ice Cream, Brisketfest, Pickling Workshop, and Jardiniere turns 14

Today, September 7

The nice weather's a good excuse to get a free scoop or two of Scream Sorbet's strawberry, pistachio, and melon. The Cooking Channel will be parked on the south side of the Ferry Building, serving sorbet in an ice cream truck, 10-3 p.m.

Carnivores, get thee to Shotwell's Brisketfest starting at 6 p.m. For $5, you get your choice of brisket from Wise Sons Deli, Good Foods Catering, and Gypsy Kitchen. For $15, have all three, and vote on your favorite. Jesse Friedman's SodaCraft will also be there with smoked strawberry vanilla bean sodas to wash it down. 3349 20th St.

Two Sense: Do I Forgive a Drunken Kiss?

My boyfriend of six years kissed a work colleague when drunk. In the month proceeding, he was in a dilemma as he knew it was time to commit to me, but he didn't feel ready. We've been together since 19 and he wanted some time alone. He told me straight away, and said he did it to sabotage us. He broke it off, and I moved out of our flat. He wanted me back within three days, and after three months he is still singing the same song. I love him, we are really good together, and I know he is sorry and has learned from his mistake. I doubt he will do it again. But I'm struggling to get the kiss out of my head. I really want to. Any advice?  

YouTube Sensation Garfunkel & Oates Re-Route the Road to Stardom

Take note, people of unbridled ambition. This is the new career path to fame:

1) Make a series of web videos DIY-style.

2) Make them irresistibly funny.*

3) Post them on YouTube with little regard for future employment.

4) Wait a year or two.

5) Watch them inexplicably go viral.

The W Hotel Reveals Trace (And It's Good)

Hotel restaurants have some serious handicaps in San Francisco, a town where chef-owned establishments are what people often consider to be the true restaurants around here. Serving great food isn't quite enough. You need to see the owner's blood, sweat and tears in the woodwork.

It's Back To School Time! Fall Classes To Rev Up Your Brain

It's fall, which means you're back from your summer shenanigans and ready for action....right? Kick your brain back into gear with these fall classes around town.

Making Aged Cheeses @ 18 Reasons: Maybe you've made fresh milk cheeses at home before, but here's some next level knowledge–how to make aged and deliciously stinky cheeses on your very own countertop. Taught by Louella Hill, you'll learn all that and proper aging and storing, the ins and outs of making blue cheese, the nature of molds, and how different strains taste. Yum! Class starts Tuesday, Sept. 13, from 6-8 pm. Get tickets per class, or tickets for a series of classes.

Re-Animate and Reconstruct Your Wardrobe @ Workshop: Everyone knows back-to-school is all about getting new clothes! Well instead of new clothes, try reinvigorating those neglected items crowding your closet! You'll breathe new life into clothes that don't fit or items that are missing that certain something-something. Just bring in 3 to 6 articles of clothing in need of a makeover, and teacher Nicole Stevenson will show you how to work your magic. Sept. 13, 7:30-10:30 pm. Sign up here.

Dance Rock Darlings Handsome Furs Renew Their Musical Vows at Slim's

Call it the Yoko Ono effect, but the husband/wife rock ‘n’ roll tag team has long been an endangered species, as if to be married in life and song were a surefire way to career and personal carnage. But boldly and perhaps blinded by the love, a few musical couples march forth without regard for the sometimes-toxic business/pleasure tonic. And a few do it with such astounding vigor and energy that it reinstills a bit of faith in the quasi-Faustian bargain.

Sneak Peek: Styling the Modern Man Presents "Geek-IS-Chic" Makeovers

Last week, our friends Grant Marek (above), editor of Thrillist SF, and Elliot Tomaeno (below), director of communications at Enloop, received mini makeovers to preview the new "Geek-IS-Chic" lounge at this year's Styling the Modern Man (Thursday, 9/15).

Next Thursday, STMM atendees will be invited to watch as local tech hot-shots undergo similar transformations, and get decked out in the latest Levi's duds.

This Week's Hottest Events: Fleet Foxes, Fashion's Night Out, and Serge Gainsbourg Tribute Dinner

SPUR Reclaim Market Street exhibit
We've heard a lot about cleaning up Market Street for the better. Hence, SPUR's (The Studio for Urban Projects) latest exhibition and series of events. If you're committed to reclaiming this historic space, check out the exhibit and take part in the organization's corresponding "interventions" that discuss how the local community can better take advantage of sidewalks, plazas, and streets.
When: Tues. 9/6 – January 6, 2012
Where: SPUR, 654 Mission St.

Serge Gainsbourg Tribute Dinner
Everyone is talking about it. graffEats and Noise Pop are at it again with their Covers dinners. This week, it's a culinary tribute to French pop icon Serge Gainsbourg. Noise Pop pairs a thematic cover song with each of chef Blair Warsham's six signature dishes. Thursday's dinner is already sold-out. If you're lucky, you can still snag a ticket for Wednesday. Beg, plead, and sing your way in.
When: Wed. 9/7 and Thurs. 9/8
Where: A secret SoMa destination that will be disclosed to ticket holders only

Stage Werx Theatre's "All Atheists Are Muslim" A Compelling Look at Cultural Divides in Danville, CA

Zahra is moving in with a man. Something that would be perfectly acceptable to her Muslim parents, as long as he isn’t white, an atheist, or her boyfriend. When they learn he’s all of these things, consequences bombard Zahra with all the subtlety of irate heat-seeking missiles. 

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