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Look of the Week: All American Fourth of July

The great thing about dressing patriotic in America is that our colors go so well together. Chances are, you already have loads of red, white and blue in your wardrobe -- just be careful not to look like a walking flag this Monday. Instead, try mixing textures and adding neutral colors to create a more modern Independence Day outfit.

Ask A Vet: Helping Your Dog Not Freak Out During July 4th Fireworks

Welcome to our weekly 'Ask a Vet from the SF SPCA' feature on They've enlisted their Co-President, Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, to answer your questions every week. Got a question for Dr. Scarlett? Ask away in the comments!

Q: My dachshund Stanley has always been deathly afraid of fireworks. As soon as the booming begins, he runs and hides under the bed. With 4th of July around the corner, what is the best was to keep my dog anxiety-free?

From Rowdy Surfers to Community-Driven Clothing Designers: Meet San Franpsycho

When I first heard about San Franpsycho, a self-given name for a group Ocean Beach surfers, I imagined prototypical surfing locals: Rowdy, in-your face and really good in the waves. They had a few surf movies, all subtitled “Wet and Wreckless,” that emphatically drove home this impression.

“Oh yeah. The movies were just that. We were a bunch of degenerate surfers, partying and being crazy,” agreed Andy Olive, one of the stars of the San Franpsycho films.

The Popular Workshop's "Forgotten & Undisturbed" Showcases an Unknown Bay Area Photography Talent

Five years ago in a friend's childhood home near Neil Young's mansion in Woodside, CA, The Popular Workshop's founders Nate Hooper and Andy Hawgood came upon a gallery curator's wet dream. They stumbled upon a crawl space brimming with almost 20,000 photos, slides and negatives vividly documenting the decades of globetrotting–in the vein of Robert Frank and William Eggleston–of one Bob Chisholm, an architect and amateur photographer who managed to take his children to every continent on the planet before they reached their 10th birthdays.

The Stone Pony Sets Up Shop in The Mission

Vintage clothes at The Stone Pony

This week, the Mission’s newest hip shop opened its gold-painted doors. Housed on an otherwise residential block of 20th Street (at San Carlos), the Stone Pony is already proving to be a popular spot for the city’s discerning vintage shoppers.  

For those of you who think the Mission needs another thrift store like it needs a hole in the head, fear not: The Stone Pony isn’t a typical thrift store stuffed with overpriced used clothes shipped in by the bundles. Instead, the shop is a mixture of affordable hand picked vintage items, locally made jewelry and spiritual accessories, like sage and crystals. 

The 2011 Hot 20 Under (And Over) 40 Readers' Choice: The 49 Finalists

Photography by Robyn Twomey

You hear that the Bay Area is a hotbed of creativity and innovation a lot. So much, in fact, that it's easy to get a little jaded on the subject. But it's true —we live in a community brimming with do-gooders, entrepreneurs and risk takers, as evidenced by the extremely impressive group of Hot 20 Reader's Choice nominees below. After going through hundreds of submissions, we narrowed down the nominees to this list of 49 finalists. So read their quick stats, get inspired and then vote on who you think we should feature as the Readers' Choice Winner in our October Hot 20 Under (and Over) 40 issue, an annual celebration of the city's 20 most up-and-coming movers and shakers. The Readers' Choice winner will join the 19 other Hot 20 honorees chosen by 7x7 editors. (Check out the 2010 Hot 20 class here).

A Look Inside Square's New Office Space in the Chronicle Building

Jack Dorsey's Square, which may just make old-school registers obsolete with their Square Card Readers, Square Registers and Card Cases, is HQ-ed in the  San Francisco Chronicle Building on 5th and Mission. In what some might say is a changing of the guard, the start up's original 10 employees set up shop in the Chronicle's Human Resources floor in December of 2009.

Bay's 'Bots Butt Heads, Crush Chicago in Soulless 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'

Have we really seen the last of Michael Bay’s Transformers? The runaway success of the franchise, which has long raised its middle finger at our collective intelligence, would seem to suggest otherwise, but if Dark of the Moon is the final chapter of this inane trilogy, it is also the least insulting.
Its title an acknowledged nod to Pink Floyd’s classic 1972 album – expect Captain America: Born in the U.S.A. sometime soon – Moon is the most visually coherent entry in the Transformers saga, and for a merchandising juggernaut designed to appeal more to the eyes than the intellect, that’s a small but significant victory.

Local Dancers (and a Wheelchair) To Star On So You Think You Can Dance

Representing AXIS Dance in Oakland (one of the country’s leading companies featuring dancers with and without disabilities), Sonsheree Giles and Rodney Bell are known for intense duets that match Bell’s lithe spins of the wheelchair to Giles’ fleet, athletic grace. They’ll be performing local choreographer Alex Ketley’s Izzie award-winning To Color Me Different. Named one of the top ten dance performances of the year (2008, when it premiered) by the San Francisco Chronicle and Voice of Dance, this Bay Area special will be seen by the hordes of rabid consumers who tune into SYTYCD each week.

Exploratorium’s ColorFest: Get Schooled in the Art of Color

Don’t let the name scare you off—we’re not talking tie-dye and hippies or crayons and coloring books. Exploratorium’s ColorFest, which begins July 1, promises to school you in the science of color, all the way from perception to the physics of light refraction. Oaxacan artisans kick off the two-month festival with lessons in natural dyeing techniques using the cochineal insect. The labor-intensive process produces a pigment once as sought after as silver and gold. On July 16, the Mac-obsessed can learn about the influence color plays in industrial design from Beatrice Santiccioli, a branding expert for Apple.

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