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SF's Best Hotels for Out-of-Town Guests

Living in the 415 is an open invitation for all your friends and family to visit. But where to put them up? Spare your cramped apartment (and sanity), and book the perfect hotel room for all your out-of-towners.
Palace Hotel Your Brother, His Wife, and Their Kids
Palace Hotel in SoMa
(starting at $239)

2 Montgomery St., 415-512-1111

Big, bright, and airy Victorian style straight out of Titanic—but on dry land.
Highlights: A killer indoor pool with plenty of kids doing canonballs, on-site babysitting, and an old-school bar with dark booths and classic drinks for the grown-ups.
Nearby: Kyo-ya sushi next door and two blocks away, the YBCA complex with bowling alley, skating rink, carousel, and Zeum for the kiddies.
Tip: Skip the rooms along noisy Market Street. Instead, book something overlooking the stained-glass dome of the Garden Court restaurant.

The Secret Honey Bees of SF's Restaurant Rooftops

Yesterday I climbed a ladder up to the rooftop of Nopa restaurant to visit its brand new baby bee hives. Owner Jeff Hanak has been working with Terry Oxford and Brian Linke of Urban Bee SF to cultivate a two-hive community for three weeks now. Weather permitting, its honey will surface on the food and cocktail menus below the roof as soon as June. The idea of freshly harvested honey on a menu is romantic and all, but these urban hives are really all about the bees.

Food-Spotting, Celeb-Spotting, and Tony Soprano: This Weekend in Hollywood

If you're craving a weekend in the City of Angels, May's the month to do it. The summer throngs haven't yet arrived, but the weather's gorgeous, there are new eateries to try, and perhaps the best live theater on the West Coast playing through the end of the month.

Jello Shots for Mother's Day (No, These Aren't Paperweights)

La Cocina is starting to be a real go-to for delicious sweets, from Kika's Treats to Clairesquares, but the latest concoction to come out of the non-profit's incubator kitchen truly astounded me. Started by Mexican artist Rosa Rodriguez, Sweets Collection is one the newer businesses to join La Cocina's incubator kitchen.

Ask the Parking Guru: Can You Avoid Tickets by Parking On the Same Block?

Hi David,

I have a question for you.  I work on the 3200 block of Van Ness.  The parking in front of the building is an island in the center of the street, there are spots on each side of the island, and there is a 4-hour limit. Last week I lucked out and found a spot right in front of the building.  Four hours later I went to move my car and somebody four spots down happened to be moving at the same time so I took that spot. 

Well, I got a ticket saying I parked over the 4 hour limit.  Not true, I moved my car 4 spots away.  Is that legal to just move a few spots down and park for 4 more hours or is there a restriction?  Or did the meter maid just have me logged on that block and I got a ticket because they thought I was in the same spot?

Photos & Review: Fleet Foxes @ The Fox Theater

Seattle’s Fleet Foxes are something of an anomaly these days, that rare laptop-less band with members who ask for less instrumental volume from the soundboard guy. Their organic approach to the song — hyper-lush vocal arrangements, dreamy and varied instrumentation, and sweeping, ambitiously evocative songs — has, incidentally, won them plaudits from an increasingly broad range of critics and fans alike. Long story short: they’re the new faces of indie folk rock, a title all but secured by their latest LP Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop) released to e-standing ovations this past week on a blog near you.
Long before the new album’s release, the band’s Cinco de Mayo date at Oakland’s Fox Theatre sold out, and Thursday night’s crowd seemed relatively unaware but appreciative of their new work.

Hot 20 2011: Ryan Vogelsong, San Francisco Giants starting pitcher

The Comeback Kid
Ryan Vogelsong, 34
San Francisco Giants starting pitcher

The San Francisco Opera Takes Up Blogging

How many other blogs discuss the challenges of being a singing Nordic god in 15-inch platform boots? Yes, fine, the internet’s a big place. But how many of these bloggers sporting 15-inch platforms are also opera singers? Much less Nordic gods? Exactly. 

Wagner’s greatest work and the biggest opera event of the year Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) now has its own blog. Called Notes from Valhalla, you can’t help but picture a horde of Vikings pecking away at laptops while wearing giant horned helmets and sipping cappuccinos.

The Secret to a Happy Life Together Might Just Be an Unlucky Wedding

There’s a big difference between looking at wedding pictures and attending a wedding. The photos tell a perfect love story; you see the vows, the cake, and the wedding party in a small, very pretty moment. What the photos don’t show is Uncle Ray falling over and splitting his pants while kneeling in the aisle during the vows to take his own pictures (this happened at a wedding I attended). But that small mishap doesn’t come close to the series of wedding day disasters that befell Kathy Moore and Bryan Solari during their Sonoma County beach wedding. If rain on a wedding day is really a sign of a good marriage, then this pair has a great life ahead.

This You Tube video tells the story:

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