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Sleep Over at the Cal Academy of Sciences with the Penguins

Start shopping for jungle-themed pajamas. On June 4th, the Cal Academy of Sciences opens its doors for an after-hours sleepover for adults-only (this is the only sleepover night that you don't  have to be with a kid to get in) — a chance to get all Night at the Museum with the Academy's creatures—both taxidermied and alive.

Blue Man Group Returns

Who doesn't love the crazy blue dudes who jump around onstage and spray paint everywhere? The Smurf-hued bald men return to San Francisco this month to beat drums and walls and anything else that might conceivably produce a rhythm as they barrel through a high-energy show with no speech but plenty of music and physical comedy. 

SF Street Style: A Mad Hat, Darling Vintage + Must-See YSL Pumps in the Castro

Kim Eschenmann, known to her friends as the "Mad Hattrix", is nothing if not fabulously expressive. She splits her time between Oakland and SF and works as a consultant in the dental world. While that's her left-brain action, Kim also has "an extremely hedonistic side that embraces fashion, food and frivolity." This is definitely the mode she was in last night when I caught her outside Starbelly in the Castro.

Urban Ledger: Why San Francisco Weather Isn't That Bad

Looking out my home office window on an improbable, fourth consecutive day of beautiful San Francisco weather, I’m reminded of the Tolstoy biopic from a couple of years ago, The Last Station. In the movie’s opening moments, James McAvoy, playing the idealistic secretary Valentin, beams to his colleague Sergeyenko, “It’s a beautiful day.” Sergeyenko responds, “Yes, but we’ll pay for it.”

Catchalls for the 21st Century

For some, a catchall is that big bowl on the dresser that holds all your junk. For others, it might be a leather, wood, or metal tray that neatly houses the essentials (keys, wallet, cell phone, etc.).

A Baker's Dozen: The 12 Best Cookies in San Francisco

7x7 sent out a simple tweet on Tuesday about cookies and things got heated up pretty quickly. The baked-fresh-daily Specialty's cookie quickly rose to the top as a crowd favorite. Not surprising, since the California chain has six bakeries in the Financial District and a Cookie Radar—making their warm blood-sugar boosters an easy work-day grab for a lot of people. But we've found other perfectly crispy, crumbly, gooey delights in the unlikeliest of places too.

When the Pros Dream Up Their Perfect Wedding

When 11 exciting young Wine Country wedding pros get together and unleash their creativity, only good things can happen. Photographer Jen Kloss had the brainstorm earlier this year: “We all knew each other from working on weddings,” she said. “I wanted to see what would happen if we got together and designed an event without client constraints.” The result is a beautiful wedding that isn’t real, but I wish it were.

The theme, Prohibition and 1920s glamour, announces itself in the vintage-style invitations by Smashing Cards. “We wanted to play on contrasts,” says Kloss. “We have elements that are both rustic and glamorous, masculine and feminine.”

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