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Two Sense: Is My Friend Gay?

I have a close, longtime male friend who has always been extremely secretive about his sexual identity. Most of our common acquaintances assume he's gay, and whenever I've tried to broach the issue directly, he seems to sense what I want to ask in advance, changing the topic before I can even ask. I don't really care one way or the other (I'm a straight male), but more than a decade later, not knowing feels like an uncomfortable gap in our friendship, which is otherwise a good one. It's also sometimes hard to ignore what others say about him, which is mostly idle gossip. Should I just resign myself to never knowing, or would it help our friendship to push harder for him to talk about it openly?

So You Think You Can Dance (And Make it Snow)?

Attention clubbers: Do you have the right moves to dance up a storm?


Well, the folks at Go Tahoe North certainly hope so.

Seven Winemakers to Watch in 2012

What do a war veteran, a tax consultant and a Kiwi have in common? (No this isn’t a bad joke.) They are some of the best winemakers in California right now. Some of these folks were everywhere this year. And some we hope to see a lot more of in 2012. Without further ado, seven winemakers we think are cool, interesting and really good at what they do—in no particular order.

Holiday Wine Buying Guide: Carneros Inn

Celebrate the season with California’s best wines and food pairings.

San Francisco's Almost Famous YouTube Sensations

As production values grow, YouTube is becoming less like the Wild West of online videos and more like an eclectic meritocracy. Meet the locals hell-bent on using the company's partner program to make it big.

Photography by Gabriela Hasbun

Three Juice Diet Options To Clean Up Your Act for 2012

Now that December's barrage of Christmas pies, Kwanzaa cheesecakes, stuffings, roasts, and sweets (by god, is it still the year of the cupcake?) have cycled through, I'm starting to feel the Christmas spirit in a not-so-cheerful way right around my mid-section. The next few weeks provide some down time to make that necessary shift from cleaning your plate to cleaning your liver. Enter: the increasingly popular juice cleanse.

10 San Francisco Startups Shaking Up the World of Food

The following ten startups are all, in one way or another, transforming the way we relate to food here in the city, and beyond. This is not a ranking, but a list, alphabetically by company name:

A Summer Wedding North of Napa

This amazing wedding had many elements that the bride did herself, such as the pinwheels which were used as escort cards. Even the self-portrait photo booth that the guests had their picture taken inside of "frames" was made by the bride. They had many "school" elements as the bride is an elementary school teacher, such as the guest book made out of old library cards. 

Couple: Kendall Smith & Alex Wilson

This Week's Hottest Events: Portlandia, Woody Allen's Jazz Band, and NYE Party Mania

For those of you still in town and not praying for snow up in Tahoe, here are a few things to add to your calendar for this mellow week before the new year.

Tuesday, 12/27
Houdini: Art and Magic
The exhibit about the renowned magician and escape artist is soon coming to an end. It's one of the best shows (and certainly the most fun) in the city now, and this week is the perfect time to check it out.
When: through Mon. 1/16
Where: Contemporary Jewish Museum, 736 Mission St.

Suit Up for the SF Symphony's NYE Masquerade Ball

The world-renowned SF Symphony is set to put on one of the most festive parties of the year as 2011 turns into 2012. Get out your gowns and tuxes, slick back that hair, and put on your dancing shoes. They'll bring the masks, champagne and, of course, the world-class music.

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