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Sister Act: Elizabeth Olsen Blazes Her Own Trail to Screen Stardom in 'Martha Marcy'

One might reasonably assume that Elizabeth Olsen hails from the same lifelong background in kid-friendly entertainment as older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley, who were born in 1986 and became regulars on TV’s Full House just a year later.
But while Elizabeth, 22, bears a striking resemblance to her better-known siblings, her career path has hardly followed theirs to overnight success. Lizzie, as she was then billed, made brief appearances in The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, her sisters’ musical mystery videos from the mid-’90s. Yet it took her more than two decades to grab the spotlight for herself.

Together Again: Almodóvar, Banderas Reveal New Bag of Tricks for 'Skin I Live In'

It’s common for critics to describe one movie by comparing it to another, as if, unable to accept something new on its own terms, they must fall back on whatever pre-existing standard is most convenient. It is a practice that seems to rankle filmmakers, who usually prefer to treat their ideas as immaculate conceptions rather than share the credit with peers.
It is startling, then, that Pedro Almodóvar, the celebrated Spanish auteur whose grotesque drama The Skin I Live In is now playing at the Embarcadero Center Cinema and the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas, is so quick to liken his latest to recent offerings by Terrence Malick and Danish provocateur Lars von Trier.

Introducing the Mission Cycling Wallet

Last night, the streets of Hayes Valley were filled with bike industry leaders, bike fashionistas, and a gaggle of Mission Cycling Club riders—all awaiting the launch of Timbuk2's latest, most local, product: The Mission Wallet.

My Week in Food: Blue Bottle, Empanadas, The Perfect Costume

Last night, I came up with the perfect idea for Halloween and since I'm not into dressing up myself, you can have my ultimate mixologist costume. All it entails is a mustache, suspenders, a page boy cap, a shaker, and an ice pick for making perfect ice. Obscure bitters would be good. For a little gore, add some fake blood to the tip of the ice pick which you can say is from the customer you stabbed when they asked for a vodka tonic.

This Week in Local Music News

Several Bay Area bands stir up buzz at this year's CMJ Music Fest in NYC, like Sea Of Bees, Weekend and White Fence. [via The Bay Bridged & Weekly Tape Deck]

Six O'Clock In the Evening: The Parking Witching Hour

If you knew before you left for your destination that you were going to easily find parking that was not only free, but right in front of your destination, wouldn't that be amazing?

Three Halloween Drink Recipes To Satisfy Your Candy Cravings

There will be a lot of cocktail and costume parties this weekend in honor of one of the best holidays ever created–Halloween! Arm yourself with these drink recipes (who can resist a Corpse Reviver?) to get your friends and guests in the mood for dressing up and getting down.

Pierced Arrows Play Thee Parkside this Halloween

Pierced Arrows Play Thee Parkside

If you've ever had fears of getting old–don't lie, we all have them– and wondered what you'd become after six or more decades on this earth, allow me to offer you some solace in the form of one of the coolest bands to ever grace a stage, fronted by two of the hardest-working people in the rock 'n' roll business. I'm talking about Portland band Pierced Arrows, the lovechild of Fred and Toody Cole and a favorite of a certain Eddie Vedder. They play a show at Thee Parkside this Saturday night that already stands out as an absolute must-see on a weekend crowded with Halloween house parties and dance floors crowded with costumes.

Author Mary Roach and Mythbusters' Adam Savage Dish Space Travel

Mary Roach is a local legend—you'll likely remember titles like Stiff, Spook, and Bonk. She makes science a hoot, no more so than in her latest Packing for Mars. As part of the SF Public Library's One City One Book program (this year's book is Packing for Mars, of course), Roach's scientific findings will be challenged by none other than the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters' Adam Savage.

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