This charming chandelier (and a few more just like it) were above head at a wedding we went to recently in Sonoma. The picture may not do it justice, but these simple lighting solutions cast a warm hue on the party and added a much appreciated rustic element to the otherwise stately french ballroom in which the event was held. Best part, they looked like an easy DIY project that anyone could replicate in their own home. Start by finding three rings to act as the exoskeleton of the chandelier. The ones used here looked like they were made from an old barrel, but we're sure you could erect something similar out of items from a craft or hardware store. Next, collect a pile of twisty branches (manzanita would be perfect for this project) to fit inside your frame. Tie branches together with fishing line or twine (depending on the look you're going for), and work inside the ringed frame in order to create a cohesive shape. String with lights and hoist up on a pully system until it hangs at desired height. Twist light cord around pully string and plug in at bottom. There you have it!