We noticed vintage award ribbons popping up here and there as the collectible du jour lately. We like it, but can't quite shake the feeling that it seems like a bit of a cheat. You can't just go to the nearest flea and pick up a dozen first place ribbons to display - you've got to earn those puppies! Well, we can think of few who deserve an award more than Dad, so creating this Blue Ribbon Badge Card seems like the perfect gift accompaniment for Father's Day. Local lovelies Eunice and Sabrina Moyle of Hello! Lucky feature the card in their book Handmade Hellos, but you can get the instructions now at the Chronicle Books blog. Get going on one this weekend and you'll be able to award your Paw with a ribbon for "Coolest Record Collection", "Loudest Nose Blowing", or any other accolade he so rightfully deserves for Father's Day on June 21st.