A Few Things To Do With Your Out of Town Guests


The question always looms when visitors come to town – what are we all going to do? It should be an easy answer considering there are eight million things to do (and more) in San Francisco. Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Grab an almond croissant and a big bowl of coffee at La Boulange. Quiche, open-faced sandwiches, and lots of other decadent treats beckon from behind the glass.

If your visitors insist on seeing Fisherman’s Wharf, stop at the Musee Mechanique. It’s quirky, fun for kids (and adults), and free. Bring quarters to play the dozens of turn-of-the-century carnival games. A sourdough bread soup bowl is just outside the doors.

Hike up one of the steep streets (Taylor, Jones, or California) to the peak of Nob Hill (or grab the cable car). If you tire, take a load off inside one of the posh hotels, the Fairmont has an excellent lounging lobby (and a tiki bar!). Head inside stunning Grace Cathedral and walk one of its two labyrinths. Chill in Huntington Park by the fountain, it’s beautiful. Grab a cocktail at the top of the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental.

Downtown, walk the alley towards Libeskind’s giant blue cube. Cross the street to Yerba Buena Gardens. Walk under the waterfall. Soak in the city and admire the old architecture mixed with new from the oasis of calm. Walk east to the SFMOMA and head to their rooftop garden for a Blue Bottle Coffee (the New Orleans iced coffee laced with chicory is delicious). Threre’s always the option to catch an exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SFMOMA, or Museum of the African Diaspora. Kids on hand? There’s bowling, skating, and the carousel in Yerba Buena (and movies at the Metreon).

Stroll the Land’s End path. Start at either the Seacliff side near where El Camino del Mar meets the Lincoln Park Golf Course or above the Sutro Baths. Whether you wander for 1 minute or the full 1.5 miles, the serene path will impress with its views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Marin Headlands, and the Pacific Ocean. It’s not a difficult trail, but there are random stairs and slight hills.

If your visitors are still hanging around on Sunday evening, drop into Revolution Café for a coffee, beer, wine and some live classical music. The weather might actually warm up this weekend, so the outdoor seating could be taken advantage of. Inside is cozy, mellow, and great for San Francisco people-watching.

For more ideas, check out 7x7.com’s Big To-Do.

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