A Fresh Take on Shakespeare's 'A Winter's Tale' Closes Out the CalShakes Season


The directing/choreographing team of sisters Patricia and Paloma McGregor, who brought their 2012 production of Spunk to CalShakes, return to close out this season with a new take on Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale.

The play is "Shakespeare's love letter to the art of the story," says director Patricia, and she puts her largely African American cast into fantastical near future world that's accessed through a "Narnia-esque" door. The story is told by a traveling band of raconteurs, in part through music and dance, and McGregor's production features plenty of celebration and audience participation.

McGregor brought back much of the cast from Spunk to this show, including talented A.C.T. vet Omoze Idehenre, Margo Hall, Tyee Tilghman, and CalShakes associate artist L. Peter Callender

Artistic Director Jonathan Moscone says, “I think Patricia McGregor is one of the most beautiful and necessary artists working in the American theater today. "When I invited her in 2012 to make her production of Spunk I had no idea how much she would be bringing to the table. In fact, because of her, the table has grown."

A Winter's Tale looks to be a fun, inventive, and family-friendly show that will be made all the better by this week's gorgeous weather. (The Bruns Amphitheater is all outdoors, and you're encouraged to bring a picnic and come early.) 

Get tickets and directions here.

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