SFMOMA and the Asian Art Museum joined forces to present "Gorgeous," a diverse artistic collection that explores the gamut of what society considers to be beautiful, from conventionally attractive starlets to images that, at the same time, are both disturbing and appealing.

The two museums debuted the exhibition with an alternately gritty and glamorous grand opening soirée. The models at the International Haus of Nu Benetton destroyed the runway, beginning the evening with a brava performance in the museum's main area that later spiraled into a glitter-soaked, flash-bang of a finale. 

TopCoat Nail Studio painted nails throughout the night, while several local DJs, including El Rio and Li Po Lounge regular DJ dav0, offered up high-octane mixes that kept attendees moving. Although the models started the first wave of dancing, attendees from all walks of life joined in as the night progressed.

When they weren't dancing, drinking, or voguing, guests walked through the daring exhibition, which offered commentary on the very aesthetics and cultural tropes that dominated the party.