courtesy of Eulogies

If death has a publicist, he’s clearly working the indie rock music scene.? Because ever since the Arcade Fire swept into the hearts of hipsters ?everywhere with their album Funeral, death has been slowly but surely ?becoming trendy outside its goth comfort zone. Eulogies are the latest buzz band to take “beyond the grave” as inspiration for their name, and though their ?catchy tune “One Man” is more focused on the traditional “death of a relationship” than death full stop, their ?music video offers a cheeky spin. Playing from a life boat that looks plucked straight from Joe Versus the Volcano, the “poppier Built to Spill”–sounding trio make it halfway through the song before lead singer Peter Walker brings new meaning to his “I’m only one man” lyrics; illustrating that lip syncing, acting as if you’re stranded in a boat in the middle of the ocean and pretending to drown are much too much for one LA band to take on (see video below). From the sounds of their excellent self-titled debut, however, I’m betting the band will be more than up to the task of their Hotel Utah gig on Sunday, November 18.