A Greener Apple


I've got a tech geek inside of me that comes out on occasion—usually when a friend gets a new gadget or I read a news report on that latest and greatest release on the market. Often I exhibit self-control and hold out. (Do I really need a new cell phone when the one I have works just fine—even if the newest model is so slim and cute?) But sometimes I find myself pulling out my credit card before I can reason with myself.

News reports on the annual Consumer Trade Show in Las Vegas are always tantalizing and then Apple revealed plans for the launch of the MacBook Air last week, and I got pulled in to the reports that revealed that it is more eco-friendly than other models. It’s encased in recyclable aluminum, the inside cables aren’t constructed with nasty PVC (that’s the worst of the plastics), its LED display is more power-efficient and also made without mercury and arsenic, and it meets EnergyStar requirements.

The most environmentally friendly thing for me to do is to hold on to my laptop until it goes, but it’s good to know that when the time comes to replace it, I’ll have greener options.

To find out more about the MacBook Air, check out 7x7sf.com's MacWorld 2008 blog.
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