A Guide to Seattle's Best Brunch

We get a lot of long, dark mornings in Seattle, so it makes sense that we like to linger over delectable brunches. We've got low-rent diners slinging great hash and fancy little places that bring the best ingredients to their French delicacies. But here are the seven hands-down best brunches in town. Macrina Bakery & Café: Their pastries and other baked goods are almost shockingly tasty (try a giant buttermilk biscuit with jam), and their small traditional brunch menu is packed with winners like the light, flavorful Salmon Scramble. Macrina Bakery & Café, 2408 1st Ave, Seattle, (206) 448-4032 or 615 W McGraw St, Seattle, (206) 283-5900 or 1943 1st Ave S, Seattle, (206) 623-0919 Café Campagne: This place is popular with good reason — the food and ambiance are just right and perfeftly in balance. Try a croque madame or their quiche du jour to find a delightful piece of eggy heaven downtown. Café Campagne, 1600 Post Alley, Seattle, (206) 728-2233 Geraldine's Counter: You've no doubt heard about the French toast at Geraldine's Counter, but their texture defies easy description. Toppings differ each day, but the portion size doesn't, so you may be forced to share if you want to finish it all. Geraldine's Counter, 4872 Rainier Ave S, (206) 723-2080 Springhill: The brunch menu at Springhill is somewhat more fanciful and changeable than other restaurants, but that just means it's always worth coming back. The hangtown fry will terminate hangovers, while the brunch bar is perfect for the indecisive. Springhill, 4437 California Ave SW, (206) 935-1075 Madrona's Hi-Spot Café: This is a hidden treasure, seemingly tucked away out of sight so only the neighbors can enjoy its charm. Sneak in some weekend morning to try the Green Eggs n' Ham, with just the right amount of pesto to make it sing. Hi-Spot Café, 1410 34th Ave, Seattle, (206) 325-7905 Toulouse Petit: You may feel paralyzed when first confronted with the brunch menu at Toulouse Petit — it's enormous! Grab a platter of beignets to tide you over while you decide, and take your time. The 'Big Easy' Andouille Scramble is a hit, as is the Duck Confit hash. Toulouse Petit, 601 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, (206) 432-9069 Local 360: Keep it strictly local with Local 360's yummy brunch options, all of which come from within 360 miles of Seattle. The Fried Chicken and Waffle is perfect, and the Biscuits & Gravy is rich and filling. Local 360, 2234 1st Ave, Seattle, (206) 441-936 By Rob Lightner
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