A New Brewery Bubbles Up in the Bay Area


Three new beers are being tapped around town: Point Bonita Rustic Lager, Hill 88 Double IPA and Groupe G Belgian RyePA, brewed and crafted by the recently launched Headlands Brewing

This new kid on the block was founded by the beer power trio of Phil Cutti, Head Brewer at SouthPaw BBQ, Patrick Horn, former co-owner of Pacific Brewing Laboratory, and Inna Volynskaya, a former Operations Manager at Lagunitas. With financing from investors, the three got Headlands up and running in a scant four months. The beers are currently contract-brewed at Devil’s Canyon Brewery, but Headlands is shopping for a location to establish a 20 to 30 barrel brewhouse. And although their beers are currently available only on draft, Headlands plans to package them in 16-ounce cans starting in September.

But in an increasingly crowded craft beer market, what beer styles can we expect from Headlands that we aren’t already drinking? Cutti responded, “I see the styles defined by the BJCP (Beer Judging Certification Program) as guidelines. I will always give a nod to the traditional, but like to paint outside the lines sometimes. There are so many new hop varieties and yeast strains and blends that it is essentially limitless as to what we as brewers can create.”

Cutti is known around the area, not only for the innovative beers he brews at Southpaw, but also as an endurance athlete. In fact, all three of the Headlands members embrace the local beer community and the outdoors, and their brewing company will likely reflect both interests.

Cutti put it this way: “As a company, we strive for a strong connection with the thriving Bay Area brewing and craft beer community. We have been a part of this community for a combined 20 plus years and hope to be a part of its continued growth. We will focus on connecting with our customers through events like the traditional beer dinners and festivals, but will also be utilizing the amazing place we live in for some more adventurous outings.” One of the outings Headlands is planning will be to host a monthly bike ride which ends at a bar.

If you want to taste the new brews and meet the founders, their next scheduled launch party is at City Beer Store, Tuesday July 16, starting at 3 pm. For more info on Headlands and their future events, connect with them through the usual social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter.

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