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Last week's story seemed to strike a nerve or two, which generated a lot of first amendment activity in the comments section. I found alot of them to be smart, funny, and insightful. So much so that I thought I'd share some of the highlights with you this week. Without further ado, here are your fellow readers' recent freedoms of expression about parking:
If a bus zone violation is $255, and a bus takes up about three times as much room as a car, I propose that any Muni driver that doesn't use the bus zone should get fined $765. Buses hanging their asses out into both lanes are responsible for more traffic backups than just about anything. Fair's fair, right?
My own car was towed from my own driveway. I didn't call DPT. It cost me $400.
Think how quickly municipal governments would collapse if parking violations and other misdemeanors suddenly ended---there's no governmental wish whatsoever for these activities to cease.
At $2 Million per week I think they could take some of that money and heighten the awareness of many of the parking police. Inefficiency and lack of integrity is what breeds the contempt.
Too bad the city does nothing to stop meter maids from parking in empty meter spaces for hours at a time and when asked about it, say, "I don't care!"  Her inconsideration caused this handicapped man with a court appointment to walk 2 extra blocks to the courthouse when 100' is painful enough.
If people paid their fine as a percentage of their income...it would be more fair... and increase revenue! They do it in Sweden.
Whenever I rent a car, and need to park overnight in my own neighborhood, invariably I wake up with a ticket. I've suggested that they should have portable permits issued to residents who don't own cars BUT still rent them, but they'd rather ticket me.
I drive around and never get any tickets. Why? I always keep coins for the meters, and I pay attention to the signs...I feel sorry for people who get tickets.
One evening I left work to find that my car was part of a homicide investigation. The murderer had left his gun on the hood of my car. My car was taped off and I wasn't allowed anywhere near it. An officer assured me that my car would be fine and that he would see to it I wouldn't get a parking ticket. Ah, right. Got a ticket anyway.
Don't move to Bernal Heights! There is a witch that lives in there that will harass you with calling on your car to DPT to issue your auto a ticket each and every week!
On 12/05/11, Officer LS (Badge #238) wrote 85 street cleaning citations. Out of 85 citations, SFMTA confirmed that Officer LS indicated on 84 tickets, "Cannot read the VIN (vehicle identification number). California Vehicle Code (CVC) 40202(a) clearly states that: "....notice of violation shall also set forth...the VIN if it is readable through the window..."
I've been job hunting for some time, but there are certain things morally I cannot do: Poach animals, make crack, or become a parking ticket writer.
I know the city doesn't have enough money, but the people that get issued tickets don't either. For some, a single ticket can mean the difference between getting by that month, or not.
Absolute scam, especially the street cleaning.
NOTE: North Beach residents voted not to have street cleaning anymore as they were fed up with all the ticketing.

What about everyone just being smarter and more diligent, and doing your damnedest not to get a ticket again
I can hardly wait until they start to ticket the do-gooders on bikes (and it's coming).
Thanks to everyone who shared their story!  Feel free to share one of your own down below.
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