A Southerner and Her Surfer Get Hitched in Carmel Valley


Jason and Ryan were married at The Holly Farm in Carmel Valley, CA, a lush garden thick with gorgeous banana palms, drooping oaks and brightly colored flowers.

The location was a true representation of who they each are as individuals, while still reminding them a little about where they came from. Antique musical instruments hung from the walls on the dance floor, echoing their "jam nights" at home, while benches made from old surf boards casually leaned against the cabanas on the property–a perfect touch for the surfer groom. The venue just had that charm of something special..

Jason grew up in the Bay Area, and is a founder of an internet start-up company. Ryan grew up in a small town in Georgia on a farm, but has now relocated to the Bay Area to work in the film industry.

The wedding was truly southern charm meets the vibrant West! The speeches and love were endless. The place was magical, like something you could only see in a movie–when in fact it was their movie in the making.

Photographer:  Melissa Fuller Photography 

Caterer:  La Crème 

Floral Designer:  Laughin' Gal Floral 

Reception Venue:  The Historic Holly Farm