A Tasty Taste 2007


I can't say "no" to food, cocktails, art and music, even on a drizzly, chilly Thursday night; so last week I joined crowds of art-and-food lovers at Taste 2007, a fundraising event at Root Division. With eight popular local chefs preparing an array of savory treats, local artists displaying their work and a jazz band playing, my senses were abuzz from the moment I walked in.

With a wine glass of The Prisoner in hand, I beelined it to the first food table, hosted by Pescheria, where I dug into an octopus salad with bite-sized chunks of octopus and potatoes, and fresh sweet peas to add texture, color and flavor. While a version of this was on the menu when they first opened, it's gone now--but I hinted that it deserves to make a comeback. The next table over was Bar Crudo's (where I practically parked myself) for several nibbles of raw Arctic char topped with a light dollop of creamy horseradish, green wasabi tobiko and sprig of dill. By the way, if you haven't had chef Selvera's seafood chowder, Bar Crudo is next to Tunnel Top on Nob Hill--go early to get a seat at the raw bar.

Chef Mike Selvera of Bar Crudo

Chef Scott Youkilis of Maverick
photography by Jenna Moo

Across the way was Maverick's chef Scott Youkilis, who was putting scoops of pulled pork and coleslaw on crispy homemade BBQ potato chips. I learned that his restaurant is one of a select few that allows you to make reservations for weekend brunch--bonus! The last table belonged to Noah Tucker of Brick. While waiting for my celery shooter, I learned that they decided to add large plates to their small-plates inspired menu a few months back. I also made the connection that their group owns Solstice and Fly Bar.

Root Division Artist Cara Stallone trying a pipette from a 3-course liquid meal.

I wasn't sure what to do with the art-as-food pipettes offered by Michael Yakura of Ozumo. Looking for something on the sweet side, I opted for a shot of his crème brulee and wondered if we'd all be "eating" this way in the next century. And last but not least, the Cook Club's bacon, eggs and toast bite was almost too pretty to eat, but definitely too tasty to skip.

A tray of mini comfort foods.

On my cab ride home, I peeked into my goody bag to find a package of bittersweet almond toffee with sel gris. Calories don't count if it's for a good cause, right?

While the food's all gone, the studios are open through April 28th, so stop by Root Division and help support artists, art education, culture and community in the Bay Area.

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