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When it comes to jewelry, I’m a certified schizophrenic. Instead of being hopelessly devoted to one consistent look, I’m a sucker for both romantic and whimsical looks as well as those that are idiosyncratic and tough—think floral motifs and delicate Victoriana on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays and then harder-edged jewels like swords charms and pirate-themed accessories or even animal life-inspired baubles the rest of the week. The juxtaposition between bolder masculine pieces (which I tend to wear with dresses and overtly feminine attire) and the graceful items (which look toned-down with more casual basics) fits in well with my unpredictable life as a writer on the go checking out rock shows and gallery galas back-to-back. What has really made it possible for me to mix unlikely jewelry aesthetics is my favorite local jewelry designer M.E. Moore who makes unique and quirky jewelry out of re-appropriated ’30s brass charms in addition to pieces that utilize semi-precious gems, bone and antlers. Because of the variety of looks to choose from that satisfy both your need for the tough and the whimsy, Oakland-based Moore’s inspired accessories can definitely incite obsession—I proudly own six pieces—and because her price point is reasonable (bracelets start at $60), it’s easy to get carried away. Luckily, this Sunday Maribel—a fabulous designer consignment boutique in Oakland—is hosting a M.E. Moore trunk show, featuring both her recent collection as well as tried-and-true favorites like a brass swallow in flight or the popular bird’s nest charm necklace. Shoppers will not only receive a first-hand pick of the new collection but will also get 20 percent off all pieces by M.E. Moore. Believe me, this is definitely worth a trip to the East Bay.

M.E. Moore Trunk Show
Maribel 3251 Lakeshore Ave., 510-419-0677
Sunday, December 9
12-4 p.m.
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