A True Western Cowboy Wedding


Breanne is a real cowgirl, and Cole is a bull-riding, country music playing, horse loving cowboy. These two are a perfect match, and their wedding was a fabulous cowboy style celebration.

There was a steer roping station for guests to practice their skills while they waited for things to get started, plenty of cows and horses around to witness the ceremony, good BBQ to eat, and a hayloft for the bride and groom to get lost in for a while after they were married. The whole day felt drenched in sunshine, relaxed ease, and country music – a true Ranch Wedding all the way.

The bride reflected on the beginning. "Cole and I met on the 4th of July in 2010 in Colorado. I owned a ranch there and Cole was home on leave from the Air Force and was performing at a country bar that I was dragged to by some friends. Within a few hours we knew we would be married in no time. The only catch was Cole was leaving in three days to be deployed to Iraq for seven months. We spent as much time together as we could over the next three days and spent the next seven months calling and writing letters as much as we could all the while planning our fall wedding at the Atwood Ranch. Cole is an accomplished country musician and a former bull rider and horses have always been my life so it was only right for us to have a true western cowboy wedding."

Photographer: Tia & Claire Studio

Reception Venue: Julie Atwood Events


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