A Valentine’s Day Massacre

The Kills
courtesy of the Kills

Although there are many joyous lovers who celebrate Valentine’s Day with flowers, love notes scribbled on glittery Hallmark cards and amorous exchanges in dark restaurants, there are also those of us who abhor this dreaded day of gilded heart-shaped boxes and wilted carnations. If you’re a vehement V-Day hater and are looking for some subversive rock n’ roll to match your non-conformist ideals about romance then check out gritty garage duo the Kills when they play A Valentine’s Day Massacre hosted by Popscene. This tough-as-nails guy and girl twosome are not only great representatives of the anti-romance stance that V-day loathers fervently uphold with their  “are they or aren’t they a couple” mysterious personas but their snarling call and response vocals and feral guitar growls make for a sound that’s the antithesis of the traditional love ballad. The Kills’ brash and sexy music is best reflected on their latest effort Midnight Boom with songs like “The Last Day of Magic” where singer Alison “VV” Mosshart purrs about the tumultuous love of her “little tornado” or on “Sour Cherry” where she teasingly asks “am I the only sour cherry on your fruit stand?” It’s exactly this unconventional take on modern un-romance and their dangerous brand of bluesy rock that makes the Kills the perfect anti-cupids for this rebellious Valentine’s Day bash. Oh, and if you haven’t seen these two live, well let’s just say it’s, um, pretty hot.

A Valentine’s Day Massacre with the Kills
Thursday, February 14
Rickshaw Stop 155 Fell St., 415-861-2011
Advanced tickets recommended
Get tickets at rickshawstop.com
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