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About Us

7x7 celebrates the best of San Francisco. Founded in 2001, and now operating under the ownership of Metropolitan Media, Inc., we are a modern media company that brings you the hottest and latest—from the restaurant scene, local arts and culture, fashion, design, technology, and more—both monthly in print and up to the minute online. Look out for our signature events, including June's Best of SF and October's Hot 20, as well as our new mobile apps, The Big Eat and The Big Drink.

President & Editor in Chief: Chloé Harris

Creative Director: Julia Flagg Leaver |  Photo Director: Jodi Nakatsuka 

Art Director: Jessica Do | Digital Director: Schuyler Bailey 

Senior Editor: Leilani Marie Labong |  Associate Editor: Sarah Medina     

Culture Editor: Brock Keeling   |  Editor at Large: David Lytle 

Production Coordinator: André Angeles  |  Digital Image Specialist: Don Lewis

Chairman: John Harris

Vice President, Business Development: Susie McCormick

Senior Account Managers: Cherie Slane  |  Jason Oronzi    

Advertising Director:  Natalie Wages 

Marin Options Media Group: Stephanie Ericson, 415-307-5323

Hawaii Lola Cohen Media, Lola Cohen, 808-282-1322

Marketing Director: Franchesca Allen

Audience Marketing Director: Thea Selby  |  Assistant Marketing Editor: Sarah Lee

Director of Operations + Accounts Receivable: Jeremy Paz  |  Accountant Brian Stansbury


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