The American Diabetes Association threw its Champions Gala last weekend to raise funds for diabetes research, education and advocacy. Dr. Julie Gerberding, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the first woman to hold the position, was the guest speaker for the event.

Sue Wyatt_Stacie Delo Vera Inper_Harold Van Wart Tanya Powell_Jodie Thelander
Sue Wyatt, Stacie Delo                 Vera Inper, Harold Van Wart     Tanya Powell, Jodie Thelander

Mark Fisher_Amy Stevens Melissa Berhow_Rick Bentley Randy Beranek_Roberta Gonzales
Mark Fisher, Amy Stevens       Melissa Berhow, Rick Bentley  Randy Beranek, Roberta Gonzales

Kate Anderson_Jane Watson Roxanne Garibay_Kendra Jue Julie Gerberding_David Mark
Kate Anderson, Jane Watson     Roxanne Garibay, Kendra Jue   Julie Gerberding, David Mark

Calvano_KaiserIV_Goodrich Sebastian Siegel_Alexa Thurman
Mark Calvano, Laurance Kaiser IV, Joel Goodrich             Sebastian Siegel, Alexa Thurman

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