Adam Smith, the owner of Fog City News, presides over the city’s best collection of two of our favorite things, chocolate and magazines, with a passion that verges on obsession  (hint: Fog City is a great spot to load up on stocking stuffers). Smith’s sweet tooth runs deep—his other obsession: ice cream.

“You would think I have enough of a sweet tooth as it is, but I am an absolute SLAVE to ice cream. I forbid myself to keep it in the house. I love it so much that it kind of freaks me out. One year I took a group of friends on an ice cream tour of the Bay Area, and I used coffee ice cream as my point of comparison. I don’t drink coffee, but I love coffee ice cream. Swenson's, believe it or not, was the winner. So Swenson's is my go-to choice partially for that reason, but also because I tend to favor places with a sense of history and Swenson's has that over the rest of the pack. But I’m also a sucker for Haagen Dazs. They charge outrageous prices, but they really have it dialed in. I love the strawberry, coffee and chocolate. Oh, and the mint chip. And the Swiss almond … swoon, swoon! One slow night at Ben & Jerry’s the guys behind the counter let me sample every single flavor. There were 50 of them—I think they were challenging me. What did that experience teach me? That I have a dangerous sweet tooth.”

Swenson’s, 1999 Hyde St., 415-775-6818
Häagen-Dazs, 865 Market St., 415-896-1550

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