Mireille Schwartz, granddaughter to East African Ugandan Diplomat Apollo Kironde, celebrated her birthday with festivities that kicked off at her home and then moved on to New Eritrea Restaurant. Youssou N'Dour's musicans, Baba Ken Okuolo and The Nigerian Brothers, played a private concert at the event.

Angela Holm_Jenny Thomas Mireille Schwartz Craig Lipton_Christopher Bently
Angela Holm, Jenny Thomas             Mireille Schwartz                 Craig Lipton, Christopher Bently

Amber Marie Bently_Mary Conrad  Mireille Schwartz_Monica Maduro
Amber Marie Bently, Mary Conrad                                                       Mireille S., Monica Maduro

Baba Ken Okulolo_Nigerian Brothers Cameron Noble_Gordon Uhlmann
Baba Ken Okulolo & The Nigerian Brothers                                Cameron Noble, Gordon Uhlmann

Craig Lipton_Wendy Van Dyck_Glenn McCoy Amber Marie Bently_Sophia Bekele
Craig L., Wendy Van Dyck, Glenn McCoy                                          Amber Marie B., Sophia Bekele
Mireille S., Joy Bianchi, George Mason, Yetunde Schuhmann