After Fall Comes ...


After fall comes... winter, of course.

I got my yearly dose of both in about a week, as Christie and I journeyed to Jackson Hole, WY to visit her brother and his family. Jackson was frigid—averaging about 8 degrees the entire time we were there—but beautiful snowscapes with flakes gently falling from the clouds and mountains are the perfect backdrop for . . . serious drinking. And Jackson’s no stranger to that.

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

So after a great long walk in the snowy woods, we retired to town to check out a few of the more famous bars, including the Silver Dollar Bar of the Wort Hotel and the wonderful Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, at which you (literally) saddle up to sit at the bar. It’s a strange feeling leaning forward against the bar, legs clinging to a huge saddle. It was especially strange for me, since I’m an accomplished bareback rider and rarely enjoy the comforts of a well-made saddle. Either way, the drink still went down well. The Snake River Brewing Co. makes excellent brews and the shot of Jameson (the first I've had since the Pogues) helped to speed my thawing.

The dose of winter was a nice antidote to the mono-seasonal lull of SF. Although, I was actually warmer in my Jackson Hole buildings than I am in our frigid Cole Valley apartment. Brrrrr!
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