Album Review: Thee Oh Sees' "Warm Slime" Is Spastic Garage Rock Glory


Warm Slime (In The Red) is a spastic garage rock free-for-all documenting the Thee Oh Sees‘ customary absurd lyrical imagery and noisy guitar flailings with the occasional regal ego. And if you thought any of those things were actually bad, think again, music lover. Their new album is a welcome return to the spastic garage rock destructiveness after last year’s well-intentioned but poorly executed Dog Poison.

Side A is “Warm Slime,” a 13-minute punk rock opus that explores the group’s nether blues punk regions while traversing an epic deluge of fuzz and drums. Surprisingly, they manage to pull it off in one fluid motion. Side B, however, adopts a much steadier course. “I Was Denied” and “MT Work” rank highly as anything succinct and wildly melodic as the group has ever recorded.

And where Dog Poison missed the mark for me, Warm Slime actually improves upon and again lands the dual lead singers of John Dwyer (guitar and vocals) and Brigid Dawson back together. Through Dwyer’s reverb-drenched hoops and hollers and Dawson’s saturated, sexy mysticism, the Thee Oh Sees climb back in the driver’s seat with the gas pedal to the floor where it belongs.


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Photo via Thee Oh Sees' Myspace.

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